SnapGroups: New Startup Coming From Creator of Yahoo! Groups & Bloglines

Mark Fletcher, the man who built one of the first easy email group services online and sold it to Yahoo! for $400 million, then built former market-leading RSS reader Bloglines and sold it to, plans to launch a new service next week called SnapGroups (currently password protected).

Fletcher planned on unveiling the company tonight at Dave McClure’s Palo Alto event Lean Startups but had technical problems hours before going on stage that delayed the launch of the site. None the less, he offered some details about what we can expect next week.

Grow VC brings a crowdfunding platform to mobile and web startups

Much the way Kiva matches investors with entrepreneurs in the developing world, so Grow VC brings a crowdfunding platform to mobile and web startups around the globe.

Launched earlier this month, Hong Kong-based Grow VC aims to bring the first truly transparent, global, community-based approach to early-stage funding. Focusing on startup funding needs ranging from USD 10,000 to USD 1 million, Grow VC collects membership fees from its participants and pools 75 percent of them into a community fund. That fund then gets invested into promising member startups. Grow VC manages these investments, but members can control how their portion of the fund should be allocated, allowing them to focus on the startups they feel have the most potential. Grow VC users can follow each other in Twitter-like fashion, while reputation statistics reflect their track records. When a startup fails, the community fund covers its own losses. But when one does well, 75 percent of the returns are paid as commissions to top-ranked members.

The company explains: “We’re here to fix the traditional opaque and mysterious startup funding system. Grow VC offers the platform and tools so the process from idea to launch can be managed and communicated with a more structured manner, while at the same time enabling the race to success to start much earlier.”

Fees depend on the amount to be raised or invested. Startup and funder pricing starts at USD 20 per month. Others, such as experts, certified partners and business sponsors pay more.

Grow VC spent several months in beta, and by January had already gained more than 700 registered users. One to get in on early…? (Related: Twitter for entrepreneurs; “Open-mic nights” for business ideas.)


Spotted by: John Greene

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Stefan Lindegaard: The Equation of Open Innovation: A + B = C

by Stefan Lindegaard

I stumbled over an interesting paper, Sourcing External Technology for Innovation, by the Alliance Management Group which has developed lots of great content including the below Want, Find, Get, Manage framework.

• Want: What external resource(s) does the firm want to access from the outside world to meet its strategic intent?

• Find: What mechanisms will the firm use to find these external resources?
• Get: What processes will the firm use to plan, structure and negotiate an agreement to access the resources?
• Manage: What tools, metrics and management techniques will the firm use to implement the relationship?

The article focuses on the Want element of this framework and what I in particular liked is the equation: A + B = C.  I have inserted the below snippets from the article in order to introduce you to the equation. Leer más “Stefan Lindegaard: The Equation of Open Innovation: A + B = C”

Yahoo! & Facebook…. y ahora también & Twitter

Los más de 600 millones de usuarios de Twitter ya pueden acceder a sus actualizaciones de Twitter a través de Yahoo!, gracias al acuerdo firmado entre ambas compañías.


Los usuarios de la red de microblogging pueden utilizar los productos y canales de Yahoo!, para actualizar su estado de Twitter y compartir contenidos de Yahoo! con sus seguidores. Con este acuerdo, el buscador pretende “ser el centro de la vida online de las personas ofreciéndoles información personal relevante y unificando la actividad de todas sus experiencias sociales en internet”, señala la compañía en un comunicado.

Para lograrlo, Yahoo! ya había firmado anteriormente una alianza con Facebook, por lo que el buscador ya permite a sus usuarios actualizar redes sociales simultáneamente y estar en contacto con la gente y con la información que más les interesa. Leer más “Yahoo! & Facebook…. y ahora también & Twitter”

¿Una red social 100% segura para niños?

El portal infantil de Clan TV, integrado en, incorpora la Comunidad Clan, una red social infantil segura y supervisada por los padres


Unos meses después de ver la luz, el portal infantil del ente público ha incorporado una red social pensada para que los más pequeños se adentren, de forma totalmente segura y supervisada, en el ámbito de los Social Media. Para conocer este proyecto entrevistamos a dos de sus responsables, Yago Fandiño, subdirector de contenidos infantiles en medios interactivos de RTVE, y Gonzalo Villar, project director de Secuoyas, estudio encargado del desarrollo.

Leer más “¿Una red social 100% segura para niños?”