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Google’s Android mobile operating system is predominantly owned by males when compared with other smartphones on the market. The result comes from AdMob’s latest Mobile Metrics Report which revealed that 73% of Android users are male. On the other hand, owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch and Palm platforms has a more even male-to-female ratio. Despite the evenness, males were still the majority on those devices, accounting for 54% to 58% of the users.

One interesting that I noticed from the report was that iTouch users are more active and engaged compared to iPhone users despite the limited Wi-Fi-only connectivity they have. About 78% of iPod Touch users are under 25 years old, compared with 25% of iPhone users; and they’re mostly students too.  These are the ideal users who have the time to play with numerous apps but also the least to pay for them. iPod Touch owners download an average of 10.5 free apps per month and only 1.6 paid apps for the same period. iPhone owners, however, download 7.0 free apps per month and 1.8 paid ones.



The data gathered from this report is based on an opt-in survey taken by users on their mobile devices where respondents voluntarily respond to mobile ads throughout AdMob’s iPhone OS, Android and webOS networks without offering any incentive for participation. With that, they got a total of 963 respondents and the survey was run from February 5 to February 16, 2010.

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Statistics from the finding showed that the gender variance among Android owners with a 78% to 22% male-to-female ratio. Naturally, the question that arises would be why are there so many male Android users compared to female owners? There is a wide range of Android smartphones for people to choose from, including everything from sleek-and-shiny HTC devices to keyboard-ready Droids from Motorola. In other words, there’s an Android handset out there for everyone.


One guess why the Android market gravitates towards male owners could be related to the latest marketing effort by Droid. Here’s an ad copy and the TVC for the commercial:

Droid. Should a phone be pretty? Should it be a tiara-wearing digitally clueless beauty pageant queen? Or should it be fast? Racehorse duct-taped to a Scud missile fast. We say the latter. So we built the phone that does. Does rip through the Web like a circular saw through a ripe banana. Is it a precious porcelain figurine of a phone? In truth? No. It’s not a princess. It’s a robot. A phone that trades hair-do for can-do.


It’s obvious from the video that the marketing effort by Motorola for the Droid in this case is to play up the male ego and the gender’s stereotypical desire for constant one-upmanship among their peers. According to CNNMoney blogger Elmer DeWitt, the ad targets the male demographic in the “most testosterone-heavy TV commercial to date.”

So kudos to Motorola’s marketers for successfully attracting the males to Android devices; namely the Droid but by ignoring the female demographics, you’re doing the smartphone a disservice. The Android-based smartphones are powerful, attractive and easy-to-use handsets too. I guess it’s time to drop the ladies a reminder.

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