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The tech reporters and editors of The New York Times found these articles on the Web provocative…

Facebook hated as much as airlines, cable companieshttp://www.msnbc.msn.com
Jenna Wortham says: Is Facebook, the most visited site on the Internet, also the most despised?

Why I’m ignoring your Facebook requesthttp://www.salon.com
Jenna Wortham says: Are we socially obliged to befriend everyone who sends us a Facebook request?

Foursquare Talking to Search Giantshttp://www.telegraph.co.uk
Jenna Wortham says: Foursquare is in talks with Yahoo, Google and Microsoft about data partnerships, says its co-founder.

Glass prism with multiscreen iPad app makes objects appear 3D to naked eyehttp://www.creativeapplications.net
Nick Bilton says: An iPad is used to make a reflective glass 3-D glass prism.

Bad Connection: Inside the iPhone Network Meltdownhttp://www.wired.com
Nick Bilton says: A look at the iPhone’s AT&T network problems.

Cognitive Surplus Visualizedhttp://www.informationisbeautiful.net
Nick Bilton says: One stat from Clay Shirky’s book, “Cognitive Surplus,” shows TV usage vs. Wikipedia.

Why Apple Doesn’t Deserve Your Trustqblog.aaronsw.com
Damon Darlin says: The question raised is why does Apple provide no hard data about iPhone reception or about its competitors.


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