Win 10 Sets of “TypeFaces” Playing Cards

What are TypeFaces? They’re “top-trumps” style card packs featuring 20 well known designers.

For each designer, a typeface was selected to match their overall vibe. Each card has also been individually designed to reflect their vibe, supported typographically with the selected typeface.

The official site also carries wallpapers for each of the TypeFaces characters which you can download for free right away.

And today, we have 10 great sets of these cards ready to be shipped to you. The contest is open to WDD readers worldwide. Only one entry per person.

Read on for more details and information on how to participate and win one of these awesome sets of cards.

The cards are super cool and make for great gifts as well. They include world renowned designers such as Veerle Pieters, Jeffrey Zeldman and Jason Santa Maria among many other great ones. Check out some of these previews:

You can find out more about “Typefaces” at their cool URL:

To participate, simply leave a comment below and come back to WDD next Wednesday, May 12th, to find out if you have won.

Good luck to everyone!

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