Copywriting for Interactive Content

I used to sit down with my art director and hack away at ideas.

We’d spitball, land in ambiguous places, plateau, leave it for the evening, come back, and figure it out.  Then I’d whip up a script, we’d board it and revise it, and there you go, you’ve got a TV spot.

At the time, it seemed simple enough: take the concept and walk the line from top level all the way down, filling in the blanks as you go.  All in all, it was pretty formulaic.

“Apply idea at top level, make a brand book. Write and produce broadcast. Create outdoor and guerrilla (if possible). Go into point of sale and brand the tags on the merchandise. Done. Repeat for next product.” Seguir leyendo “Copywriting for Interactive Content”

Critical Thinking, Underpinning of an Effective Business Strategy

By now you’ve all befitted from the experience and generosity of my Twitter #kaizenblog chat co-host Elli St. George Godfrey. If you don’t follow her, make sure you add her handle to your stream @3keyscoach — you can thank me later.

With Elli, we’ve been able to tackle more conversations from differing points of view — I think about branding and behavior from a customer experience and contextual relationship building point of view, she works deeply with the entrepreneurial aspects of leadership.

Ever since we started brainstorming topics for our weekly chats both by email and phone, I’ve been able to think more crisply about iterative growth and momentum, which are critical components of strategy. The coach in Elli is a perfect counterbalance for my creative spark — as I said the other day, I can go from zero to Italian in no time. Seguir leyendo “Critical Thinking, Underpinning of an Effective Business Strategy”

Mark Hadfield, planning director at Nexus/H explains why digital applications need to be more natural

27 May 2010

Technology has always been focussed on making things faster and easier for the user.

Technology has allowed people to do complicated things simply and has allowed the user minimum opportunity to make mistakes. Rely on the technology and you’ll get first class results quickly and easily.

But easy isn’t always the best way.
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50 Informative and Well-Designed Infographics

It’s impossible to comprehend complex data or analyze large amounts of information, if we only use words or texts. Information graphics or better known as infographics are visual explanation of data, information or knowledge. These graphics are excellent visual tools for explaining huge amounts of information where complex data needs to be explained immediately and clearly. Let me show you how Rick Mans explain how infographics ease the process of communicating conceptual information

preview 50 Informative  and Well Designed Infographics
Image credit.

Infographic is one of the most challenging types of graphic design because the creation process alone is pretty intensive. Researching data is a very lengthy procedure of getting information that takes both your time and dedication for obtaining resourceful and correct data. After that, the designer must be able to create a strong visual impact that precisely displays the information in way that is rational and blend with the overall design.

We are truly delighted to show you these brilliant and informative infographics created by various talented individuals. Here’s a collection of 50 infographics that are creatively designed, colorful, lively, shocking and educational. Let’s have some visual feast! Seguir leyendo “50 Informative and Well-Designed Infographics”

The Online Video Encoding Formats War: Apple Vs Flash Vs H264

If you haven’t heard the news lately, a new technology war has seen the light, and this time the two main fighters are Apple and Adobe, owner of the almost ubiquitous Flash playback video technology used across the web to play video clips. The key argument is that Apple does not want to support Flash to play video on its devices. Neither now nor ever in the future. Given that smartphones and iPhones make up a growing number of the devices playing back video clips from the Internet and that 50% of mobile traffic in the U.S. comes from iPhones, this refusal to support Flash as the default video-playback technology is definitely no good news for Adobe. In this MasterNewMedia report Enrique Serrano focuses on explaining the technological issues and its implications as well as how this new technology war going to impact your personal online video landscape.

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Don’t keep yourself DRY; be REAL instead

SXSW Interactive 2010: Jason Fried-1
Image by courtneyBolton via Flickr

If you look up DRY in Google you’ll probably get as a first result the Wikipedia entry for:

Don’t Repeat Yourself

“Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.”

It’s an excellent principle for software development and comes from an awesome book called The Pragmatic Programmer that I highly recommend to anyone in the software industry.

But a problem with this principle for developers and non-developers alike is that people (even unwittingly) apply it to all situations in there life. Seguir leyendo “Don’t keep yourself DRY; be REAL instead”

Tech Talk Podcast: Car Viruses

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...
Image via CrunchBase


This week’s New York Times Tech Talk podcast takes a look at a new target for hackers: the car. Bettina Edelstein speaks to John Markoff, a Times reporter who has written about how vulnerable automotive computer systems are to malicious attacks. Computer security experts from the University of California, San Diego, and the University of Washington, backed by the National Science Foundation, were able to remotely take over car brakes and other critical controls. With modern vehicles increasingly dependent on computers, the researchers say, it’s important to address these issues before they become a problem. Seguir leyendo “Tech Talk Podcast: Car Viruses”

web design 10 Great iPhone Apps For Daily Life Usage

Even if you have countless apps already on your iPhone, you are still looking for the next best application out there. That is exactly what makes the iPhone so enjoyable – endless great applications waiting to be discovered. Below you will find a list of 10 great free iPhone applications that I have gathered. All of them are must-have apps to realize your phone’s true potential. Give each one a try.

If you want to share more useful apps for daily life usage so please comment about them below. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter. Click on the images to go from where the images has been taken and learn more about their creators and to appreciate them.

Skype for iPhone


Skype is the most popular VoIP client. It lets you make free Skype-to-Skype phone calls. After installing this application on your iPhone you will be able to talk for hours with friends on Skype. The rates to make international calls and send international text messages are also quite economical.

Hey Where Are You


TechCrunch named this application one of the best iPhone apps of 2009. Hey Where Are You serves the important purpose of finding your geographical location. You can also find the location of any other friend or family member who owns an iPhone. This app is a great tool to help you out when you are lost or to find out where your friends are. Seguir leyendo “web design 10 Great iPhone Apps For Daily Life Usage”

Supercharge Your Google Reader & Read Your Feeds In Style With FeedSquares (Chrome Extension)

To read updates on the Blogger pages I am following, I use Google Reader. If you are unfamiliar with Reader, it is Google’s service that lets us read any Atom and RSS feed online or offline. Every since its main release in September 2007, it has been tried out many Google users and is now quite popular. This is what the Reader interface normally looks like:


Although I am happy with the convenience that Reader provides (the ability to read all our Atom plus RSS reads on a single dashboard) I feel that Reader’s interface could be revamped and made more visually appealing.  One tool that achieves this is FeedSquares. Seguir leyendo “Supercharge Your Google Reader & Read Your Feeds In Style With FeedSquares (Chrome Extension)”

A Designer’s Guide To Effective Proposals And Invoices

By Cameron Chapman

Because of the potential for variations in the different aspects of a web design project, creating a proposal or invoice for such a project can be trickier than that of another industry like accounting or legal services. If your proposal isn’t created carefully, it can lead to misunderstandings and unhappy clients (not to mention the grief it can cause you). The same is true for invoices: if it’s not clear what they’re paying for, clients can delay making payments or dispute charges.

There are two main factors to keep in mind when preparing a proposal or invoice: First, you’re likely dealing with people who are not yet your clients; and second, you’re dealing with clients who you (probably) hope will bring you repeat business. This article will offer a number of tips, based on those two principles, to help designers creative effective proposals and invoices.

Calendar in A Designers Guide To Effective Proposals And  Invoices
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Pencil Vs Camera By Ben Heine

by Tony

Last week while I was on the website, I stumbled upon some cool photographs/sketches by this artist called Ben Heine. He actually calls these beautiful works Pencil VS Camera!. I found them to be so interesting that I wanted to share them with all of you. Although there are only 19 in his collection so far, they are definitely worth showcasing. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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This is the legendary “tram 28” in Lisbon, Portugal
I took this photo in Belgium. I also drew the rough sketch. Seguir leyendo “Pencil Vs Camera By Ben Heine”

30 Smashing Examples of Architectural Photography

Posted by tabi

Architectural photography can be broadly considered to encompass views of the exteriors and interiors of domestic, commercial, religious, institutional, and engineering structures, as well as records of the evolution of towns and cities.

Today, we are showing you 30 Smashing Examples Of Architecture Photography. The credit goes to all those talented photographers who taken these excellent photos with their efforts.

This list is not long in counting but i promise you that when you start browsing them in details it will surely refresh your mind and glad inspired about these collection.
Here are 40 Smashing Examples Of Architectural Photography
Opera House Valencia Spain 30 Smashing Examples of Architectural  Photography

photo credit: Sebastian Potolinca

Santorini Greece Island 30 Smashing Examples of Architectural  Photography

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60 Plain Movie Posters with White Background

Movie posters are advertisements, made to entice the viewer to the movie theatre or to pick up a rental or purchasable DVD. Some posters we look at use words along with images to entice the potential viewer and some use the actors more than the story to sell the movie.

In recent years, movie posters with a white background becomes a trend. Many people pointed such posters as boring and unexciting, but there are also some that feels they capture more attentions by focusing on just the actors/actresses. What do you think?

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Prohibido y ya

Por Juan Gelman

Dentro de Israel y fuera de Israel. Dentro: los artículos de un proyecto de ley presentado a fines de abril en la Knesset, o Parlamento israelí, establecen la clausura o la imposibilidad de registro de las ONG locales “sospechosas de proporcionar información o estar involucradas en procesos contra oficiales o comandantes por violaciones del derecho humanitario internacional o por crímenes de guerra” (, 29410). Es la segunda ley que, con esos fines, se discute en la Knesset. El grupo ultranacionalista Im Tirtzu –Segunda Revolución Sionista–, por su parte, ha desatado una campaña contra estas ONG porque pretenden que esos crímenes sean juzgados fuera de Israel, ya que sus tribunales no procesan a los culpables. Otra muestra de la democracia israelí. Seguir leyendo “Prohibido y ya”

The Takeover Panel has publicly criticised Kraft Foods

The Takeover Panel has publicly criticised Kraft Foods over the handling of its takeover of Cadbury in a shock move that has cost the US company’s leading adviser his future job at the City regulator.

By Jonathan Sibun

The company logo of Kraft Foods Inc. and a bar of Cadbury's Dairy  Milk are arranged for a photo in London, U.K

The Panel criticised Kraft, saying it “did not know” the details of the planned factory closure Photo: Bloomberg

Peter Kiernan, a banker at Lazard, which advised Kraft on its controversial £11.7bn takeover, has withdrawn his candidacy to become director general of the Panel.

His withdrawal follows the Panel’s first public criticism of a company in nearly three years after it rebuked Kraft for suggesting it would reverse the planned closure of Cadbury’s factory in Somerdale, near Bristol.

The Panel criticised Kraft, saying it “did not know” the details of the planned factory closure. “Kraft’s belief, no matter how well-intentioned, was… not a belief which Kraft had a reasonable basis for holding.” Seguir leyendo “The Takeover Panel has publicly criticised Kraft Foods”