10 Good Reads on Innovation #16 | 15inno

Here comes a list of 10 reads on innovation that I have enjoyed in the last week or so. I hope you will enjoy this as well. You can follow me on Twitter: @lindegaard

• How Personality Shapes Your Network by John Steen http://bit.ly/cx0jSz

• How You Define a Problem Determines if You Can Solve It by Tim Kastelle http://bit.ly/am7FG8

• Was I Better Today than Yesterday? by Tim Kastelle http://bit.ly/bCMEJ8

• Thinking About Open Design by Harwood / Simoes-Brown http://bit.ly/9lI8nL

• The Four Currents of a Culture of Innovation by Mitch Ditkoff http://bit.ly/cUCLGL

• The Delicate Art of Unauthorized Innovation by Michael Schrage http://bit.ly/bBQN37 – comps must innovate on innovation

• Enemy inside the Gate – The Biggest Barrier to Innovation in the Middle East by Kamal Hassan http://bit.ly/baE17K

• Customer Loyalty is Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage by Matt Heinz http://bit.ly/aiCBwB

• Avoiding Innovation Chaos inside Companies by Hutch Carpenter http://bit.ly/aZanJo

• 10 Ways to Achieve Growth Through Innovation by Adi Alon / Accenture http://bit.ly/aTygVK


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