5 Dazzling 3D Ads On Magazines

Ever since the movie blockbuster Avatar hit the theatres back in December last year, it seems like 3D is now being applied to almost everywhere else; especially on print media such as magazines. In the age of Internet, moreover with the rapid popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, magazines are having a hard time to sustain their readership and purchase levels.

Because of the above, readership has declined and as a result, advertisers are slashing their budget on print media. However, to stay on top of the game, one needs to offer something creative, fresh and original; which is what TopGear did, with their 3D magazine edition for the month of April.

On top of increased readership and purchase behaviours, they managed to convince advertisers to convert their ads into the third dimension. Along with the magazine, a branded red/blue anaglyph glasses made of paper and plastic accompanied it so that it’ll allow visitors to view the stereoscopic content.

Would this be a sustainable model for magazines? My thoughts on it: It’s a novelty for magazines to attract more readership but it wouldn’t last long because as a reader myself, I hate the idea of spotting on an extra pair of glasses, on top of my default glasses, to be able to fully experience the ads in its glorious form. What do you think?

Here are 5 of the ads from the magazine!

Images via Adsoftheworld


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