Las latas de Coca-Cola para cuidar el corazón

Escrito el 03.09.10 en Publicidad por Mar Abadcoke

Erase una vez un hombre que cogió un corazón rojo mucho más grande que él. Cogió una escalera y lo subió a una lata de Coca-Cola Light. Y cuando llegó allí se convirtió en una ilustración y se quedó ahí para siempre.

Coca-Cola Light y The Heart Truth se han unido en un proyecto común para llamar la atención y concienciar a las mujeres sobre las enfermedades coronarias. La compañía ha llamado al dibujante Tom Gauld para que haga las ilustraciones que decoran una serie de latas de Coca-Cola Light y destaca en su site información sobre cómo llevar una vida más saludable.


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Year of the Tiger

– T.L. Stanley
Rapper and actor T.I. enjoyed the spoils of the thug life, but it ended up costing him his freedom and, by his own estimate, $12 million in a lost General Motors endorsement deal and other work when he was convicted of federal weapons charges.

But the artist, who’s now emerged from prison and has a new record coming out, could be back in the brand partnership game soon. His label, Warner Music Group‘s Atlantic Records, is in active discussion with a number of marketers eager to latch onto his turnaround tale, partly chronicled in an MTV reality series. “Sometimes, you could be just a couple of hits away from redemption,” says Camille Hackney, Atlantic’s svp brand partnerships and commercial licensing. “Success makes people forget.” Leer más “Year of the Tiger”

43% of Email Marketers Now Offers Social Media Marketing

In a recent study carried out by Email Stat Center; an authority on email marketing metrics, they found out that the promise of social media marketing riches proves to be too much of a temptation for email marketers to avoid. Hence, the reason they want to be part of the action.

Results of the study showed that already 43% of email marketing firms are already offering social media marketing as part of their service line-up. Personally, I feel this is quite natural for email marketing companies to try to keep up the pace and include social media in their services offerings.


As to how they are going to monitor their social media activities, there are a lot of tools out there that can be utilized for that sole purpose of tracking ROI. From the graph, 66% of the email marketing companies are offering Strategy and Consulting alongside email marketing.

But, isn’t that what all email marketing companies provide prior to carrying out email marketing for their customers, unless they’re some kind of email spammer then.

As businesses progress into the future, I feel that they either keep up or lose out; there’s no such thing as copying. The trend to use social media as part of your marketing strategy is already there; now it really depends on how fast businesses can are able to implement that strategy into their marketing mix to ensure a positive outcome.

What do you think of email marketing as a whole? Do you feel that it’ll die out soon enough? Share with us your thoughts and opinions on this matter!

Online Media Gazette

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Julio Grasso: Vea crecer su patrimonio – Finanzas personales inteligentes

Abundan los libros de cómo convertirse en millonario por la misma razón que abundan los libros de cómo perder peso: porque no funcionan. Y la razón por la que muchos no funcionan es porque plantean expectativas equivocadas. De la misma manera en que no se puede bajar de peso sin comer mejor y hacer ejercicio, no se puede hacer crecer el patrimonio sin sacrificio y esfuerzo. Naturalmente, estas dos palabras (sacrificio y esfuerzo) no suenan bien en nuestra sociedad en la actualidad. Todo el mundo (o casi todo) cree que ya está haciendo sacrificios y esfuerzos. Mi propuesta es revisar el comportamiento actual y hacer un plan que permita hacer crecer el patrimonio año tras año. Veamos, entonces, algunas ideas:

Julio Grasso: Vea crecer su patrimonio – Finanzas personales inteligentes.

Draftcb enamora

“Eliminator”, una aplicación de Facebook para Ron Barceló, permite a los jóvenes sin pareja deshacerse de la competencia


Con motivo del pasado Día de San Valentín la agencia Draftcb creó una aplicación de Facebook para Ron Barceló dirigida a los jóvenes sin pareja. Bajo el nombre de Eliminator, dicha aplicación selecciona todos los contactos del chico o chica deseado y los pone en el estado “en una relación” dejando al interesado como único “disponible”. De esta manera se despeja el camino de pretendientes para llegar más fácilmente al corazón de la chica o chico de tus sueños. Leer más “Draftcb enamora”

The Ultimate (Fresh) Collection Of High-Quality Free Social Media Icon Sets

By AN Jay
// //

A beautifully designed icon is the perfect way to represent your product or service, and they always come in handy whether you want to place them on your blog or want to represent yourself in an outstanding manner. A comprehensively designed icon can provide your user with the memorable metaphors and illustrations, even sometimes users only remember the icon they saw on the website.

Here we have compiled a list of some outstanding and beautifully designed FREE and FRESH 50 Sets of Social Media Icons such as digg icons, stumbleupon icons, reddit icons, twitter, RSS feed icon, facebook icons and more, so that you can use them on your blog and website. You can also use them in corporate designs as well, Kindly feel free to share your comments with us.

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Hand Drawn Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

Vector Social Media Icons

The icons are designed in 32px and 16px vector format. With the vector format, you can scale the icon to any size to fit with your design or use it in high quality print materials.

Social Media Icons

Social Icons Vector Set

Here is a new free social icons vector set, which consists of 16 popular icons, available in both vector and PNG (64×64 pixels) format. Free for any use

Social Media Icons

Free and Exclusive Icons: Brown Social Icon Pack

In the pack, you will find 12 glossy polished icons in different size variations: 32×32px, 64×64px and 128×128px for maximum flexibility. All files are .PNG format and are mainly brown-colored especially for all you brown fanatic bloggers that like to share posts over the social networks nowadays.

Social Media Icons Leer más “The Ultimate (Fresh) Collection Of High-Quality Free Social Media Icon Sets”

Why Smaller Companies Should Embrace Open Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard


Open innovation at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) presents both great opportunities and great challenges. Forming open innovation relationships can give a growing enterprise access to resources that might normally are beyond their reach with the potential for greatly speeding up time to market. At the same time, working with larger–and in some case much larger companies–is not without its perils.

Let’s consider a growing startup or a small company that is on its way to become a mid-sized enterprise. The early phases are very much about executing on single, great product, idea or technology. However, as the company grows focus tends to shift towards control rather than keeping the visionary thinking and bold approaches that build the company. This must be re-ignited. Open innovation can be the vehicle for accomplishing this objective.

Because of the high level of risk-taking involved with young ventures, leaders of entrepreneurial enterprises often have healthy or even outsized egos; it takes a certain amount of hubris to believe you can defeat the high odds against the success of a new venture. This can lead you to believe that you and your people have the best ideas. But in reality, there is a strong possibility that the best people and the best ideas are to be found outside your organization.

One key reason for Procter & Gamble to initiate open innovation programs was that they learned that for each of their 7,500 R&D people there were 200 people outside the company with equal skills and competences. An ignorant – and arrogant – company would ignore these 1.5 million people, arguing they do not matter as they do not work for us. P&G did not ignore this. They understood they should connect their own organization with the best and brightest from the outside world. Given the limited size of smaller companies, this mindset becomes even more important.

As I wrote earlier, SMEs often start with one great product or service idea and as they grow they might fail to recognize that innovation is about more than just bringing the core product or service to market. Innovation can occur at all stages of the business process, from the business model itself through to the customer experience. By broadening their thinking about what actually constitutes innovation, SMEs can more easily see the wisdom of open innovation, which can help them innovate in areas where they may not have internal expertise.

I will post more thoughts on open innovation for SME’s this week. Let me know if you have any comments on this or if you know of smaller companies that have adapted open innovation. It would be interesting to get to know more about their processes, failures and successes in order to get a better understanding of how this is different from large companies. Since small and large companies meet on open innovation, they need to start learning more about each other on this.

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