Facebook Overtakes Yahoo As Second Most Popular Website

Since the month of January 2010, Facebook has now overtaken Yahoo as the second most visited sites with about 133 million viewers from the US; while Yahoo has only 132 million viewers. Despite the surge of traffic on Facebook, it’s still not enough as Google reigns supreme on the number one spot.

Facebook’s sudden rise in popularity in the US could be traced back since last year. The social networking site has almost doubled its American user from just under 70 million at the beginning of 2009. Yahoo, on the other hand, has slipped from their 140million viewers last year to about 132 million in January.

Compete in its announcement stated “While eyeballs are newsworthy, the real story is engagement, especially in the ongoing battle for those coveted big brand dollars. On this front, Facebook is second to none.”

Worldwide, Facebook if considered as a country, it’s more populous than the UK, Japan, France and Germany combined. On top of that, about 50% of their 400 million population, logs in every day.

Maybe Facebook could overtake Google in terms of page views in the future? That would be an uphill task for Zuckerberg and Co. however. What do you think of Facebook’s tremendous growth? Would it die down soon or continue to grow at this current rate? Share with us your opinions.


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