Surfing is the new career

by Seth Godin

Three months ago I wrote about farming and hunting. It seems, though, that the growth industry of our generation is surfing.

This makes for a great sport (for some people, anyway) but until recently, it wasn’t much of a career path. (aside: Aimless web surfing is a waste of time, and that’s not the sort of surfing I’m referring to). That feeling of freedom and risk in equal measure was difficult to find at work, so we sought it out on the slopes or the ocean. Seguir leyendo “Surfing is the new career”

Where do you find good ideas?

Seth Godin
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by Seth Godin

Do you often find ideas that change everything in a windowless conference room, with bottled water on the side table and a circle of critics and skeptics wearing suits looking at you as the clock ticks down to the 60 minutes allocated for this meeting?

If not, then why do you keep looking for them there?

The best ideas come out of the corner of our eye, the edge of our consciousness, in a flash. They are the result of misdirection and random collisions, not a grinding corporate onslaught. And yet we waste billions of dollars in time looking for them where they’re not.

A practical tip: buy a big box of real wooden blocks. Write a key factor/asset/strategy on each block in big letters. Play with the blocks. Build concrete things out of non-concrete concepts. Uninvite the devil’s advocate, since the devil doesn’t need one, he’s doing fine.

Have fun. Why not? It works.

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Five Companies that Fix their Story to Inspire Service


Branding as a strategy means little if the customer experience is not there. If your story doesn’t align with what you do, all of the clever tactics you can come up with to follow your lofty goal will not make the cut.

Unless you can fix your story by inspiring a culture of service from the inside. You instill a belief as well as make an example of behaviors to follow throughout the organization. You know that this cannot just be a grassroots effort, it needs to come all the way from the top.Which companies are doing that today? Here’s five that fix their story to inspire service: Seguir leyendo “Five Companies that Fix their Story to Inspire Service”

How To Harness Influence

Time100landingimage “Influence is not something done by certain people to other people. It’s the result of those people we call The Influenced doing something in response to those we call Influential.” [Mark Earls]

Influence is not something that is done to people. Public relations professionals work on identifying the people they’d like to reach and crafting messages that appeal to them in order to get the word out and sway publics. Seguir leyendo “How To Harness Influence”

Thanks mum

All Men are Liars

Thus, even the most grateful child has barely an inkling of the hundreds of sleepless nights their mother endured when they were a pea-brained infant operating on the punch cards of their DNA

samandjulie.jpg One of the enduring injustices of good mothering is that your children remember so little of it.

This could be why you hear mums at the end of their tether hissing at their misbehaving spawn “Do you know what I do for you?” but this is the worst type of rhetorical question, akin to expecting acknowledgment from house plants or goldfish.

The human brain is extremely efficient at storing the information it needs for survival and, for this reason, evolution decided all those boring bits we experience before age five really aren’t worth hanging on to. Seguir leyendo “Thanks mum”

Batman Inspired Artwork

As you probably already know from the last couple of comic book inspired artwork posts, Batman is one of my favorite superheroes. One of my childhood memories was coming home after school and patiently waiting until Batman staring Adam West aired on TV. In this post I have compiled an amazing collection of Batman inspired artwork from some very talented artists. Without further ado here is the the caped crusader. Enjoy!

Batman in wonderland by duss005Batman in wonderland by duss005

60+ Useful Tutorials From Around The Web

by Tony

Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful tutorials from around the web from the month of April. You’ll find everything from creating retro folded typography text effect in photoshop, to creating a sci-fi computer game poster. So what are you waiting for…why not try one out?

Text Effects

Creating Retro Folded Typography Using Photoshop

Un concierto de altavoces solares

por Mar Abad


Música en el desierto. Y ni es del viento ni es del iPod. Viene de 20 altavoces que no necesitan enchufe. La energía procede del sol y eso es lo que hace que los distintos fragmentos de guitarra procedente de cada bafle se escuchen cuando hay luz solar y desaparezcan cuando se alza la luna.

Craig Colorusso empezó a utilizar estos altavoces que funcionan con energía de paneles solares hace apenas un año. “La primera vez fue en Rhyolite (Nevada), en junio de 2009. Fue realmente bien y descubrí el desierto como un lugar muy inspirador“, indica el estadounidense. Seguir leyendo “Un concierto de altavoces solares”

El abecedario de Google Earth

por Mar Abad


El diseñador gráfico y diseñador web Thomas de Bruin se sentó frente al ordenador y empezó a sobrevolar Holanda. Viajó por todo el país, desde Google Earth, en busca de letras, números y signos de puntuación. Y los encontró. El resultado: este abecedario de Google Earth.

El fundador de Studio Lomox se empeñó en buscar las letras en paisajes naturales o construcciones arquitectónicas. Para encontrarlas vale todo. Edificios, autopistas, estadios de fútbol, arboledas… que hallaba en imágenes de satélite. Seguir leyendo “El abecedario de Google Earth”

Five Things IE9 is (Actually) Doing Right

by Jacob Gube

Things IE9 Is (Actually) Doing Right

Microsoft — the company we all love to hate — is turning over a new leaf. This is true, at least, with its latest iteration of Internet Explorer, the company’s web browser.

IE — if you’ve already forgotten — was once a great web browser in the mid-90s, usurping the spot of the dominant browser of that decade: Netscape Navigator. The browser was a market innovator once.

IE9, by the way it’s looking right now, is a vast improvement to the browsers Microsoft has been putting out as of late. Seguir leyendo “Five Things IE9 is (Actually) Doing Right”

Facebook revolucionará la publicidad online y móvil al considerar la ubicación de los usuarios

Facebook lanzará este mes una aplicación que permitirá a los usuarios revelar su ubicación exacta, una herramienta que pondrá en jaque a empresas dedicadas al marketing móvil como Foursquare pero que también afectará a compañías como Google, que hace tiempo pusieron sus ojos en la publicidad local.

La nueva herramienta de ubicación, será lanzada durante este mes con McDonald’s como el primer socio de Facebook, que probará la actitud de los usuarios con respecto a una aplicación que revelará importantes datos sobre el comportamiento de los usuarios. Seguir leyendo “Facebook revolucionará la publicidad online y móvil al considerar la ubicación de los usuarios”

How Effective Is Mobile Advertising?

By now, we all know that mobile web is the next biggest thing. Even a report from Morgan Stanley cemented the above theory by stating that the mobile web will supersede desktop Internet by 2015. Naturally with the rapid growth, mobile ads too will grow as well. But how effective are they? A recent article from eMarketer newsletter, tries to unravel the effectiveness of mobile advertising. Seguir leyendo “How Effective Is Mobile Advertising?”

Twitter Now Has More Than 100 Million Users

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

Last month at Chirp, Twitter’s Developer Conference, the social networking company revealed that they have now surpassed 100 million users; 105,779,710 to be exact. On top of that, they get about 300,000 new users each day, receives 180 million unique visitors a month, and 75% of traffic comes from outside of the Twitter website.

Twellow Developer, Matthew Daines shared the latest numbers for Twitter – for the month of April. On last month alone, the number of total tweets soared above 1.7 billion; a 10.6% increase over the month of March. New registrations rose to 10.5 million, or 6.75% over March. Seguir leyendo “Twitter Now Has More Than 100 Million Users”