Intel‘s latest campaign, ‘Superstars‘ puts the focus on undiscovered musicians who need a helping hand to live the superstar lifestyle. The brand has created a Facebook based campaign where artists can upload their tracks and users can vote for their favourite. The winner in each category will receive USD$10,000 in cash to further their careers.
Intel partnered with Cakewalk, creators of simple solutions for music production and, a new music discovery site. The competition is segmented into six genres Rock, Pop, Country, Singer-Songwriter, Urban, and Latin. The contest launched with the first three categories on July 1 and since then they have received over 2,000 entries. The winner for stage one will be announced at the end of August, with stage two of the competition launching in September.
The initiative fits nicely in-line with Intel’s ongoing global campaign titled ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow‘ and their more recent ‘Creators Project‘. The insight behind each campaign is to bring to life and re-ignite a personal relationship between customers and the brand that is infamous for the fairly unexciting (to most) processing chip. As John Galvin, director of partner marketing at Intel told Contagious earlier this year, ‘most people have a computer with an Intel processor and they are aware of that, we really want to be able to rebuild that emotional connection with the brand’.
He went on to say, about the Superstars initiative, ‘We are eager to support a competition like this that will help showcase emerging new artists and reward them with technology that will empower them to be even more creative’.


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