Beautiful Contact Forms for your Inspiration

Contact forms have evolved a lot since the days of simple bland html forms. This holds especially true for portfolio websites and design agencies.

The current designs are beautiful and can be extremely creative. Besides the common fields that everyone expects, forms can be enhanced by adding extra features such as maps, social networking information and appealing illustrations.

A solid and elegant contact form reassures the viewer’s confidence in the person or company behind the site and improves the overall experience. Seguir leyendo “Beautiful Contact Forms for your Inspiration”

Calculating The Genuine Value of Your Design

Worse, one of the most challenging situations an amateur has to encounter is the fact that clients will always give an effort to decrease costs due to your insufficiency in the business, even though the designs you have created are astounding. However, not only beginners face this problem — even many experienced designers out there probably underestimate their current prices, which happens often in third-world countries. Seguir leyendo “Calculating The Genuine Value of Your Design”

30 Useful Adobe AIR Applications

Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is a free runtime environment that can be used by the developers to develop highly interactive internet and media applications for multiple platforms. It enables web developers to utilize their current development skills and deliver rich applications and content to user’s desktop. It combines the web development technologies like Ajax, HTML, Flash and Flex so that developers with existing knowledge of these technologies need not learn a new framework and they can utilize Adobe AIR integrated platform to deploy extremely sophisticated internet applications.

Today, we present 30 Useful Adobe AIR applications to give you an overview as to what you can achieve with AIR. Seguir leyendo “30 Useful Adobe AIR Applications”

Anatomy of Colors in Web Design: Black – A Representation of Style & Mystery

This series Anatomy of Colors in Web Design is back! One color at a time, we look at web designs from around the world. Over the past few months, in the series, we’ve looked at various colors like Green, Blue and Yellow. Our fourth installment of the series will look at the darkest end of the spectrum of colors – Black.

Anatomy of Colors in Web Design: Black – A Representation of Style  & Mystery

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Everyone has played with color paints or crayons when they were a child. Remember experimenting with various color paints only to realize that the more colors you add the darker the color becomes. Eventually, the paint becomes so dark that it resembles a black or dark brown shade of paint. Black; is it a color or is it an absence of color? Or maybe it is an overdose of color? After all, a scientist would say that black absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them to one’s eyes. Today’s exploration of black, the color of space and the universe, will take a look at how the color has impacted our lives.

Definition of Black

Black is the color that does not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum. It absorbs all frequencies of light. Hence black is often considered as the lack of all colors of light, or an exhaustive combination of multiple colors of pigment. Although black is sometimes described as “achromatic” or hue-less, in practice, it can be considered a color.

Black is the visual impression experienced when no visible light reaches the eye. This is in contrast with whiteness which is the impression of any combination of colors of light that equally stimulates all three types of color-sensitive visual receptors.

Pigments that absorb light rather than reflect it back to the eye appears to look black. However, a black pigment can result from a combination of several pigments that collectively absorbs all colors. Like the above mention of the childhood paints experiment, if appropriate proportions of three primary pigments are mixed, the result reflects so little light that it appears to be black. This provides two superficially opposite but actually complementary descriptions of black.

Types of Black
Image courtesy from Wikimedia Commons

Black is real sensation, even if it is produced by entire absence of light. The sensation of black is distinctly different from the lack of all sensation. – Hermann von Helmholz

The Benefits of Black

Black is stern and formal. It is also authoritative and powerful. It is a color that can evoke strong emotions but it can also be overwhelming when used in excess. Dark colors make a room seem smaller, black being the epitome of darkness is no exception. Even a well lit room would seem dark when a lot of black is used. Seguir leyendo “Anatomy of Colors in Web Design: Black – A Representation of Style & Mystery”

20 Questions to Ask Before Lighting Up Your “OPEN” Sign

20 Questions to AskFrom December 2007 to December 2009, the United States alone reported a loss of over 7 million jobs according to the Small Business Administration report in March 2010. According to the United States Department of Labor, only 323,100 graphic designers will be employed by companies by the year 2018.

With these kind of numbers staring us in the face, it is no wonder that more and more individuals are attempting to start their own business and begin anew. And why not? It’s a chance to finally live life on your own terms. It’s exciting and fills you with purpose and it can make a person very eager to get started and open shop. Seguir leyendo “20 Questions to Ask Before Lighting Up Your “OPEN” Sign”

25 epic commercials that aren’t called ‘1984’

Leo Burnett once said great advertising could be boiled down into three simple messages: “Here’s what we’ve got. Here’s what it will do for you. Here’s how to get it.” Seguir leyendo “25 epic commercials that aren’t called ‘1984’”

All Your Messages Belong to Us: Silentale Prepares to Launch

Written by Sarah Perez

Silentale is a soon-to-launch startup whose goal is to consolidate your conversations and contacts from all the platforms you use including webmail, social networks, and even your mobile phone. Running as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform on top of Amazon Web Services, the oddly named Silentale will function not just as an aggregator, but also a searchable archive of all your web communication. While normally we wouldn’t dare blog about a company whose product you couldn’t try out yet (that’s just mean), we just couldn’t resist. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a startup this promising and we can’t wait to give it a shot ourselves. Seguir leyendo “All Your Messages Belong to Us: Silentale Prepares to Launch”

El cuaderno de bitácora de National Geographic

por David Garcia


National Geographic Channel ofrecerá a partir del martes próximo una radiografía en 6 entregas de una ciudad flotante para 3.800 personas. “Diario de un transatlántico” narra el funcionamiento de un gran crucero visto desde sus entrañas, un más que peculiar entorno en el que se analizarán las relaciones que en él se dan aunque desde un punto de vista situado en la zona reservada a la tripulación. Seguir leyendo “El cuaderno de bitácora de National Geographic”

En el Ojo Ajeno: No quiero notoriedad de marca, gracias.

por Enrique Tellechea


Hace unos días vi en El Mundo algo verdaderamente impactante…surrealista. Un tipo en Puerto Rico que cae abatido por sicarios y su última voluntad es ser velado subido en su moto. A mi la foto me da un repelús importante, pero es que este Cid Campeador moderno va subido en una moto pintada de REPSOL como la de Pedrosa…y eso, impacto de marca tiene ¿no? Seguir leyendo “En el Ojo Ajeno: No quiero notoriedad de marca, gracias.”

Tequila Alacrán: “Hoy saldré a picar a quien se deje”

por Marcus Hurst


El tequila se ha mantenido bastante al margen de otros segmentos como la ginebra, el whisky y el ron, que durante la última década se han metido de lleno en el cine, la música y la cultura urbana. El lanzamiento de Alacrán, a finales de diciembre, busca cambiar esto por completo con una botella diseñada en negro mate inspirada en una petaca, que busca atraer un público “urbano y creativo”.

al1 Seguir leyendo “Tequila Alacrán: “Hoy saldré a picar a quien se deje””

Intercambio de creativos: trabaja para tu empresa pero en otra ciudad

por Mar Abad


Es una mezcla de lo que haces aquí (tu trabajo) y lo que haces allí (las nuevas experiencias de viajar). Es decir, sigues trabajando para tu empresa, haciendo lo mismo de siempre, pero en vez de estar en tu ciudad, te mudas por un tiempo a otra que te apetece más. Es la propuesta de intercambio de creativos que ofrece la web SwapYourShop. Seguir leyendo “Intercambio de creativos: trabaja para tu empresa pero en otra ciudad”

‘La palabra al revés’

por  Mar Abad

La palabra y la imagen son como esas parejas que a veces están muy, muy cerca y a veces muy, muy lejos, pero estén como estén, no saben vivir la una sin la otra. Thinkstock quería hablar de la imagen y para hacerlo ha elegido a su socia indisociable: la palabra. Seguir leyendo “‘La palabra al revés’”

Such a girl

BarrisonPussy.jpg Don’t be such a girl.

How many times have you heard a man say this to an antagonist, a father yell it at his son or even a woman use it to taunt her husband – as though “being a girl” is a fate worse than death?

Last year Irish-born AFL star Tadhg Kennelly wrote of his battles with depression and homesickness in his book Unfinished Business. Seguir leyendo “Such a girl”

All Men are Liars / Relevance

relevance_small.jpg Some years ago, I asked a colleague how our old boss was doing and they replied that he’d been moved on from his position as editor of a major newspaper and was now working in upper-middle management suffering from “relevance withdrawal”.

“You see him wandering around the editorial floor wanting to be taken seriously, but his time has past,” they said. Seguir leyendo “All Men are Liars / Relevance”

You really really like me.


Like lots of publishers, I’m testing out Facebook‘s new open graph take on the social web. You can now “like” this blog by clicking the button near the top of the middle column. From what I’ve gleaned, you’re not joining another Facebook Page; simply showing your support, staying connected by letting the blog push updates to your feed, and making it even easier to share posts you like with just one click that sends links scuttling off into your live stream. I hope you’ll like me even better now. 😉 Seguir leyendo “You really really like me.”