The client side

There’s an inescapable fact about being a successful consultant: you must possess a great level of empathy regarding the professionals you seek to assist. Understanding the experiences and challenges that come from being accountable for running a business is a must. Even better if you possess that understanding yourself, having worked on the client side. Leer más “The client side”

Don’t Ever Send Press Releases to “Friends” on Facebook

A CEO of a company befriended me on Facebook, and while I can’t say I really knew him, I have him the benefit of the doubt. His company does seem genuinely interesting, and perhaps he’d be a good connection. Usually this kind of thinking results in some head-scratching moment as to why I befriended them in the first place (always due to the other’s invite). This case proved no different.

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PR practitioners, here’s a very simple lesson: do not send press releases or mass mailed pitches to journalists you happen to be friends with on social networks. It’s very poor form, an intrusion, and lazy.

I had to blog this one, especially after Jeremy Epstein’s great post last week, “Dont Confuse Access with Permission.” He noted his own reason for “defriendification” on Facebook, and I’ve got one to contribute too. Leer más “Don’t Ever Send Press Releases to “Friends” on Facebook”

The Help In Black & White.

“I was labeled ‘psychologically sick,’ ‘morally senile,’ and was accused of possessing ‘a vile racist imagination,’” Styron recalled in his introduction to the 1994 Modern Library edition of the book. “The major complaint was … how dare a white man write so intimately of the black experience, even presuming to become Nat Turner by speaking in the first person?”

Forty-two years later, “The Help” (2009), a novel narrated, in large part, by African-American maids in the Deep South of the early 1960s, was published. Instead of scorn and enmity, author Kathryn Stockett, who is white, has been greeted with rapturous reviews, spectacular sales and a movie deal.

What’s the difference?

From The Chicago Tribune…

White novelist tackles truths of black life in ‘The Help

Julia Keller
Cultural Critic

The last time a white writer tried to give prolonged fictional voice to the thoughts and emotions of an oppressed black person in a major novel, the result was devastating — not for literature, which gained a profound and powerful novel titled “The Confessions of Nat Turner” (1967), but for the life of William Styron, the man who wrote it. Leer más “The Help In Black & White.”

When fear permeates Adland, it’s hard to do the things you should.

Let’s look at how dread manifests itself in the workplace. Specifically, our workplace. The economy blows; we all know that. Advertising is dying, or so we have been told…a thousand times. Maybe we’ve had a few bad meetings. Maybe the agency lost an account. And there it is: dread. Suddenly, our feet feel not so firmly planted on the ground. The air gets thinner. We begin to worry about our position within the company. Our future. So instead of doing the things we should do (focus and work harder), we become quarrelsome and defensive, pointing fingers, looking for scapegoats. Some of us hide, choosing to isolate. Because we feel things are falling apart we no longer feel a part of things. Sound familiar? Sadly, this is as natural as it is unhealthy. In the midst of fear, we react instead of act. We do what the primitive DNA commands. Fight or flight.

“I don’t know why sometimes I get frightened.”
-Split Enz

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

It’s spring. Time to turn on the fear. Leer más “When fear permeates Adland, it’s hard to do the things you should.”

Build a Business, Not Just a Client List

Or is it?One problem with approaching your work purely in terms of “getting more clients,” is that it means you will always have to get more clients. If you don’t work, you don’t have billable hours, so you don’t get paid. Time off will always feel like money down the drain. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself on a treadmill, unable to get off. Spend too long on the treadmill and you’ll risk burning yourself out.

Another problem is that you will expend all your energy and creative talent on other people’s projects. And what will you have to show for it? At best, a great portfolio, client list, and testimonials. But if you want to keep eating, you’ll need to keep working.

by Mark McGuinness
If you work for yourself, getting more clients is a no-brainer, right? Clients give you work. Work pays the bills. Do good work and you get a testimonial. Do this enough times and you get a great client list… which makes it easier to get more clients in future. It’s a virtuous circle. Leer más “Build a Business, Not Just a Client List”

Ning Alternatives: Guide To The Best Social Networking Platforms And Online Group Services

John McDonald, Vice President of Ning, stated clearly on a post on the Ning blog that his company will make new pricing plans effective only in early summer and provide online community owners “a minimum of 10 weeks to transition.”

If you are a Ning community owner, then you only have a limited time left to evaluate whether to remain on Ning or to select one of the social networking Ning-alternatives available on the web.

There are in fact quite a few social networking platforms and online group services that can be utilized as valid alternatives to Ning as these social networking platforms do generally replicate the key basic functionalities offered by Ning-based communities; and they also come in all flavors: free, paid and open-source.

On May, 4th 2010, Ning, one of the most popular social networking platforms on the web, is phasing out its free service. All free online communities will either be converted into premium online groups or discontinued altogether. As a consequence of the subsequent growing demand for Ning alternatives, this MasterNewMedia guide wants to provide a comprehensive list of other social networking platforms and online group services that can be used as replacements to the Ning community service.

ning_alternatives_create_online_group_social_network_guide_id6935051_size485.jpg Leer más “Ning Alternatives: Guide To The Best Social Networking Platforms And Online Group Services”

11 Top CSS Editors Reviewed

By Alvaris Falcon

Back to the time when the look of a website must be defined inside the HTML, web designer experienced the nightmare like coding each <font> tag in every single web page. Thus, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) comes to bring the salvation to lost web designer. It allows you to define your website’s appearance with just one single external file, which saves a pretty lot of your work and make your code management easier than never before.

css editors Leer más “11 Top CSS Editors Reviewed”

The latest posts from YOROKOBU

Un cómic para concienciar a los jóvenes

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‘Es ahora o nunca’. Es el título de un cómic que pretende concienciar a los jóvenes  ante uno de los problemas ambientales más graves: la inminente desaparición de algunas de las especies animales más emblemáticas del planeta. En realidad es el lema de la campaña de WWF que, en forma de cómic, ha creado Leo Burnett. Leer más “The latest posts from YOROKOBU”

Your Web App has Launched – Now What?

Number of users, times value of plans equals revenue. Right? So all you need are more users and you’ll have more money. It’s simple, and that’s the problem with it. Saying “we need to increase users or “we need to increase our revenue per user” reduces you to the sleazy, pin-stripe consultant who chirps in with truisms like “guys, we need to move forward”, and “let’s aim for our deadlines”.

This simplistic way of looking at your application leaves you with no next step. There is no lever called “more users”. There is no obvious next step associated with “increase value”.

By Des Traynor

Editors Note: In his first article for Think Vitamin, Des Traynor – UX Lead at Dublin based Contrast, outlines some extremely useful post launch strategies for ensuring the success of your web app. You can hear Des share more development stories at Future of Web Apps Dublin 2010.

Budget for Further Development

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