11 Top CSS Editors Reviewed

By Alvaris Falcon

Back to the time when the look of a website must be defined inside the HTML, web designer experienced the nightmare like coding each <font> tag in every single web page. Thus, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) comes to bring the salvation to lost web designer. It allows you to define your website’s appearance with just one single external file, which saves a pretty lot of your work and make your code management easier than never before.

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Un cómic para concienciar a los jóvenes

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‘Es ahora o nunca’. Es el título de un cómic que pretende concienciar a los jóvenes  ante uno de los problemas ambientales más graves: la inminente desaparición de algunas de las especies animales más emblemáticas del planeta. En realidad es el lema de la campaña de WWF que, en forma de cómic, ha creado Leo Burnett. Leer más “The latest posts from YOROKOBU”

Your Web App has Launched – Now What?

Number of users, times value of plans equals revenue. Right? So all you need are more users and you’ll have more money. It’s simple, and that’s the problem with it. Saying “we need to increase users or “we need to increase our revenue per user” reduces you to the sleazy, pin-stripe consultant who chirps in with truisms like “guys, we need to move forward”, and “let’s aim for our deadlines”.

This simplistic way of looking at your application leaves you with no next step. There is no lever called “more users”. There is no obvious next step associated with “increase value”.

By Des Traynor

Editors Note: In his first article for Think Vitamin, Des Traynor – UX Lead at Dublin based Contrast, outlines some extremely useful post launch strategies for ensuring the success of your web app. You can hear Des share more development stories at Future of Web Apps Dublin 2010.

Budget for Further Development

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