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Creative freedom leads to an intriguing trio of films…
On behalf of its energy drink, Burn, Coca-Cola Europe has formed a creative collaboration between Publicis Mojo, Sydney, Rumpus Room, London and Exit Films, Melbourne to launch a series of films showcasing the impressive talents of snowboarders, skateboarders and rappers, which will form the centrepiece of an integrated campaign this summer.


Launching online, three short filmsBurn, shown above, Peepshow and and Playground are being seeded online, starting in community channels, and released via to target European markets (according to The Inspiration Room). The respective directors – Garth Davis, Jonathan Hill and Glendyn Ivin – were given creative freedom to come up with the authentic and visually stunning series of films. Burn’s YouTube page is low on branding, and describes itself as ‘a source for creativity, a platform for freedom of expression, a single entity to bring talented people together and give them a voice’. While it can be argued that this is what YouTube is doing, with or without the energy drink’s help, it does suggest the direction that the campaign will take, encouraging participation from its community, with engagement via Facebook or Twitter and hosting images on Flickr.

While we’d love to bring you some insight from Coca-Cola, the brand is sadly refusing to talk to journalists while the campaign is running, and asking that its agencies do the same. This approach is at odds with the free-form creativity of the project, suggesting that the brand is preaching its collaborative approach internally, rather than practising it.


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