Estimurl: Website Estimated Worth Finder And Analysis Tool

Many professional bloggers start up their own websites. They then bring it up to a reputable level at which they begin receiving offers for the site. Determining what price would be fair for the site can be a little tricky. People value websites in various ways because there is no standard. But Estimurl is one service that provides its visitors with a fair and comprehensively calculated value of a site.

Estimurl is a free to use web service that determines the value of a website. This can be greatly helpful in determining what price to quote for the site you have worked so hard on. Finding the fair market value will also help buyers ensure they are not paying more than what is fair.

The homepage of the site is filled with many elements but the text field is on top and stands out. You enter the website’s (any website’s) URL in this text field and then click the “Check” button. The site then processes some data and you a window computing the statistics.

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Estimurl: Website Estimated Worth Finder And Analysis Tool


The site’s unique algorithm runs its own tests on the URL you enter. After processing the stats you are shown a comprehensive set of results with the site’s value located on top.


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