Innovation Dilemma: Open Up or Shut Up?

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In a recent post, Where Big Companies Fail on Innovation, I argue that big companies fail to communicate well on their corporate innovation capabilities.

I believe this is a problem as most industries have begun adopting open innovation practices in which a key goal is to become the preferred partner of choice. This requires a significant higher visibility for corporate innovation departments.

Michael Fruhling and Kevin McFarthing contributed with comments in which they argue that companies can still do well with innovation – even open innovation – without communicating much about their efforts.

As you read their comments, their reasoning makes sense and I agree that some companies do very well even though they stick to a low public profile. I just think most companies can benefit from having a more active communication strategy with regards to their innovation capabilities.

This dilemma most likely brings up lots of responses that suggest a mixed approach, but I still look forward to hearing what you think …

Should companies develop communication strategies in order to brand their corporate innovation capabilities?

YES: Why? Can you share some ideas on how companies should do it?

NO: Why not?

Let’s share some insights on this…


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