Get Fast Access To All Your Google Tools In Chrome With MyShortcuts

The main reason for me to shift from Firefox to Chrome was the speed and performance it was offering me. At first it really didn’t had any extensions and I was not able to improve my work productivity but as soon as the extensions hit the market I was one of the many people I know who migrated from Firefox to Chrome.

I had been doing my research on some of the Google extensions and stumbled upon a super add-on known as “My Shortcuts” which grabbed my attention and after testing it I can easily say it is the best Chrome extension I have ever used to handle Google tasks. It allows you to access your favorite Google application with just a click of a button.

To get started with My Shortcuts click here and then click “Install”.

My Shortcuts

This will add a new icon on right top hand side of the browser.


By clicking this icon you will see a drop down menu with all the tasks you can perform such as New Email, Google Contacts, New Doc and much more with just a click of a button. Here is how this drop down menu looks

Drop Down Menu

Now for example if I want to manage my Google contacts, all I will need to do is click on Google Contacts. This will open a new page where I can easily manage my contacts…

Google Contacts

Similarly sending a new email is just a click away. As soon as I clicked “New Email” it opened a new page where I can write/send my email.

New Email

I would personally recommend my readers to get this extension because it really is a time saver and promises to improve your productivity.

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