Don’t Let Your Resume Lose Its Luster

How to Use Social Media to Keep Your Resume and Portfolio Up-to-Date

Posted by Adrienne Waldo

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Adrienne Waldo
Adrienne Waldo

One of the most daunting tasks when getting ready to look for a new job is digging out the old resume, dusting it off and attempting to polish it back to its former glory. I recommend saving yourself the time and trouble by using social media to keep it forever shiny.

When you’re happy at your job it’s almost impossible to remember to go back and update your resume every time you get assigned a new responsibility or complete a big project or learn a new skill. Why? Because nobody’s going to see it, at least not any time soon. You’re likely to forget about valuable experiences if you’re rushing to update your resume several years after an experience took place.

That’s where social media can help.

There are countless online resume sites like Visual CV (which is perhaps the best), but these don’t quite do it for me. I’m a LinkedIn girl myself. I like the social aspect of it. When I update my profile, my entire network of business connections knows what I’m up to, which gives me a huge incentive to keep my profile (a.k.a. my resume) up-to-date.

I also have a CarbonMade online portfolio, which I’m not as good about updating – probably because it’s not social, and also because I’m not a graphic designer. If I were a graphic designer, I would start a design blog. I’ve come across several of these, and I think they’re a phenomenal way to get your work out there and keep your portfolio fresh at the same time.

I’ll be the first to admit that these may not be groundbreaking concepts – I just hope this serves as an important reminder to keep your resume and/or portfolio ready for whatever opportunities happen to come your way.

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