Facebook Most Searched Amongst The 3 Major Search Engines

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Experian Hitwise recently announced that “Facebook” was the top organic search term in the U.S. during the four weeks ending March 27, 2010 amongst the three major search engines. This means that Facebook related terms accounted the top spot for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

On the other hand, Yahoo! related terms accounted for six spots while MySpace related terms accounted for four of the top 30 search terms across the search engines. Other search terms that were amongst the top 10 searches includes “YouTube”, “Facebook login”, “and Craigslist”and “Yahoo mail”.

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The results are pretty obvious that social media is the current hype amongst marketers and users alike. So if businesses have yet to include social media networking platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and MySpace into your marketing mix, they are probably missing out on a heck lot of potential.

Do keep in mind that the above data represents the organic “search” results from the study, but what about paid search terms? Are they really effective? Experian Hitwise explains that the search term “eBay” was the top amongst the paid category.

There were six other terms that accounted for three spots across the search engines – “Netflix”, “Yellow pages”, “Lowes”, “Home depot”, “Verizon wireless” and “White pages”.

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