Infographic: Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft

The tech industry has never been so hotly contested until this decade. A triple-threat match between Apple, Google and Microsoft to be the top dog in the industry has emerged. The battle of epic proportions has already begun. The industry is the board; the companies are the pieces; where you put your money on is the decisive factor.

Come to think of it, Google, in just over 10 years has become arguably one of the most important companies on the Web right now; spreading to anything the Internet touches with blazing speed. From the web and search to books, mobile phones and operating systems; it’s only a matter of time until Google covers the remaining gaps.

So really, what’s at stake? The future is. Microsoft wants computing to be tied to the desktop, Apple’s all about closed information appliances tied with third-party applications and Google wants everything from them leading to the Internet. Are you ready?

Here’s a fantastic infographic created by Shane Snow to reiterate the ongoing war between the three tech giants.

Online Media Gazette

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Online Media Gazette / The latest news…

6.8% Of All Business Internet Traffic Goes To Facebook

Google New Logo For YouTube :)
Image by dannysullivan via Flickr

An interesting report, conducted by the Network Box, has revealed some interesting stats about our beloved Internet. It was concluded that more business traffic goes to Facebook than to any other Internet site. Analysis of 13 billion URLs used by businesses in the first quarter of 2010 show that 6.8% of all business Internet traffic goes to Facebook; an increase of 1% since the last quarter of 2009.

Google on the other hand, attracted 3.4% of all traffic, followed by Yimg (Yahoo!’s image server) with 2.8%, Yahoo with 2.4% and DoubleClick with 1.7% of all traffic. In the bandwidth category, YouTube choked up 10% of all bandwith, Facebook used 4.5% of it, Windows Update used 3.3%, Yimg used 2.7% and Google using only about 2.5%.

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ReadWriteWeb / The latest news (20/04/2010)

Maponics Releases “Ultra-local” Data Internationally

Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick

The neighborhood boundary data provider used by Google, Twitter, EveryBlock, CitySearch and other companies has expanded to include top cities in South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Norwich, Vermont based Maponics says it now also offers deeper coverage for leading US and Canadian markets, with new neighborhoods in 100 cities.

Maponics says it is the first service to provide neighborhood boundaries on every populated continent on earth.

The company uses a combination of proprietary algorithmic and manual methods to determine where a neighborhood begins and ends; boundaries are updated quarterly. The data becomes most exciting when it’s cross-referenced with other data sets. Twitter users, for example, will now be able to geotag and view Tweets by neighborhood in countries all over the world.

If you’re interested in learning more about Maponics, its sector and its relationship with Twitter, check out the excellent podcast interview DirectionsMag did with CEO Darrin Clement two weeks ago.

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