Wallpaper: Ant Colonies and Social Networks

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Back with another Capabilities themed post. This time I got antsy.

For the second installment in this series, I’d like to share my thought process behind the AgencyNet.com Capabilities slide of Social Media Marketing. Social Media has transformed the way we communicate. It’s one of the most effective methods of efficiently reaching your online audience. It goes way beyond just strategically placing ads or creating social network accounts for general exposure. Today’s social media has taken us from “show and tell” marketing to infusing brands, lifestyles, and consumer products directly into the fabric of our daily lives and community interactions.

When this topic was delivered to me I instantly visualized a social connection that occurs naturally. Few networks are as flawlessly connected as the small but intricate as the typical ant colony. Just as the digital landscape usually does, ants create networks for the betterment and expansion of the community. As they expand their community reach, they also collect and incorporate resources of interest that can assist with the growth of the community. Efficient little buggers, they are…

The visual that I created for this topic displays a community of ants gathering items that positively enhance the world of social media — tools such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are portrayed. The composition illustrates the parallel between the ants and your average consumer.  The fact is that the consumers willingly adopt and carry any item (read: brand) that either enhances their lifestyle or allows them to reach others more effectively and efficiently, thus expanding their personal community and the online community as a whole. And, like our “little friends,” our social networks are continuously moving towards growth and creating connections, 24/7.

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