The Worlds Greatest Top 10 Graphic Designers

Top 10 Graphic Designers

Here it is the best of the best. Some of the most influential and inspiring people of all time, the list of Graphic Designers that have really inspired and influenced us all. These people are not in any particular order because whos to say one is better then the other but the reality is these people will always be known as the greatest of their time.


Saul bass has a very unique style of designing. With a lovley handmade feel to his typography, illustations and layouts Saul’s work creates a masterpiece. Everything about his work is natural, tactile and, above all, unique.

Josef Müller-Brockmann

Josef Muller-Brockmann’s work plays a major influence around the globe with his work inspiring layouts and designs in todays enviroments. His work of passion and desire for visual structure reflected in all his work and especially his book, Grid Systems in Graphic Design, is a masterpiece of form and function in graphic design. He was one of the first designers to use the iconic Helvetica or otherwise known as Neue Haas Grotesk.

British graphic designer Allan Flethcer passed away in 2006, but his legend lives on. His iconic design for the V&A logo is still used today. It’s a beautiful piece of typography that I can stare at for hours (well, maybe not that long, but you get my point). His work was so varied and he was one of the leading designers who used the “found” principle of finding nice things and putting them in his designs. Any designer can learn a lot from Alan Fletcher and his work.

The IBM logo has been with us for years. It has become one of the world’s best known companies. The man behind it was Paul Rand, my favourite American graphic designer. His work (in particular, his typography) is a superb example of graphic design from the days when we didn’t have computers and things were a good deal harder.

David Carson

Considered to be a rule breaker in regards to typography, grids and layout. His playful attitude in design go hand in hand for his unique ability to create a pleasing mess to the eye. I find him inspiring and a real ambassador of experimental typography and design. His work continues to be a series of subjective thoughts and driven by intuition, with an emphasis on reading material before designing it, and experimenting with ways to communicate in a variety of mediums. Carson remains a hands on designer, keeping his studio small and mobile.

Ken Cato

An Australian designer with an international reputation, I first saw Ken Cato in an AGDA lecture and was told that his lecture was going to be self absorbed and boy were they wrong his work and philosphy on design was in fact the opposite. Sharing with us the impacts and benefits that occur wehn we teach and share with young people who want to be apart of the industry. His philosophy of design is dynamically holistic, providing the synergistic solutions that produce positive results.

Si Scott
British typographher, illustrator and designer Si Scott is the master of a gorgeous art nouveau, swirly and intricate typography. His work unbelievably enough is all drawn by hand with fine liners. Si scott’s has taken his whorls and flourishes and molded them into a series of striking sea creatures for his Infectious art. He imagines them bubbling across your laptop and walls and down the side of a car, like a moving aquarium. He has worked with some of the biggest clients by adding his artisic and creative approach to thier products.

Vince Frost
Frost Design is well respected in international design circles, having won many awards and attracting big name clients. Billing itself as an ‘ideas studio’ with an interdisciplinary approach, Frost Design was founded in London in 1993 by the Canadian-born Frost and relocated to Sydney in 2003. He is known for his experimental typography skills and impressive portfolio.

Stefan Sagmeister

Sagmeister’s personal approach to his work has always been of interest to me. His famous self-promotion AIGA exhbition poster made up of entirely of a photograph of text cut into his skin. It’s visually shocking, but does just what is needed for a poster to do, it catches the eye.

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