¿Serán los bidis las nuevas tarjetas de visita?


¿Recuerdan cuando encontrar a alguien era una cuestión de un teléfono y una dirección postal? Eso lo metía cualquiera en una tarjeta de visita. Pero ahora ¿quién es el guapo que da su mail, su Facebook, su Twitter, su LinkedIn, su WhatsApp, su Foursquare, su Flick, su blog, su fijo, su móvil, su canal de YouTube, su foto pocoyizada… en una cartulina de 85×50 milímetros?

Las radiografías de identidad son cada vez más finas. Mirar una tarjeta y leer que alguien es “director” de una empresa y ver al lado un teléfono y un mail empieza a ser muy triste. Eso y nada es casi lo mismo. Nos hemos acostumbrado al escaparate y si queremos saber quién es alguien, necesitamos saber cómo habla con sus amigos y olfatear un poco entre sus fotos.

Y como todo esto no cabe en una tarjeta de visita de las del siglo XX, pues se ha tenido que meter en una tarjeta que guarda todos los datos en un código QR. Uno llega después con su smartphone, descifra la información con su lector de bidi y ahí tiene para un ratito viendo quién y qué hace el dueño de ese QR.

La organización del South by Southwest (SXSW), que se celebra ahora en Austin (Texas), ha incluido en la acreditación del festival un código QR donde están los datos de contacto de cada persona. La información recogida en el evento se puede descargar posteriormente en las agendas digitales de los asistentes.

gina Leer más “¿Serán los bidis las nuevas tarjetas de visita?”

Microsoft Slams Google’s Ad Practices

– Brian Morrissey, Adweek
Microsoft used a speaking slot provided by the Association of National Advertisers to open a broad assault on rival Google, accusing the Web giant of using its market clout to the detriment of advertisers.

Microsoft deputy general counsel Mary Snapp laid out her company’s case to advertisers gathered in Washington, D.C., today for the ANA Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference, which Microsoft sponsored. Ironically, Microsoft based its criticisms on Google’s size in the market, mirroring charges leveled against the software firm in the 1990s.

Snapp said marketers should demand that Google allow them to take advertising data out of AdWords for use in other ad tools. She also decried Google’s policy that lets competitors bid on a brand’s search terms, saying it drives up prices. Microsoft only sells search ads on brand terms to companies that own those terms.

“Google, of course, benefits handsomely from this policy by collecting lots of money from the investments that you and other companies have made in their brands,” she said in her prepared remarks.

Microsoft and Google are locked in a battle over the lucrative search advertising market, with Microsoft trailing far behind. The companies have sparred regularly over which is abusing its power. Google suspects that Microsoft will use its operating system and browser market power to steer users to its search engine. Microsoft sees Google’s stronghold in online advertising as detrimental to competition.

“We realize that, given the state of the market, few of you can afford to give up using Google because of these restrictions,” Snapp told advertisers at the conference. “But that doesn’t mean you should have to accept them either. And the fact that Google has might, does not make it right.”

Google representative Adam Kovacevich painted the attack as part of a broader Microsoft effort to combat Google using legal maneuvers. He pointed to a recent Wall Street Journal article that found Microsoft behind an unusual antitrust claim filed in Ohio by a small Web advertiser.

“In light of recent revelations, we’re not surprised by these comments,” he said. “But we work hard to compete fair and square, and our policies are intended to provide users with the most relevant results possible and give advertisers the best possible return on their investment.” Leer más “Microsoft Slams Google’s Ad Practices”

Don’t Let Your Resume Lose Its Luster

How to Use Social Media to Keep Your Resume and Portfolio Up-to-Date

Posted by Adrienne Waldo

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Adrienne Waldo
Adrienne Waldo

One of the most daunting tasks when getting ready to look for a new job is digging out the old resume, dusting it off and attempting to polish it back to its former glory. I recommend saving yourself the time and trouble by using social media to keep it forever shiny.

When you’re happy at your job it’s almost impossible to remember to go back and update your resume every time you get assigned a new responsibility or complete a big project or learn a new skill. Why? Because nobody’s going to see it, at least not any time soon. You’re likely to forget about valuable experiences if you’re rushing to update your resume several years after an experience took place. Leer más “Don’t Let Your Resume Lose Its Luster”

No Job-Seeker Left Behind

Help Your Peers Land That Next Opportunity

Posted by Carly Rullman

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Carly  Rullman
Carly Rullman

It all started when I got an e-mail from a college friend asking if I knew of anyone looking for a position in public relations. At the time, her place of work was looking for someone who wanted hands-on experience and was ready to take their PR department by the horns. Now, if this e-mail had been sent eight months ago when I, myself, was looking for a job, I would have been ecstatic at the thought of being interviewed. Fortunately now, I have a job, where I am very happy, so this did not pertain to me — but, that didn’t mean the e-mail went to my trash.

Right away I forwarded the e-mail to a couple people: One of my friends who was in my college PR program and a former intern who worked for one of my clients. Not a hard, time-consuming task at all, and I was more than happy to do so.

Three weeks after that e-mail was sent, I have learned that my PR friend is going to be interviewed at that particular place of work. I am simply thrilled for her and so is she.

This simple act of helping out a friend or even someone only met through the working world continued on Twitter. In the past month, I have seen three posts on my Twitter stream about job openings. One was for an account executive at a popular magazine in town, one was for an e-mail marketing position (via fellow GenNext blogger, @adriennewaldo), and the other was for a job in account service. I simply re-tweeted these mentions to get a direct message that said: “Hey, thanks for the post about X job. I am sending my resume now!” I replied with nothing other than, “You are so welcome. I know what it’s like to be in a tough job market!” Leer más “No Job-Seeker Left Behind”

12 Cool USB Flash Drives

by Nora Vega

Wooden USB Oooms

These sticks from OOOMS are made to stand out from their natural environment of computers and offices. The sticks are picked from the woods and are individually selected for their natural beauty, and then professionally handmade into unique and personal USB memory sticks. (Link)

USB Flash Drive Fingers

USB Flash Drive Fingers are both cool and creepy. These things are very realistic in appearance and feel. They even have finger prints. Now, you can finally give that geek in your life “The Finger”. (Link)

Gold with Diamond USB Flash Drive

U3 Israeli Jewellery shop have brought out a limited edition of its handmade solid gold 14k USB Flash drive, which is touted to be the most expensive USB Flash drive on the planet. In addition to the gold, this dazzling Flash drive also has some glittering diamonds on it. Bling aside, this 4GB drive comes with U3 platform along with its apps. An amber LED underneath the drive glows magnificently through the diamonds covering it. The price is $2,000. (Link)

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In Defense of a Limited Online Presence

Why I Stopped Tweeting

Posted by Alex Kniess

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Alex Kniess
Alex Kniess

I’ve never been great at sharing a constant stream of fresh content online. I have a personal blog that’s been updated a handful of times in the last year (maybe longer, I don’t even remember). I don’t have a Del.icio.us page nor do I Digg things. I probably have dozens of online accounts that haven’t been updated in years. And if you look at my Twitter page you’ll see tweets from the beginning of December.

Ask any “social-media expert” and they would probably tell you I’m doing it all wrong. And maybe I am. But I can’t help but check my Twitter feed every few days and see the majority of those I’m following doing nothing but retweeting each other or posting links to other people’s opinion. Sharing is caring and I love to learn new things, but I’ve come to a breaking point. It seems like the majority of the content I subscribe to is repurposed and watered down. There is so much noise out there that it’s hard for me to find the source. Where are the original ideas coming from? Leer más “In Defense of a Limited Online Presence”

Tiger Woods’ Pitchman Days Are Far From Over, Study Says

Research Finds Scandal Had Little Impact on Brands Golfer Endorsed

By Jack Neff

MILFORD, Ohio (AdAge.com) — F. Scott Fitzgerald may have said, “There are no second acts in American lives,” but when it comes to Tiger Woods‘ career as a commercial endorser, data suggest the author may be way off base.

The Study shows Tiger Woods did major damage to his own brand with  the scandal, but most of the brands he endorsed escaped relatively  untarnished.
The Study shows Tiger Woods did major damage to his own brand with the scandal, but most of the brands he endorsed escaped relatively untarnished.

Research compiled and conducted by WPP’s TNS indicates Mr. Woods did major damage to his own brand with his series of well-publicized extramarital affairs, but also indicates that most of the brands he endorsed escaped relatively untarnished.

The research indicates that despite months of unremitting negative publicity, Mr. Woods remains one of the most popular athletes in the U.S. — still neck-and-neck with Peyton Manning and Brett Favre — and easily the most popular golfer, continuing to beat Phil Mickelson by a three-to-one margin (albeit down from his margin of five to one prior to January).

That should come as good news to Mr. Woods, who will return to professional golf at the Master’s next month. The major caveat, of course, is that all of Mr. Woods’ popularity derives from his athletic prowess, so to become a bankable commodity once more means he’s got to win. Leer más “Tiger Woods’ Pitchman Days Are Far From Over, Study Says”

‘Breathe Social’: The New Rules of Relationship Management

Written by Audrey Watters

altimeter logoDespite the proverbial “the customer is always right,” the relationship between the customer and the company has long been organized for the benefit of the latter. But the ability for companies to completely control this relationship has disappeared.

Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management, a report from the Altimeter Group released earlier this month, serves to help companies and organizations understand the changing territory. The report offers a thorough framework with which companies can strategize their adoption of social CRM projects.

Based on research with companies who have pioneered an embrace of social technologies for relationship management, the report lists 18 use cases that serve as entry points for social CRM efforts. These include social customer insights (tracking customers’ preferences via social media sites like Facebook), rapid social marketing response (defending the brand in real-time), and crowdsourced R&D (eliciting real-time feedback to enhance innovation).

socialcrm.jpg Leer más “‘Breathe Social’: The New Rules of Relationship Management”

TEDxBuenosAires: Mensaje sobre la asignación de acreditaciones

TEDxBuenosAires es un proyecto voluntario sin fines de lucro, hecho por un grupo de personas que creemos que difundir ideas y elevar el nivel de la discusión puede ayudar a construir una Argentina mejor.

Uno de los elementos clave para el éxito del proyecto era seleccionar a un grupo de oradores que cubra muchos campos diferentes del conocimiento humano. Para eso trabajamos desde hace meses recibiendo cientos de propuestas de posibles oradores, seleccionando un grupo de charlas de gente talentosa y diversa.

La otra clave pasaba por la diversidad de la audiencia: lograr llegar con la convocatoria a los diferentes sectores y regiones de nuestro país. Queríamos que al evento viniera gente joven y grande, de Buenos Aires y del Interior, del mundo de los negocios, de la ciencia, del arte. Queríamos llegar a científicos, docentes, médicos, emprendedores, políticos, artistas, líderes sociales, investigadores…

Para lograr ese nivel de diversidad tomamos una primera decisión trascendente: que TEDxBuenosAires sea un evento gratuito. Pese a que TED en Estados Unidos es un evento pago (y bastante caro!), decidimos que nuestro TEDx fuera gratuito para que el tema monetario no fuera un impedimento para que alguien participe. Eso aumentaba mucho la presión sobre el equipo para conseguir sponsors y recaudar los fondos necesarios, pero no queríamos que nadie se quedara afuera por no poder pagar la entrada.

La otra decisión importante era cómo definir quiénes vendrían. Nos planteamos hacer un evento muy ambicioso: 1000 personas. Pero la respuesta de gente que se anotó fue tal que salimos a conseguir más recursos de donantes para subir ese techo en 300 lugares más. Eso nos convirtió en el TEDx más grande que se haya hecho hasta el momento en el mundo.

Aún así, debimos definir qué criterio usar para definir quiénes asistirían si, como sucedió, la cantidad de pre-registrados superaba la capacidad total.

Para eso, analizamos tres opciones: Leer más “TEDxBuenosAires: Mensaje sobre la asignación de acreditaciones”

Tired Of Photoshop’s Complexity? Try These Free And Easy Apps For Your Photos

By Muhammad Faisal

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If you are tired of Photoshop and its millions of hardly use features? then try these. There must be something simple, light-weight, quick and easy photo-editing tools which also does not cost anything to use. So, luckily there are tons of web-based photo editors available. Well most are crap, but some are useful and attractive. Check out the totally free web-based Photoshop alternatives. I am sure you will be at least thankful to me or may be I will learn something more from you.

So, this post is for those who are a “confuse dot com” while using Photoshop. But yes if you are a professional graphics/art designer then yes Photoshop is for you.

You are welcome if you want to share more free and easy apps for your photos which our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at SmashingApps.com just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter and do not forget to become our fan on facebook as well.

Photoshop Express


This is the gorgeous app made by Adobe and its has more features than any other free photo editing app. What I like the most about it? It gives us a free 2GB of space, so you can store lots of images there as well. Unlike the real Photoshop, this web version has no ability to layer or composite images.



This free and fast app makes our photos looks stunning with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. It fixes your photos in just one click, you can fine tune, corp, re size, rotate your images very quickly right in your browser and there are tons of special artistic effects to fun. It works on MAC, Windows and Linux. It also work with most commonly used browsers as well. So no download for it and nothing to install just go upload your picture and have fun. Leer más “Tired Of Photoshop’s Complexity? Try These Free And Easy Apps For Your Photos”

4 extensiones de Chrome para los servicios de Google

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La posibilidad de instalar extensiones en Google Chrome ha aumentado exponencialmente las funcionalidades de este navegador.  Hoy publicamos 4 extensiones ideales para aquellos usuarios que disfrutan de algunos de los servicios más famosos de Google habitualmente.

extensiones chrome 4 extensiones de Chrome para los servicios de  Google

Google Mail Checker Plus

extensiones chrome gmail 100x100 4 extensiones de Chrome para los  servicios de GoogleLa primera extensión está enfocada a Gmail. Esta extensión te muestra el número de correos electrónicos pendientes de leer. Permite mostrar notificaciones de escritorio flotantes cada vez que te llegue un mensaje nuevo a la bandeja de entrada y reproducir un sonido.

En las opciones puedes indicar que utilice siempre conexión segura para conectarse, cambiar el tiempo de actualización, la apariencia del icono o el idioma.

Además pulsado sobre el icono te muestra una visualización previa de los mensajes con las opciones para responder, marcarlo como leído, spam o eliminar.

https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/gffjhibehnempbkeheiccaincokdjbfe Leer más “4 extensiones de Chrome para los servicios de Google”

Facebook > Google

Last week, Facebook ended a year of remarkable growth by overtaking Google’s popularity among US internet users. Last week’s industry data shows Facebook scored more visits on its home page than the search engine’s homepage.

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Powerkiss’s technology consists of two parts: a charging transmitter that gets integrated

That mobile phone charging is a universal nuisance is underscored by all the many efforts we’ve seen to alleviate the pain, including harnessing the wind, the sun, bicycles, dancers and foot pumps to make it easier. With similar intentions, Finnish Powerkiss has developed an approach that imbues everyday furniture with wireless charging capabilities. Leer más “Powerkiss’s technology consists of two parts: a charging transmitter that gets integrated”

Polémica “portada” del LA Times

El diario publica un anuncio de “Alicia en el país de las maravillas”, a modo de portada, que consigue un gran repercusión mediática.

El pasado viernes 12 de marzo el LA Times tuvo la enorme osadía de publicar un gigantesco anuncio de la película “Alicia en el país de las maravillas” que simulaba ser la portada del diario. El desconcierto, tanto por parte de los lectores como de los propios profesionales de los medios, no se hizo esperar: el intrusismo publicitario no gustó a muchos, mientras que la notoriedad conseguida despertó el entusiasmo de otros. Lo que hemos hecho has sido aplicar a nuestro periódico un concepto normalmente vinculado a los medios digitales”, declaró el portavoz del LA Times… Leer más “Polémica “portada” del LA Times”

Los móviles con realidad aumentada revolucionan el marketing

La tecnología en el campo de la telefonía móvil avanza a pasos agigantados y muchos de esos avances están convirtiendo en realidad situaciones que hasta ahora eran terreno exclusivo de películas de ciencia ficción, como Matrix. Es el caso de los móviles con realidad aumentada, que gracias a sus cámaras con tecnología smartphone permiten dar visibilidad a datos digitales que de otro modo permanecerían ocultos al usuario. Las enormes posibilidades de estos nuevos dispositivos están revolucionando también el mundo del marketing, informa Horizont.

Nils Müller, director gerente del Instituto de Investigación Trend One, asegura que los móviles con realidad aumentada posibilitarán que en el futuro la publicidad sea sustituida por servicios con verdadero valor añadido para el usuario. En tales servicios trabajan ya en la actualidad algunas empresas de desarrollo de software como la alemana Metaio o la austríaca Entwickler Mobilizy.

Hasta ahora los anunciantes se han concentrado únicamente en la función de navegación que integran los móviles con realidad aumentada. Esto ha hecho posible el desarrollo de campañas publicitarias como “Nike True City” y “Bacardi Bar Tour”. Sin embargo, aseguran los expertos, el enorme abanico de posibilidades que los dispositivos móviles con realidad aumentada ofrecen a las empresas desde el punto de vista del marketing está aún por explorar.


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