When The Future is Open and Global…

by Stefan Lindegaard

… we get lots of unanswered questions. I recently read an interview with Gary Hamel in which he raised interesting questions related to his work of transforming management as a discipline. This interview led me to his blog post, 25 Stretch Goals for Management. Great read!

I have decided to look further on the ideas of Hamel and his colleagues through an open innovation perspective and combine this with my belief that the future of innovation – and perhaps business in general – will be open and global.

I got lots of inspiration the last couple of days and I think this will shape many of my future thoughts on open innovation. It would be great to get your perspectives as well… Leer más “When The Future is Open and Global…”

Making an Agency Digital to the Core

Why Digital Natives Are an Essential Ingredient

Posted by Phil Johnson

Phil  Johnson
Phil Johnson

I continue to be fascinated by how agencies change and how extraordinarily hard this can be to accomplish. Regardless of the difficulty, it’s an essential agency survival skill. Great agencies learn how to continually reinvent themselves to the core, while merely good agencies often only change their outward structure. In some ways this pursuit of change, particularly as agencies define their relevance in the digital world, has been the great advertising drama of the last two years.

Hard to believe, but two years ago people were debating the merits between traditional and digital agencies, as if they had to choose between blue states and red states. Jump ahead to today, and most small agencies have carved out their own path. They have found a way to be true to their roots and have also made huge strides in their commitment to digital marketing. Digital vs. traditional no longer seems like a religious war.

PJA Advertising has made this journey along with the rest, and what I’ve learned is that change does not come from one defining choice. You need a commitment from the top. You need to redefine processes and roles. You need to bring in new resources and talent. More than anything, if you want to make changes that go beneath the surface to the core, you need to introduce a foreign agent that will chemically alter the composition of the agency. In our case, we didn’t experience this degree of change until we opened our doors to the new breed of “digital natives” and gave them the freedom to introduce their digital DNA into the agency. Leer más “Making an Agency Digital to the Core”

The First Official Free iPhone Application From Nasa

By Muhammad Faisal

NASA has officially announced the new and final version of NASA app for iPhone. This App allow you to discover a wealth of NASA information right on your iPhone or iPod touch. This App collects, customizes and deliver an extensive selection selecttion of dynamically updated information, images and videos from various online NASA sources in a convenient mobile package.

You can explore alot of information about space and universe, you will have different missions like the mission orbit tracking screen which is available for some missions that are in orbit around the Earth like the International Space Station, shows the current orbit position of a selected spacecraft. We can email the mission description screens and URLs to user from this App.

409480main_missions 397138main_IMG_0092

397213main_IMG_0098 409476main_1-visible-pass Leer más “The First Official Free iPhone Application From Nasa”

Blockbuster Brings New Releases to Android, Windows Mobile Phones

Written by Sarah Perez

Blockbuster is bringing its OnDemand service to both Windows Mobile and Google Android phones, starting March 24th with the launch of the T-Mobile HTC HD2 smartphone. On that device, Blockbuster customers will be able to download and watch new releases directly on their mobile phones while also gaining access to queue management and movie locator tools similar to those found in Blockbuster’s iPhone application.

The company has also confirmed that they’re working on an Android app, which is likely to launch on the “select Motorola phones” Blockbuster previously hinted at when they partnered with the handset manufacturer last summer. Motorola is the maker of several popular Android-powered handsets including the Droid, Backflip, Devour, Cliq and Cliq XT, but Blockbuster won’t yet confirm which of these will be able to utilize the new mobile service.

Focused on Mobile

Although Blockbuster’s annual report to the SEC hints at the company’s financial troubles – troubles exacerbated by competitors like Netflix and the pop-up video rental kiosks from Redbox – the company has clearly not given up its will to compete. With offerings already available for PCs, Samsung Blu-ray players, Samsung TV sets and Tivos, Blockbuster’s strategy going forward is attacking the mobile front with full force. In the works is an updated iPhone application, an Android application (apparently for the Motorola phones, although the company won’t directly confirm this), the Windows Mobile application for the HD2 and the expectation that more carriers and manufacturers will want to partner with them once they see what the company’s mobile apps can do. Leer más “Blockbuster Brings New Releases to Android, Windows Mobile Phones”

Mobile App Marketplace: $17.5 Billion by 2012

Written by Sarah Perez

According to a study commissioned by mobile application store operator GetJar, the mobile application market will reach $17.5 billion by 2012. By then, the number of mobile application downloads will have also grown to nearly 50 billion from just over 7 billion in 2009. Although those numbers may seem high, they line up with other estimates, such as those previously reported by analysts at both Gartner and research2guidance.

The GetJar study, run by independent consulting firm by Chetan Sharma Consulting, noted that over the past year, the number of app stores grew from 8 to 38 and that there are even more in the works. Apple‘s iTunes store leads the way with a reported 150,000 mobile apps and 3 billion downloads to date. Google‘s Android marketplace is growing fast as well, and now has more than 30,000 mobile applications that run on devices like the Droid, the myTouch 3G and the Nexus One, among others.

However, as Getjar founder and chief executive officer Ilja Laurs told the BBC, feature phones should not ignored either. “It is almost as if these phones don’t exist. We know smartphones are an extremely important phenomenon, but in terms of consumer mindshare and revenue share, feature phones represent 90% of the global market compared to 10% for smartphones and data cards.”

He also made the bold prediction that “mobile apps will eclipse the traditional desktop Internet,” even going so far as to say that “mobile devices will kill the desktop.”

getjars-mobile-app-economy-projections.png Leer más “Mobile App Marketplace: $17.5 Billion by 2012”

¿Es negocio un MBA?

El MBA es la alternativa de capacitación preferida por muchas personas que desean mejorar sus aptitudes directivas. Pero, ¿es rentable? Aquí, algunas pautas para calcular el retorno de la inversión…
Por Juan María Segura

El MBA es la alternativa de capacitación más importante que se presenta a las personas que desean mejorar sus aptitudes directivas.

En los Estados Unidos, país pionero y líder indiscutido en la industria de la capacitación de posgrado, la mejora de carrera resultante de dicha capacitación es la motivación principal para realizar un Master en Administración de Empresas, con el 71% de las respuestas positivas.

Para satisfacer ese deseo de progreso, dentro de los criterios de elección del programa se destacan la reputación de la Escuela (85%), la empleabilidad (81%) y el retorno sobre la inversión (80%).

Leer más “¿Es negocio un MBA?”

(jAJAAjE) 67 Unbelievable Creative Ads! Ads Don’t Have To Be Stupid and Boring!

This list of following ads impresses with genius creativity and cleverness. I have to say, the creator of these ads did a tremendous job!

Here are some ads with animals:

Bug funeral

Bug Funeral Ad

Cat Food Ad

Glassex Cleaner Ad

Brandt Refrigerator Ad

Some smart ads with shadows:

Star Wars Shadow Ad

Jeep Shadow Ad

Lego Shadow Ship Ad

Lego Shadow Dinosaurier Ad

Lego Shadow Plane Ad

Lego Shadow Tank Ad

Ads with knifes:

WMF Knife Ad

WMF Knife Ad

Shampoo for strengthening your hair

Shampoo Knife Ad

Some good Sony Ads:

Sony Widescreen Leer más “(jAJAAjE) 67 Unbelievable Creative Ads! Ads Don’t Have To Be Stupid and Boring!”

(NICEEEEE ;) 60 Humorous Print Advertisements to Tickle Your Bones

Written by: Terrance

Everyone needs a little humour in their hectic lives and more often than before, advertisers try to inject some fun into their advertisements. Injecting humour into their advertisements does not necessarily mean that the ads are better than others. However, the smart play on words and careful consideration of the ad’s objectives, target audience and market standards, humour can help the advertisement increase effectiveness and widen its receptiveness.

When using humour as a creative strategy, advertising firms agree that it increase audience attention, at least on the first few exposures to this form of persuasive communication. However, we cannot deny the fact that audiences’ patience has shrunk and their attention span is shorter as compared to the past.

Humorous Print Advertisement

Good design communicates meaning.
Good design communicates effectively.
Good design communicates in a way that words simply cannot.
Good design INTRIGUES.

A good print ad should not be too complex but easily interpreted and understood by its target audience. If you want more humorous advertisements, please check out 40 Creative and Funny Advertisements Using Animals!

60 Creative and Humorous Print Ads

We’ve put together 60 creative and humorous advertisements and hope you enjoy it as much as we did and help you get those creative juices flowing! Can you comprehend and read into their meanings at first glance?


Chase Ancap

The Couple Diadermine Wrinkles Expert

Autofocus Olympus


Bose Headphones

Waterfall Bose Headphone

Affair Che Magazine
Che Leer más “(NICEEEEE 😉 60 Humorous Print Advertisements to Tickle Your Bones”

Marisa Manzano: “Las principales redes sociales no están robando minutos a Messenger”


Los cambios en el panorama televisivo nacional podrían haber ayudado a que el papel de internet como medio publicitario (13%) se equiparase con lo que representa como medio de comunicación (54%). Sin embargo, y aunque el medio no deja de crecer, la crisis no lo ha permitido. Lo dice Marisa Manzano, directora comercial de Microsoft Advertising, en una entrevista en la que también habla de redes sociales, códigos abiertos, inteligencia colectiva o de la planificación en internet, entre otros temas. Leer más “Marisa Manzano: “Las principales redes sociales no están robando minutos a Messenger””

5 Ways to Cause a Revolution in Your Business

by jeremywaite

1. Stop Trying to Make Everything Look Perfect…

“Since when did Marketing become the make it pretty department?” Sylvia Reynolds

Leer más “5 Ways to Cause a Revolution in Your Business”

How your blog can make the world a better place

This is a guest post by Jason Ulsrud, at Forty2Fifty.

I have found myself asking this question a lot lately. Am I providing purpose to the world?
Your blog can effect humanity in one of three ways:

  • Make the world better
  • Not change the world at all
  • Make the world worse

How your blog can make the world a better place

good_world Simply put, provide solutions. Every single person who comes to your blog is there for a reason, even your most avid readers, mom and dad. If you can provide even one person with a solution to their problem, then you’re making the world a better place. However, providing solutions without making money is not good business for a Problogger.

Capitalizing on the solutions you are providing to readers with products and services that will support your purpose or add to your readers lives can take you from hobby blogger to Problogger.

Leer más “How your blog can make the world a better place”

What do Kate Moss, Richard Branson and Blackadder have in common?

What Can Brands Learn From Celebrities?

by jeremywaite

Of all the supermodels, this month’s Vogue cover girl Kate Moss is my favourite. Apart from her effortless style and beauty, I love the way that she has been in the spot light for over 22 years and is still as relevant as ever.  Her ‘brand’  has grown every year, despite the many scandals that beset her rock’n’roll lifestyle and she is now worth over £40m, according to the 2009 Times Rich List.

But what I like best about her is her resilience.  22 years modeling at the highest level takes a HUGE amount of discipline and I love her ability to keep pushing forward creatively with her one asset. Her looks.  She knows what she is good at.  (She hasn’t tried to release a single or launch a range of cup cakes!) And when she had all her problems with drugs and Pete Doherty, she bounced back bigger than ever, even though the media had written her off.  (Something that Tiger Woods and the 2010 class of tarnished of celebrities could learn a lot from).

The way that she handles her image and sticks to her strengths reminded me of the fabulous book ‘The Hedgehog and the Fox’ by Isaiah Berlin. It was famously turned into the Hedgehog Concept by Jim Collins in Good to Great and was the basis for the brilliant Wile E. Coyote story lines.

Written in 1953, The Hedgehog and the Fox highlights the main difference between single-minded success stories like Kate Moss and the many others that we quickly forget. Despite what Garth and Wayne think, Kate Moss is not a fox! You really want to be a hedgehog… Leer más “What do Kate Moss, Richard Branson and Blackadder have in common?”

USAA, Apple Top Net Promoter Scores

– Todd Wasserman
Apple scored high again, but not as high as the USAA and health insurers tumbled in this year’s tabulation of Net Promoter scores.

The scores, compiled by Satmetrix, are based on polling 19,500 U.S. consumers about which brands they would recommend to a friend. Positive recommendations (+100 percent) are averaged with negatives (-100 percent) for a final score.

Just as last year, the overall winner was USAA, an insurer and banker for military personnel. John Abraham, general manager of Net Promoter programs at Satmetrix, said that USAA has a “unique recipe of really great service and innovation.” Such innovations include compensating users for using ATM fees (USAA doesn’t have its own ATMs) and the ability to cash a check electronically.

USAA, which scored 78 percent and 69 percent in the auto and homeowners insurance categories, respectively, was a standout in the segment. The USAA’s biggest competitor in homeowners insurance is Geico with 41 percent. In health insurance, scores were generally abysmal. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois was the only brand with a positive score while Cigna had a score of -28 percent the lowest of any brand.

On the upside, Trader Joe’s and Wegmans broke into the top 10, largely because Satmetrix didn’t survey retail brands the previous year. Apple had a strong showing, though Abraham said AT&T’s 9 percent score may have a dragging effect on the brand since it is Apple’s exclusive telecom partner for the iPhone. Leer más “USAA, Apple Top Net Promoter Scores”

30+ Business Card Design Ideas That Will Get Everyone Talking

Written by: Charlotte

Business cards; don’t leave home without it. Business cards are a means of passing on your contact details to potential partners or customers. It is a traditional tool of the trade that cannot be overlooked despite how small and insignificant it might appear to be.

More than just pieces of paper with a person’s contact details, business cards have become mandatory if one would like to create a foothold in the corporate world. Business cards today are not used solely for the purpose of exchanging contact details. They are also used as a marketing tool. It is an advertisement for the company listed on the card, and is a reminder to the recipient of the card what the company can offer as well as who they can contact for whatever purpose.

30+ Business Card Design Ideas That Will Get Everyone Talking

Business cards have been an integral part of trading, but in more recent times, business cards have transcended its basic role and become a tool in sophisticated marketing as well.

Faceless Tool of First Impressions

Your business card is a faceless but very important tool that helps you form a crucial first impression on whoever you are trying to impress. It is this very reason that one must take great care when considering the design, layout, size and even shape of your business card.

Information given on the business card is fundamental and the importance of its clarity is a given. However, also consider the type of paper stock used, the design on the card, and the colors of the ink etcetera. ‘Boring’ is not a good first impression you want to make. Avoid being mundane. Think outside the box, or in this case, think outside the standard card template. Bear in mind that to stand out and give yourself an edge from the competition, you have to start with your business card.

The World Beneath the Feet of Networking

Networking is of the utmost importance to a freelancer. When you distribute your business cards, there is a chance that recipients of your card might pass it on to other potential clients. Consider your business card as an investment in mobile promotion and advertisement for who you are, what you do, as well as a glimpse of your creativity can achieve. Turn your business card into a 3-in-1 networking tool; contact details factsheet, advertisement, and mini-portfolio.

30+ Innovative Cards

Here are some innovative business cards that might give you a creative boost and spur you to pay more attention to your own business card and the cards others give you.





Koji Sueyoshi






Blooming Card

Blooming Card









Nate Ping

Nate Ping Leer más “30+ Business Card Design Ideas That Will Get Everyone Talking”

El futuro de las noticias: entre las redes sociales y el iPhone

iPhone, Twitter, Facebook, Google. Todos ellos son instrumentos implicados en la tendencia general que sigue hoy en día este sector. Esto es lo que publica el estudio “Understanding the participatory news consumer” llevado a cabo por el Pew Internet & American Life Project. Las noticias cada vez se convierten en algo más personal, móvil y son compartidas por el público. Esto tiene consecuencias: “los días de fidelidad a una única fuente de noticias han quedado atrás”.

Internet se convierte en el eje central de información, la mayoría de los encuestados utilizan una o dos fuentes online para recibir información. En Estados Unidos, internet es la tercera fuente de noticias más popular, tras las fuentes locales y la televisión; esto demuestra que el consumo de noticias está repartido en muchas plataformas.

Como se desprende de este estudio, la forma en que consumimos noticias ha cambiado drásticamente en los últimos años:

–         33% de los usuarios de móvil leen noticias en sus terminales.

–         28% de los usuarios de internet tienen como página de inicio de su navegador algún portal de noticias.

–         37% de los usuarios de internet participan en la noticia, la comentan o la comparten con sus conocidos vía email, Facebook o Twitter. Leer más “El futuro de las noticias: entre las redes sociales y el iPhone”