Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing Initiatives from Daimler

Germany-based Daimler, one of the biggest producers of premium cars – including Mercedes-Benz – and the world’s biggest producer of commercial vehicles has begun sniffing at open innovation.

Daimler’s “Open Innovation Network” is an initiative to allow their own employees as well as selected external partners to contribute with creative ideas that can lead to new products, services or technologies.

As it is still external, I cannot provide a link for this, but let us hope Daimler opens up even more. You can read more about the initiative in this German-language article.

Daimler also has a Business Innovation Community, a Web 2.0 platform on the Daimler intranet. Employees can post their ideas here – and their colleagues from other departments and regions can comment on them, rate them and further develop them. This initiative has generated more than 1200 ideas and one recent outcome was the Style Your Smart design contest.

There are many such contests and I tend to categorize them more like marketing gimmicks than open innovation, but it is a step in the right direction and such steps help change the overall culture.

Getting 50,000 ideas from more than 100 countries should also keep the marketing guys happy and turn them into a supporter of more open innovation-like initiatives…

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