17 Essential Developer Networks

Recently I have been noticing that more and more tech companies are starting up “developer networks”. Some of these, like the Yahoo! Developer Network, consist of great tools and resources (think YQL, YUI etc) that we can all make use of in our work whilst others focus on more specific aspects of developing with a particular service or app.

Whilst tutorials and code examples are great the added bonus of a network is the community that grows around it. It’s likely that you won’t be the first person to experience a particular issue so it’s a great place to share application specific tips and frustrations.

Here are 17 networks and sites that you might not know about but are worth checking out. Leer más “17 Essential Developer Networks”

Battling the Half-Life of Idea Execution

by Michael Karnjanaprakorn

Creative people have the tendency to generate tons of ideas. What’s not exciting about brainstorming new ideas?  It’s intoxicating and fun. It hones your innovative thinking and nurtures your creativity at the same time. Of course, the real challenge begins when you come across an idea that you like. A lot of people I know struggle with pushing an idea into motion. Something about rolling up their sleeves and getting started is scary. However, my challenge is a bit different. My struggle is focusing on any one idea for an extended period of time.Over the past year, I’ve launched an online network, an email newsletter, and produced numerous innovation conferences. I’ve also wanted to start an online savings bank, a speakeasy bar, and a health insurance company. If you think these ideas are totally random, it’s because they are. Leer más “Battling the Half-Life of Idea Execution”

10 Simple Tips for Launching a Website

by Jacob Gube

The process of launching a website can be a daunting endeavor. There are many things you want to do, but not enough time and resources to do them. However, even though it might seem like a herculean task, as long as you keep some fundamental things in mind, you can ensure a hassle-free website launch.

In this article, I’ll share with you some tips for launching a website based on the experience of our own launch of Design Instruct.

10 Simple Tips for Launching a Website

1. Have scalable web server resources

With today’s high-availability and cost-effective content distribution solutions such as Amazon S3, and on-demand instant scalability offerings of hosting providers such as VPS.NET, you can affordably have web servers that can take a beating from high-burst traffic.

Not only will having scalable solutions prepare you for the high-traffic that a website launch can generate, but it also future-proof’s your set-up as your website grows. High-availability, metered set-ups give you the ability to pay for just the resources you need right now.

Have scalable web server resources

For Design Instruct, we set up a CDN for distributing static files for our content-heavy pages, and scaled up our VPS resources temporarily on the day of the site launch because we were anticipating a huge burst of traffic.

Regardless of how big or small you think the traffic you’ll get is, it’s never a bad idea to get a web hosting solution that will scale—they’re tremendously affordable and you pay only for what you intend to use.

Don’t risk having your website crash and your launch day ruined because of a shoddy web server.

2. Get all of your social media accounts beforehand

Nowadays, social networking is integral to a website. Don’t wait the last minute to sign up and set up your social network accounts on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and any other site that you’re planning to engage in.

This guarantees that your preferred account name will be available before you become known and gives your visitors additional ways to communicate with as soon as they arrive at your website.

Get all of your social media accounts beforehand

On Design Instruct, our social media accounts were established well before the site’s launch date. For example, we had our Twitter account set up close to a month ahead of our site launch. Leer más “10 Simple Tips for Launching a Website”

Men embrace and use social networking sites much more than women do…

Logo for the Liberty Mutual Group
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According to Liberty Mutual’s latest survey, they found that men embrace and use social networking sites much more than women do. Men are more active in social media “across the board” according to the survey.

The national survey was part of the firm’s Responsibility Project where they hope to give an insight to what people think are responsible ways to use social networking technologies at work, school and in relationships.

The results showed that 57% of men are more likely than 50% of women to have more than one social networking account on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. On top of that, 51% of men find it reasonable for their boss to tweet about their company compared to 37% of women.

The results are so much different from Pingdom’s survey done on November 2009. Before that, the ratio between male and female demographics in social networks was 47% and 53% respectively. Here’s a chart from the site to review the past  statistics.


I wonder what could be the possible reasons for the rise of males in social networks. What do you think? Do share it with us by dropping us a comment.

5 Benefits of LinkedIn For Bloggers

Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

There’s a growing trend for many to use LinkedIn as the de facto tool for professional networking. Like most social networking platforms, it’s a fantastic way to stay connected with current colleagues, people you’ve worked with in the past and peers who work in the same industry like you. No matter your choice of profession, it’s definitely much easier to find a job today as compared to the days before Internet.

Then, phone calls, letters and word of mouth were essential to land you a job but now, everything’s a click away. Besides the above, at this point of time, most of us are connected through online job sites, forums and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Leer más “5 Benefits of LinkedIn For Bloggers”

‘I Love You’ Nueva campaña de Acuam Healthcare para Pfizer


Pfizer vuelve a confiar de nuevo en Acuam Healthcare para el lanzamiento de una estrategia 360º alrededor del Informe sobre hábitos de salud sexual entre la población española realizado por la farmacéutica durante el pasado año.

Embarazo en vivo y en directo

¿Quién no tiene curiosidad por ver el crecimiento de un bebé en el vientre materno? Una ecografía online nos lo pone en bandeja de la mano de Huggies

Las mujeres embarazadas serán las primeras beneficiadas del nuevo proyecto online desarrollado por Ogilvy Argentina para la marca Huggies perteneciente a Kimberly Clark. Bajo el claim 9 meses en vivo, las futuras madres (y todo aquél que tenga curiosidad) podrán seguir una ecografía en tiempo real de un bebé a lo largo de todo el periodo de gestación. La agencia lleva trabajando en este proyecto más de un año y ahora ya podemos ver el resultado en la web de la campaña (por cierto, ya estamos en la tercera semana de embarazo).

La campaña “9 meses en vivo” -liderada creativamente por Gastón Bigio y Jonathan Gurvit y producida por Hombre Cosa– pretende reforzar el vínculo emocional de los padres con Huggies.

Vía http://www.interactivadigital.com/

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