Building a Stylish Blog Design Layout in WordPress

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Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been through the process of creating a stylish blog design in Photoshop, coding it up into a static HTML and CSS concept, and now we’ll put the whole thing together as a fully working WordPress theme. Follow this step by step walkthrough of the various WordPress theme files, and see how the HTML is split up and injected with PHP tags to provide the complete blogging functionality.

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At the end of the last tutorial, we were left with a working HTML and CSS concept of the blog homepage. Since then, a generic inner page has been styled up, to give the CSS for page elements such as comments, author description etc that appear when viewing a complete blog post. Seguir leyendo “Building a Stylish Blog Design Layout in WordPress”

Google Voice Transcripts: Failures in Communication

Google’s Web-based phone service sends voicemail transcripts to your inbox. Whether they make any sense is another matter entirely.

Robert Strohmeyer, PC World

I’ve been using Google Voice for a few years now, since the days before Google bought the service and it went by the name Grand Central. One of the service’s best features is its ability to transcribe voice messages and send them to your inbox, making it easy to keep up with incoming calls without disrupting what you’re doing at any given moment. If those transcripts actually made sense most of the time, the service would be phenomenally useful.

Google VoiceUnfortunately, making heads or tails of Google Voice transcripts often requires a lot of guesswork, since the text I receive frequently bears little resemblance to the original message the caller left. In most cases I can at least see who called and get a vague sense of what they wanted. But at least a third of the transcripts I get are so riddled with errors that even the caller’s identity is a mystery.

Here are a few examples of Google’s handiwork. See if you can guess what the caller is saying, and then click the audio stream below the transcript to hear the actual message.

Google Voice Transcript

This first message is a pretty typical mix of accurate transcription combined with utter nonsense. Sure, I understand that I’m being invited to a barbecue, but I have no idea what “God for something like that” is supposed to mean, much less “Lots of there and like a giant bolt lock only style.” Without listening to the voice recording, I’d be hard-pressed to respond appropriately to this message.

Fortunately, Google uses different shades of gray to indicate its confidence in the transcription. As a general rule, the more gray you see, the less sure you should be of the content. Of course, when the text is basically gibberish, that’s a pretty good indicator too.

When the caller mumbles at all, the challenge is even greater, as in the case below. Seguir leyendo “Google Voice Transcripts: Failures in Communication”

11 Mobile Web Annoyances (And How to Fix Them)

Fitting the Web onto your smartphone can be frustrating when ads, video, and ‘back’ buttons don’t cooperate. Here are 11 mobile Web annoyances and how to fix them.

Jared Newman, PC World

If the future of the Internet is mobile, it’ll be riddled with just as many nags and nuisances as the Internet of desktop computers. Websites now clamor to create mobile versions of themselves, forcing bite-sized samples upon smartphone users who want nothing more than the whole Internet in their pockets. The very idea of mobile Web browsing on small touchscreens is so new that we’re far from seeing perfection; even the desktop Internet is loaded with annoyances, and it’s been around for decades. Until we live in a perfect world, here are 11 mobile Web annoyances, and how to work around, cope with, ignore, or fix them.

Lame Mobile Sites

ESPN’s mobile site.Mobile phone users aren’t primitive. Our devices may be tiny, but that doesn’t mean we seek a lesser experience from the Internet. So why do some Websites exclude or bury features that are found on their PC counterparts? Hey ESPN, just because I’m visiting you on my iPhone‘s mobile Web browser doesn’t mean I don’t want to read page 2, get personalized headlines, or even see story photos. Annoyance within annoyance: the standard mobile site for every blog that uses WordPress. No photos, comment counts, or full stories from the home page? No thanks.

The Fix: The first option is to check the bottom of whatever page you’re on. If you’re lucky, you’ll see an option to switch to the full Website. Otherwise, browse as if you were on your desktop: On the iPhone, Atomic Web Browser lets you identify the browser as Firefox, Internet Explorer, or desktop Safari, and the Dolphin browser on Android lets you identify as a desktop as well. You’ll never see another mobile Website again. Seguir leyendo “11 Mobile Web Annoyances (And How to Fix Them)”

The Movement to “Save Google Wave”

savegooglwavebutton-image.pngThe news of Google Wave‘s demise caught many of us by surprise. The service had been available for only about a year. It had just joined Google Apps.

Google maintained that they had not seen strong adoption. This may be true but it did have a core community that is none too pleased about Google’s decision.

So much so that a group has created: “Save Google Wave,” a web site dedicated to keeping Google Wave from being shuttered.

savegwavethumbsup.jpgThe site provides different ways for people to express their support for Google Wave. As of this evening more than 19,400 people have given a “thumbs up,” for saving the service. The Twitter account has 360 followers. More than 250 people have retweeted the site and 70 have given it a Digg.

Oh, yes, and you can buy a t-shirt or a button. We’re not sure what that is for except perhaps to give the developers a bit for the work they are doing to raise awareness. It would help if they provided a disclaimer of some sort.

These are not huge numbers. But more illuminating are the emails in support of Google Wave. These include those from a physicist, a student collaborating on a novel with his girlfriend and a software developer. Seguir leyendo “The Movement to “Save Google Wave””

3 webs sociales para demostrar tu visión de negocio

Los propietarios de pequeñas empresas tienen que saber mirar más allá de las cifras de ventas si quieren conseguir un impacto positivo en los social media. Hoy en día, los empresarios con experiencia mantienen una presencia en los social media además de otras actividades online para conseguir mayor afinidad hacia su marca a través de sus esfuerzos en internet.

Páginas como Aardvark, Quora y LinkedIn ofrecen a las empresas profesionales expertos y fuentes educativas. Además, también son muy útiles para demostrar experiencia en áreas concretas de interés. Contribuir activamente en estas áreas comunidades puede ayudarte a hacerte un nombre, y por tanto, también a tu compañía, que se asocie a un campo, categoría o tema en particular, ha publicado Mashable.

Pero también el uso de estos sitios online se extiende más allá de construir una visión de negocio en la web. Como propietario de una empresa, participar en las redes sociales más nuevas te ayuda a introducirte en el influyente círculo de los primeros usuarios de los social media. Establecer conexiones digitales con este grupo en la esfera profesional tendrá un montón de ventajas empresariales a largo plazo.

Esta iniciativa comprada recientemente por Google vive de la filosofía de que la respuesta a cualquiera de tus preguntas se encuentra a unos pocos grados de separación. Este servicio permite que los usuarios envíen una pregunta y, mediante un sistema algorítmico, buscan la persona más adecuada en su red de usuarios para responder. Los factores algorítmicos van desde las relaciones de amistad y temas auto seleccionados en los que el usuario es experto, a rastrear a los amigos de los amigos para que el usuario que ha realizado la pregunta obtenga una respuesta en un corto plazo de tiempo. Seguir leyendo “3 webs sociales para demostrar tu visión de negocio”

Make your old add-ons work with Firefox 4

firefox 4Mozilla recently introduced another beta version of Firefox 4 that is quite different from any of the previous releases.

Firefox 4 sports a clean and polished look, the add-ons section has been completely revamped, the menu bars are hidden so you have more screen estate for reading web pages plus you now have the option to permanently “pin” frequently used web apps. Seguir leyendo “Make your old add-ons work with Firefox 4”

MediaCom and Starcom split US$152m GSK media brief

GLOBAL – GlaxoSmithKline has retained MediaCom to handle its US$95 million UK media planning and buying account, but the WPP agency has lost some European business to Starcom MediaVest Group.

MediaCom and Starcom split US$152m GSK media brief

GSK, which owns brands including Lucozade and Aquafresh, has appointed Starcom to duties previously held by MediaCom in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

The review did not include Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, held by Starcom, and the US, held by MediaCom.

News of the review broke in October last year, but at the time was denied by the client, who officially announced the international review just months later in April 2010, when it said it was to review the account in “selected key markets” around the world, including China. Seguir leyendo “MediaCom and Starcom split US$152m GSK media brief”

Coca-Cola India hands US$44m media account to Lodestar Universal McCann

By Marie Green on Aug 9, 2010 (7 hours ago) filed under Media, India

NEW DELHICoca-Cola has appointed Lodestar Universal McCann to its media account following a competitive pitch reported last week.

Coca-Cola India hands US$44m media account to Lodestar Universal McCann

The pitch, which sees incumbent Madison Media ousted after 11 years on the account, also included Starcom, Carat and TME.

Madison has handled the business, worth a reported US$44 million, since 1999. Coca-Cola currently works with Starcom in China and UM in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Korea. Carat handles the account in New Zealand.

The account shift from Madison to Lodestar UM will be completed by the end of the year.

Lodestar UM will be reponsible for providing integrated communications planning, media execution, strategic analysis and media tracking capabilities for Coca-Cola’s entire portfolio of beverages. Seguir leyendo “Coca-Cola India hands US$44m media account to Lodestar Universal McCann”

Finish Your Masterpiece with Deliberate Goal Planning

by Glen Stansberry
All artists want to create massive, powerful works to be remembered by. We have visions of our own “Sistine Chapel” that we want to tackle before we die. The problem with epic projects is that they’re often started, but rarely finished. This is precisely why we celebrate massive works: they don’t come along very often. The Sistine Chapel took four years of painting the most difficult form of fresco – buon fresco – on rickety scaffolding, while bending over backwards. (Even Michelangelo was suspicious that his enemies purposely gave the project such a massive scope just to see him fail.1)

Finishing masterpieces is daunting. Over time, motivation and desire fade unless we make deliberate strides toward our goals every single day. But getting into the mindset of being deliberate with our work is a paradigm shift. Being deliberate means that when we are working, we are always working on something with an end goal in mind.

Finishing masterpieces is daunting. Over time, motivation and desire fade.

When the Beatles started a recording session, they never knew what sounds they would produce in the studio. But they knew one thing: they wanted every recording to sound different than the previous. John Lennon said this about their process: “Each time we just want to do something different… Why should we ever want to go back? That would be soft.”

If establishing such a goal during the nascent stages of a project seems daunting, it needn’t be. Laying out your end game merely means being clear about what you’re trying to achieve with a given creative project. For Michelangelo, it was as specific as paint 5,000 square feet of the Sistine Chapel. For the Beatles, it was as broad as make a record that sounds like something completely new.

The important thing is to be clear about the goal. Once you have that, you can backfill the details and tasks needed to get there – and, most likely, revise them as you gather feedback and experience along the way. Here are a few ways to get started: Seguir leyendo “Finish Your Masterpiece with Deliberate Goal Planning”

Star Turns

– T.L. Stanley
Emmy-winning actor Brian Baumgartner, best known as the lovable simpleton Kevin on NBC‘s sitcom The Office, can play a mean game of golf. Sometimes. He’s in a rut right now though and needs to psyche himself up for a major charity tournament.

Enter elite athletes like L.A. Laker Pau Gasol, New York Yankee CC Sabathia and baseball Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith to whip him into shape. Subway restaurants sponsor the action, and Hollywood-branded entertainment shop Content & Company wraps it all up into a TV special.

The result, a one-hour show dubbed Golf Therapy: Life, Lessons and the Pursuit of Par, will launch in the coming weeks online, on Subway’s in-store flat screens, across social media and cable TV channels. It also aired on NBC Sports prior to the U.S. Senior Open on Aug. 1.

Golf Therapy comes on the heels of a number of talent/marketer alliances that show how closely the two worlds have started working together on original, brand-backed entertainment. The brands themselves share top billing in some of the projects, and other times their only role is willing investor.

Stars like Will Arnett and Jason Bateman, who opened the advertiser-friendly production company DumbDumb, have made short videos for Wrigley’s Orbit gum. Fellow Arrested Development alum Tony Hale starred in a Web series backed by Nestea. And 90120’s AnnaLynn McCord popped up in AT&T story-based online vignettes. Eastbound and Down’s foul-mouthed star Kenny Powers, also known as comedian Danny McBride, recently launched a profane short on FunnyorDie for K-Swiss, and Lisa Kudrow’s Lexus-sponsored Web Therapy, now in its third season online, will soon become a TV series on Showtime. Seguir leyendo “Star Turns”

Some great readings this week! Really!!

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What Is A Social Enterprise? There Is Still A Lot Of Debate? By Idris Mootee

Social enterprise is a hot idea. Being asocial entrepreneurship these days is way cooler than being a iBanker. I think we are only seeing the beginning of a long term trend, people realize it takes a new kind of enterprise to solve the world’s problem. And NGOs are not the solutions.

Innovation Failure & Ownership: What happens when we own our successes and abdicate our failures by Andrew (DrewCM)

Innovation is a high-stakes endeavor. Much may be risked on the hoped-for chance of reward. The success or failure of a single innovation may win or lose reputations and careers. In some organizations, the retribution for failure may be swift and harsh, while the rewards for success may be just as fickle

Is Innovation a Process or an Outcome? By Karen Christensen via Ralph Ohr

You believe that everything we know and desire is the outcome of a single discovery that was made 1.9 million years ago. Please explain. Seguir leyendo “Some great readings this week! Really!!”

Spying On Competition Using Social Media

by Mario Zelaya

Spying On Competition Using Social Media

When we use social media tools, whether it be updating our status or checking-in to a location, the last thing we ever think about is the repercussions of our actions on social networks.

Little do you know that you’re divulging information that could impact your business life a lot more than you think.

Disclaimer: What I discuss in this article was merely an experiment and I hope that no one employs these tactics with malicious intentions. This is a story about the dangers of exposing too much information on social networks.

Seguir leyendo “Spying On Competition Using Social Media”

Recorta partes de un video con el programa “VidCrop”

Autor: Gaby MC | Comentar »

“VidCrop” es una herramienta para recortar partes de un video y centrarnos en un punto en especifico. Muchas veces cuando tomamos video las partes que rodean el objeto principal estorban y no es necesario mostrarlo, si quieres eliminar estas partes el programa “VidCrop” es lo que necesita.

Programa VidCrop

La herramienta “crop” es una función muy conocida en la edición de imágenes, y ahora también la puedes aplicar en el video con el programa “VidCrop”, con la que puedes recortar todo el rededor que no te interese y destacar una parte especifica.

Este programa funciona con todo tipo de formato como AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, MPG, MKV, RMVB y ASF. Con un simple click puedes comenzar a recortar la imagen y hacer crop en la parte del video que quieres destacar. Al terminar puedes elegir a que formato se va a convertir tu video, ya sea en formato AVI o WMV. Seguir leyendo “Recorta partes de un video con el programa “VidCrop””

Logitech lanza su nuevo ratón: Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

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Poderoso control que te lleva dentro del juego“, así es como describe la empresa Logitech a su nuevo mouse G700 (Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700) que está diseñado especialmente para los jugadores de videojuegos en pc más exigentes del mercado y que gustan sacarle el mejor provecho al hardware de su ordenador.

Logitech wireless gaming mouse G700

Es por eso que Logitech lanzó al mercado este nuevo mouse (ratón) con el nombre “Wireless Gaming Mouse G700″ que incluye nada mas y nada menos que 13 botones colocados estrategicamente y programables que facilitarán nuestra experiencia en los videojuegos de pc (sobre todo en los mas nuevos), aparte de ser un mouse diseñado para tener una mejor comodidad al momento de usarlo. Seguir leyendo “Logitech lanza su nuevo ratón: Wireless Gaming Mouse G700”