Idea: LinkedIn Recommendations for You As a Blogger

We all know that social media is very important. Especially as we move into 2009, I think people who know how to use social media will find themselves with a kind of social security blanket.

Picture 4 If you’re anything like me, you tend to forget about LinkedIn. I have a profile on the site (of course), but I don’t spend any time doing much of anything with it. Most of my time is spent on Twitter, Facebook or Friendfeed.

Some time ago, Louis Gray hit me up for a recommendation of him on LinkedIn. Louis Gray is a pretty prominent blogger in the social media space and definitely worth the read. What was interesting about this request, though, was that it was a recommendation of him as the author of his blog.

Novel idea! Why not treat your position as an author of your own blog as an actual position, and use LinkedIn to seek testimonials from your network?

Testimonials and recommendations are always good for your reputation. Not to mention that you can potentially use them for marketing purposes if the need ever arises.

Don’t discount LinkedIn (I’m speaking to myself here, too). Unlike the major contenders out there, LinkedIn revolves around your professional career. In this era of recession talk and job insecurity in some circles of the economy, updating and using your LinkedIn profile is a pretty good idea.


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