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When I first was introduced to StumbleUpon by a mutual friend, I knew immediately that this is a fantastic way to discover new websites related to my interest. Just in case you were wondering what that is, here’s a snippet from their about page:

StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites…We deliver high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences.

It’s a well-known fact amongst the blogging community that once your article gets ‘liked’ by many, there’s going to be a humongous wave of traffic directed to your site. How long they stay for would be another issue.

So how do you increase the likelihood of getting your articles stumbled by the masses? Here are 5 tips for you to make the most out of StumbleUpon.

1. The first step to take would be integrating the Stumble It button into every post of yours so that your readers can easily recommend your site to the millions of users who utilize StumbleUpon. This way, it’ll be so much easier for your readers to recommend your site to StumbleUpon. Here’s a link to the plugins for both WordPress and Blogspot users.

2. Instead of just submitting sites to StumbleUpon, you should also add reviews to the site that you’re recommending. In that way, other users will have a feel on the type of site that they stumbled upon.

3. Another important thing to take note would be keywords. It’s vital to input high traffic keywords related to whatever website you’re submitting. You need to choose these words carefully rather than just submitting the top keywords. This will only serve to get a lot of uninterested and untargeted traffic.

4. Sure you can submit and review as many sites as you want but what’s the point? They don’t call StumbleUpon a social bookmarking network to fluff the whole image of it since, that’s what the trend is now. Follow others; make friends with others and be part of the community.

5. Always be sure that the site that you’re submitting is unique, complete and appealing to others because chances are, other users might just give the site you’ve just submitted a thumbs down even if the content is fantastic; burying what you’ve submitted into the oblivion.

Another crucial thing is to never over submit your own content to StumbleUpon because if you’re self-cantered enough to do so, then you’re only limiting the benefits that you can receive from it. However, if you choose to take time to learn how to utilize this site effectively and responsibly, you’ll not only experience better results but your content will be received in a much better light.

Do you use StumbleUpon to promote your content? If so, do share with us how. All feedbacks are greatly appreciated.

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