Don’t DI-lete: Weekly DI China Update


Still think social media is a fad? For those who haven’t seen it, Jeremy Webb wants to kick off this week’s update with the following clip: A Social Media Revolution (CN subtitles).

你还是觉得社会媒体仅是一时狂热吗?没看过这个视频的同事,Jeremy Webb想用它来kick off这个星期的Don’t DI-lete:社会化媒体革命(中文字幕)。

Liu Yan (Digital Strategy Director) is impressed with Pringles’s RenRen page, which features an excellent example of augmented reality that blends an online football game with images of the gamer. Lots of people are discussing the game online and are able to move conveniently to a Taobao store to make a purchase.

Liu Yan (Digital Strategy Director), 喜欢在人人网的一个品牌互动活动。这是一款针对年轻群体的3D实景互动游戏,主题为: 品客 挑战你的咔嚓劲力!品客薯片包装盒作为游戏的主要道具,用包装盒对准摄像头,就可以操作游戏。因为玩法新颖、界面设计也很酷,引来众多年轻的网友参与。同 时引导网友在人 人网的论坛中讨论此款游戏。也可以通过游戏链接到品客在淘 宝的网店

Emily Brown (BJ White Belt editor) likes Mengniu/MonmilkEcograssland Fund’s use of social networking sites because they have attracted a community of supporters to their interactive, informative RenRen page who may have otherwise never visited either party’s official site.

Emily Brown (北京的白带editor) 喜欢蒙牛和Monmilk Ecograssland Fund社交网站的运用, 是因为他们已经吸引很多网友来访问其互动且信息丰富的人人网页,同时这些网友可能从未访问过其 中任何一家公司的官方网页。

Jeremy Webb wants you give you all a big kiss… on DoubleMint’s RenRen page. Users start a “kiss chain” by sending a kiss to their friends; their friends then extend the chain by doing the same, and so on. All members of the longest chain get a prize. Like all good kisses this is memorable, fun, and potentially viral!

Jeremy Webb想KISS你… 在绿箭的人人网活动!用户用“kiss链” 向自己的好友传递kiss,他们的好友也可以继续传递这个kiss给别人,以此类推。最终拥有最多人参与的“KISS链”中所有用户都将得到奖品。跟所有 的kisses一样,这个活动很难忘,很好玩,也很有传染性!

Yalding Xu (SH Digital Specialist) says, “There’s always more fun ways to promote your products.” This video made by Nike to promote their new running shoe is proof of this. Running, just like music, needs rhythm; and this video is the perfect cross over.

Yalding Xu (SH Digital Specialist) 说:“你的产品其实也可以更好玩”,这个视 频优酷版) 是Nike为了推广它的新系列Free产品,拍摄的一个病毒视频。跑步需要节奏,音乐同样需要节奏,视频中这样的跨界可能你从没看到过。但是看完这个视频 后,相信你会增加对于跑步运动的兴趣。要知道,病毒视频的效果有时比花费巨资的电视广告要更好。

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