States Discuss Joint Probe of Google’s Data Collection


Google’s headaches over its collection of private data from Wi-Fi networks are intensifying.

Attorneys general from about 30 states are investigating whether Google violated any laws when vehicles used by the company to snap pictures for the Street View service also collected snippets of personal information sent over unsecured wireless networks. On Thursday, attorneys general from about 30 states participated in a conference call do discuss whether to join forces. Leer más “States Discuss Joint Probe of Google’s Data Collection”

Twitter Outages Linked to Glitches and Site Upgrade


Twitter Fail Whale

Nick Bilton/The New York Times

It has been a rough week for Twitter and its users. The site has been crashing sporadically for days, sometimes for several hours at a time, due to technical glitches that involved programming errors and the introduction of a new location feature, Twitter Places.

Twitter said in a blog post late Tuesday that from the perspective of site outages and stability, “it’s been Twitter’s worst month since last October.”

One major outage occurred Monday night when Twitter tried to introduce a software upgrade. A brief update on the Twitter status blog explained that the company’s engineers were working to resolve the issue, and service was finally restored, albeit temporarily, by 7:11 a.m. Eastern time on Tuesday. Leer más “Twitter Outages Linked to Glitches and Site Upgrade”