10 Good Reads on Innovation #14


Stefan Lindegaard

Here comes a list of 10 reads on innovation that I have enjoyed this week. I hope you will enjoy this as well. You can follow me on Twitter: @lindegaard

Connecting is the Fundamental Creative Act in Innovation by Tim Kastelle http://bit.ly/cJ8r17

Top 11 Ways to Implement a Culture of Innovation by Geoff Zoeckler http://bit.ly/9DwXYf

Four Steps to Intrapreneurship (And How to Think About the Fifth) by K. Koch, K.P. Speidel http://bit.ly/c6ju8E

Protecting IP in Collaborative Research by Zerby / Slowinski http://bit.ly/93hhqP – predictable pitfalls

25 Stretch Goals for Management by Gary Hamel http://bit.ly/c8c4fA

Why Venture Capitalists Avoid Innovation: They Like Making Money by Andy Singleton http://bit.ly/d1wpH8

Google Team Offers Lessons on Innovation, Project Management by Steve Myers http://bit.ly/cTRjM3

What’s Stopping Innovation? by Scott Anthony http://ow.ly/1iU6E – more great thoughts from Scott

Are You Prepared to Lose Control of the Idea? by Glen Stansberry http://ow.ly/1qrbAL

Adopt, Adapt, Improve and Innovate by Paul Sloane http://bit.ly/9n3n2e


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