BBDO scoops Johnson & Johnson global creative business

GLOBAL – BBDO has been appointed to the global creative account for Johnson & Johnson’s line of baby products, worth an estimated US$20 million.

BBDO scoops Johnson & Johnson global creative business

The Omnicom agency won the account following a pitch launched earlier this year in May, which initially included the incumbent Lowe, McCann Erickson, DraftFCB, DDB, JWT and Ogilvy & Mather.

BBDO reportedly pitched the business in partnership with sister agency Roberts + Langer DDB. Seguir leyendo “BBDO scoops Johnson & Johnson global creative business”

BlackBerry Challenges Set to Spread as Governments, RIM Collide

By Anthony DiPaola, Hugo Miller and Vivian Salama

Aug. 2 (Bloomberg) — Research In Motion Ltd., maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, faces challenges to overseas expansion as developing countries tighten restrictions on mobile e-mail.

The United Arab Emirates, home to Middle East business hub Dubai, said yesterday it may suspend BlackBerry e-mail services in October because of concern the devices could be used in crimes. The move comes days after an official in India said that country may ban BlackBerry e-mail use and reports that Saudi Arabia could take similar steps.

“It’s a reflection of fears of cyber security and espionage that now extend to mobile phones,” said Ron Deibert, director of the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, who helped colleagues uncover a plot against the Indian government that involved computers in China. “It’s the type of thing that will become more common for RIM as they grapple with public policy and ethical issues in emerging markets.”

RIM, based in Waterloo, Ontario, is focusing on countries including India, the U.A.E., Indonesia and Brazil as a decade of North American expansion slows. Revenue from outside North America and the U.K. nearly doubled last quarter as U.S. sales, which account for a quarter of revenue, dropped 7 percent.

For RIM, the pioneer in handheld e-mail devices, security is one of the main advantages it touts over competitors. All BlackBerry e-mails are handled by the company’s own enterprise servers, making the devices popular with companies and government officials including Barack Obama, who kept his BlackBerry after becoming U.S. president. Seguir leyendo “BlackBerry Challenges Set to Spread as Governments, RIM Collide”

Repara errores del disco duro con el programa “CheckDisk”

Autor: Gaby MC

CheckDisk es un programa para encontrar errores en el disco duro y fallos que se encuentren en el disco.

Descarga gratis CheckDisk

Si has experimentado problemas con tu disco o piensas que tiene errores, esta herramienta te ayudará a descubrir lo que pasa con tu disco.

Hay varios programas para escanear el disco duro en busca de problemas, unos más efectivos que otros, pero con el programa CheckDisc tendrás una herramienta útil y efectiva para detectar cualquier problema o error en tu disco duro, sin la necesidad de programas sofisticados.

CheckDisc tiene un diseño muy sencillo y fácil de utilizar, todas las opciones están a la vista y solo necesitas elegir que disco quieres que este programa revise para que comience con el escaneo. Este programa tiene tres tipos de prueba, una forma estándar que revisa todo el disco, una opción más profunda de escaneo y otra opción para conocer si el disco se encuentra sucio. Seguir leyendo “Repara errores del disco duro con el programa “CheckDisk””

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 30 2010

By Shane McGlaun

Welcome to this week’s better late than never edition of the Week in Review! Monday we learned that HTC was planning to move from the hard to get Super AMOLED screen for its Desire and Nexus One smartphones to a Super LCD. The catch is that both screens will be used and apparently, there will be no way for the buyer to tell what screen they are getting.

HTC Desire Review SlashGear 16 540x499

Acer’s Stream smartphone has been graced with an official launch date for the UK. The Stream will launch on August 9 and pack a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and a 5MP camera. The handset will cost the equivalent of $615 in the UK. A sweet new camera app was unveiled Monday that takes photos people shoot at the same angle as historical photos and superimposes the historical photos over the top. The software was invented at MIT.

LG announced this week that it can’t meet the demand from Apple for screens of the iPad and iPhone. Despite that fact, LG is apparently thinking about making production cutbacks and says meeting demand won’t happen until 2011. The DMCA was updated early in the week and ruled that jailbreaking and unlocking of smartphones like the iPhone was legal under fair use. This may bring the unlocking firms that are underground into the limelight. Seguir leyendo “SlashGear Week in Review – Week 30 2010”

Google Teams Up With CIA, Invests in Analytics Firm

BY Addy Dugdale

Wired‘s defense dude, Noah Schachtman, has a fascinating story about Google and the CIA being joint investors in a web monitoring firm. Both Google Ventures and In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s investment arm, have injected sums (less than $10 million each) into Recorded Future, a company that goes through “tens of thousands” of websites and looks for related actions and conversations between, for example, Twitter accounts, blogs and websites, and analyzes them in order to spot events and trends as early on as possible.

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5 Energy Efficient Office Gadgets

Stephanie Marcus

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

For years now the world has been talking about “going green,” “reducing our carbon footprint,” and simply just being less wasteful. Anyone who runs a business knows that unnecessary waste simply isn’t good business.

Companies who invest in greener or more energy efficient gadgets around the office save on electricity bills, foster an office based on conscious consumption, and know they are doing what they can to help make the world a cleaner, greener place. Seguir leyendo “5 Energy Efficient Office Gadgets”

Internet Explorer Gains Market Share at the Expense of Firefox

Ben Parr

Microsoft Internet Explorer continues to make a comeback, gaining market share for the third month in a row, mostly to the detriment of Mozilla Firefox.

According to new statistics from Net Applications, Internet Explorer increased its share of the browser market in July by 0.42%, for a total share of 60.74%. Firefox, on the other hand, took the biggest hit: a loss of 0.9%. Google’s Chrome browser lost 0.08%, while Safari gained 0.24%.

IE’s gain continues a trend of reversal for the struggling web browser. While Microsoft’s browser is still the world’s most popular browser by large margins, it has steadily lost market share over the last few years.

However, Net Applications has spotted a trend of recovery for the browser since May. In addition to IE regaining some momentum, Chrome usage has also been soaring. At the short end of the stick though is Firefox, whose market share peaked in April at 24.59% and has steadily dropped since. Seguir leyendo “Internet Explorer Gains Market Share at the Expense of Firefox”

UAE to Ban BlackBerry E-mail, Web Browsing and Messaging

Ben Parr

Citing national security concerns, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced that it will soon ban e-mail, web browsing and messaging for the BlackBerry smartphone.

“In the public interest, we have today informed the providers of telecommunications services in the country of our decision to suspend the Blackberry services of messenger, email and electronic browsing,” stated Mohammed al-Ghanem, the chief of the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

“Today’s decision is based on the fact that, in their current form, certain BlackBerry services allow users to act without any legal accountability, causing judicial, social and national-security concerns,” continued the government’s statement. According to al-Ghanem, “It’s a final decision,” but they are continuing discussions with Canadian-based Research in Motion (RIM), makers of the BlackBerry device. Seguir leyendo “UAE to Ban BlackBerry E-mail, Web Browsing and Messaging”

The Top 5 Qualities of Productive Creatives (And How to Identify Them!)

by Jocelyn K. Glei

A recent BusinessWeek article reported that, “According to a new survey of 1,500 chief executives conducted by IBM‘s Institute for Business Value (IBM), CEOs identify ‘creativity’ as the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future.” While the study’s results will come as no surprise to hard-working creative professionals, they do raise an important question: How do we identify – and hire for – the qualities that add up to creativity?  By our lights, the notion of “creativity” can’t be separated from the skills required for creative execution. So our analysis of the characteristics crucial to creativity focuses particularly on the skills that facilitate putting ideas into action.

Below, we outline five key qualities of particularly productive creatives, followed by some recommendations for how to uncover them in potential hires, co-workers, and collaborators.
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Web Browser Tabs are Cutting User’s Online Attention Span (Usability)

by Haysam Fahmy

The web is continuously sprawling with vast amounts of content, and the time needed from users to consume what’s relevant of it is shrinking by the minute. From web to mobile (and now tablets, ie..IPad), the digital attention span is at an all time low.

Switching between devices and platforms is becoming a bit overwhelming in helping users get the content they need. However, there is a bigger headache brought about by the basic foundation that paved the way for all of today’s innovative online offerings: Web Browsing.

Web browsing habits today are significantly affecting how users absorb and internalize online content, mainly because their declining digital attention span is forcing them to open multiple browser tabs.

Studies are now showing that since browsers have started supporting tabbed browsing, users have paid less and less attention to the content being offered on web pages. Seguir leyendo “Web Browser Tabs are Cutting User’s Online Attention Span (Usability)”

Silicon Valley Is Not Most People’s Reality

Posted by Nick O’Neill

Silicon Valley Companies IconWriting checks casually for $100k, selling companies for hundreds of millions of dollars, and then throwing back drinks with semi-well known rappers (see videos below) … this is what Silicon Valley is made of. It’s also only two days of activity. The Valley is an environment where life-time successes are celebrated for half a minute before the next guy cashes a check bigger than yours. Dave McClure raised $30 million for an investment fund in under 6 months but is that really all it took? Definitely not. The founders of Playdom built and sold a gaming startup (now what most people would consider an empire) in a couple years. But is a couple years all it took? Hell no.

It’s pretty easy to become disconnected from reality when the people surrounding you are building companies that generate hundreds of millions of dollars each year in revenue. These are truly the things that dreams are made of (for some) and in Silicon Valley it’s probably one of the only places where people who have a bank account with $10 million is a casual thing … or at least appears to be. If you want to throw around the size of your bank account as part of a contest you can go do so, however one thing that is more common than multi-million dollar bank accounts here is passionate people. Seguir leyendo “Silicon Valley Is Not Most People’s Reality”

Marketing lateral II: 10 diferencias del pensamiento lateral frente al pensamiento vertical

pensamiento-lateral-pensamiento-verticalEl hábito del pensamiento vertical es adaptar la realidad a lo que ya conocemos y el pensamiento lateral desafía este planteamiento para poder descubrir nuevas formas y conseguir nuevas conclusiones que nada tiene que ver con la lógica.

El pensamiento lateral rompe la lógica que hemos aprendido y utilizado durante décadas con el pensamiento vertical, pero esa transgresión nos permite encontrar nuevos caminos que antes no habíamos visto. El pensamiento vertical nos crea patrones y adapta las novedades a lo que conoce, mientras que el lateral está dispuesto a explorar esas nuevas situaciones para ver a donde conducen. Hay unas diferencias principales muy claras.


En la primera parte de este artículo “Marketing lateral 1ª parte: atreverse a cambiar o dejarse morir” exponía los planteamientos de porque cuesta admitir la palabra “cambio” y somos tan reacios a ella. La realidad es que es una palabra que asusta en cualquier ámbito de la vida en que la planteemos pues nos dirige hacia lo desconocido, obligándonos a salir de nuestro círculo de comodidad y por tanto a movernos en aguas que no controlamos, y antes eso, como reza el dicho popular: “preferimos lo malo conocido que lo bueno por conocer”, haciéndonos perder en muchos casos la oportunidad de abrir nuevas puertas a nuevos planteamientos que nos podrían llevar lejos.

Ahora vamos a ver como se aplica esa teoría a la práctica, como el Marketing Lateral, nos dirige hacia “hacer las cosas diferentes” en vez de empeñarnos en sólo buscar la forma de “hacerlas mejor” y de esta forma, aportarnos caminos que jamás nos hubiéramos imaginado, y como, de forma sencilla, podemos encontrar esas ideas sorprendentes. Seguir leyendo “Marketing lateral II: 10 diferencias del pensamiento lateral frente al pensamiento vertical”

25 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed


social media icons imageAnother beautiful summer week brings another beautiful social media round-up. In case you missed any of the resources published here on Mashable, we’ve got them all laid out in neat little sections for your perusal.

This week we looked at some great podcasts for summer listening, some hilarious infomercials on YouTube and some awesome trailers from Comic-Con 2010.

Tech and mobile fans will be pleased to see stories on the new Samsung Galaxy S, a look back at the last five years in mobile, and an interview with superb designer Jesse Thomas.

If you need some business tips and advice, we’ve got ways to promote your brand on YouTube, how social media can make you more productive, and ways to include multimedia on your website. Seguir leyendo “25 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed”

Decálogo de la mujer del César, en Expansión y Empleo

Decálogo de la mujer del César

Según Plutarco, la mujer del César no solo debe ser decente, sino también parecerlo. En la red, la reputación sigue un mecanismo similar: puedes ser deliciosamente correcto, como dirían en misa, en “pensamiento, palabra, obra y omisión”, pero además, deberás parecerlo. Y en ocasiones, demostrarlo.

La reputación en la red es una variable cada día más importante: Cada vez más personas buscan en la red información sobre empresas, productos o servicios antes de decidirse a comprar. En una web donde todos somos un medio de comunicación, una mala crítica de un cliente defraudado ya no alcanza a unos pocos, sino que puede tener efectos devastadores. Además, una persona puede pasarse años utilizando con satisfacción los productos o servicios de una empresa, y lo considerará “lo normal”. Un fallo, sin embargo, puede desencadenar una crítica demoledora. Y ante la crítica, es típico que acudan otros que hayan tenido problemas similares, en una mezcla de “solidaridad con el débil” y “olor de la carroña”. En la red, la reputación es consecuencia de una trayectoria que suele dejar rastro permanente en los motores de búsqueda.

Sobre la reputación en la red, plantéese los siguientes puntos… Seguir leyendo “Decálogo de la mujer del César, en Expansión y Empleo”