Some of the highlights from Twitter’s blog post

A new blog post cum stats released by Twitter shows that their users now send out more than 50 million non-spam messages daily. If broken down further, that number is around 600 tweets per second.

In addition to that, a separate tweet by Twitter’s new VP of Communications revealed that approximately 83 tweets per second or 20% contain product or brand references. Here are some other interesting numbers and an official chart.


“Tweet deliveries are a much higher number because once created, tweets must be delivered to multiple followers. Then there’s search and so many other ways to measure and understand growth across this information network.

“Tweets per day is just one number to think about. We’ll make time to share more information so please stay tuned.”

Some of the highlights from Twitter’s blog post:

–          In 2007, 5,000 tweets were sent out daily

–          By 2008, that number grew to 300,000

–          By 2009, it grew to 2.5 million tweets sent out daily

–          Tweet growth shot up by 1,400% in 2009, reaching 35 million tweets per day by the end of the year

What do you think of Twitter’s massive growth compared to Facebook’s growth? Drop us a comment!

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