Not that we ever tire of covering the most lavishly integrated campaigns spread across multiple touch points here at Contagious, it’s just that sometimes, it’s nice to be dealt an unbranded distraction – especially at 3pm on a Friday afternoon. It was with disproportionate glee, therefore, that we began playing with – a glorious waste of time that could best be described as the Ronseal Quick Drying Woodstain of viral websites… (non UK-readers see link below for reference).

By visiting the site, users can input their own 48-character message which is then made ‘big-ass’ with its own URL for sharing with friends/victims/loved ones. There are four different display themes to choose from: Basic, Magic (the magic being that the flashing screen will trigger a seizure if you stare at it for too long), Pepsi (in which certain letters are substituted for the brand’s infamously revised logo) and Jeopardy (think the typeface used in the iconic gameshow).

As perhaps one should discover such a website, we were sent our own bigassmessage (the contents of which can’t be repeated here – thanks to Chris of However, much to our delight, it turns out that the bare-bones homepage also contains a ‘?’ button for press enquiries. It was here that Contagious was called out: ‘If you write for some kind of media outlet and want access to the live tracking of visitors to, just send me an email and I will give you a guest login. How about it Contagious?’

Never ones to shy from such a name check, we did just this and indeed, now have access to these figures… would it surprise you that they are rather impressive? Since it launched on March 4th, the site has received an average of 44,000 views each day (ignoring the first small number of users on the launch day) and has so far amassed over 500,000 views in less than two weeks.

Props to Björn Johansson (formerly of farfar, Stockholm and now at Ogilvy, New York) who created the site. Be sure to head over to the homepage of creative collective Bjernie’s Fast Food to check out more of his deviant side projects.

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