Open Innovation Happens Everywhere

by Stefan Lindegaard

I recently attended a town hall meeting held by General Mill’s open innovation team. It was – another – interesting example on how General Mills works to develop their open innovation capabilities.

The idea is quite simple. Travel to relevant locations and meet with companies, start-ups, institutions and others being potential innovation partners with General Mills.

The meetings last a couple of hours in which Generals Mills presents their worldwide innovation network (G-WIN), explain how they approach open innovation and the benefits of partnering with General Mills as well as a list of innovation opportunities (project briefs) that General Mills is actively pursuing.

I met Michael Antinone and Mike Helser from General Mills at their meeting in Copenhagen and they were so kind to allow me to share their presentation with our community. Check this link: Scandinavia Town Hall GWIN Presentation v2

You should also listen to this interview in which Antinone explains more about their town hall meetings and what they expect to get out of their efforts. You can also find it at YouTube: Innovation Happens Everywhere

See video:

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