¿Qué es dirigir?

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De España me traje un libro de Damián Frontera, llamado “El Arte de dirigir empresas” El estímulo incesante, donde cuenta la historia de su carrera profesional en un empresa que en sus comienzos fue una empresa familiar de Chacinados y que luego pasó a manos de una multinacional norteamericana y en otro momento a una multinacional alemana, hasta ser adquiridos finalmente por Campofrío. Realmente atrapante y muy interesante la historia.
Pero rescato como para compartir y reflexionar en decálogo que el propone de ¿qué es dirigir?.

Si tuvieramos que definir la palabra Dirigir diríamos que es hacer todo lo necesario para alcanzar los objetivos con la colaboración de otras personas. La clave en esto es ser eficaz haciendo hacer a otras personas. Leer más “¿Qué es dirigir?”

Special selection of Good Reads, Videos and Discussions on Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard


Here comes a list of reads, videos and discussions on LinkedIn that I have enjoyed in the last couple of weeks. I hope you will enjoy this as well.

You can follow me on Twitter: @lindegaard Leer más “Special selection of Good Reads, Videos and Discussions on Innovation”

SXSW Gets Seat-Level Check-Ins With SitBy.Us

Thousands upon thousands of people will be in Austin, Texas next month for the South By Southwest Interactive festival – and several different services will be competing to show you where you can find your friends at the big event. Only one app, though, is focused on displaying your location down to the level of where you are sitting!

SitBy.Us is a web and mobile web application that lets you peruse the SXSW panel, keynote and party schedules, check in to rooms and locations, identify where in the big crowded rooms and parties you are sitting. Then it lets you see which of your friends from Twitter are there too and where. The service is a little unstable right now, but it looks like the kind of thing that’s going to get slammed in Austin.

The 5 Most Interesting Things About Google’s ReMail Acquisition

Email startup ReMail announced this afternoon that it’s been acquired by Google and there’s a pretty interesting story behind this cool technology that could inspire future developments in Gmail.

The news was announced by ReMail CEO Gabor Cselle on his blog today (we learned about it first via CenterNetworks). Gabor was a former Gmail intern and was YCombinator funded. There are even more interesting elements to this story than that, though.

ReMail the app has already been discontinued from the iTunes App Store, but here are some ways it could impact Gmail in the future anyway. Cselle will now become a product manager on Gmail. The core feature of ReMail was full-text search of all the emails in your Gmail or other online inbox, even when you were offline. That wasn’t the only cool thing about ReMail, though. Leer más “The 5 Most Interesting Things About Google’s ReMail Acquisition”

“Text me, don’t call me.” Sounds familiar?

Mobile phone subscribers per 100 inhabitants 1...
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Have you ever come across people that you’ve tried calling and emailing for hours but failed to receive any response from them? However, when you text them, they almost immediately reply.

To be honest, I’m not that big on texting; with an average of about 300 plus texts per month. This number is miniscule compared to my 19 year old sister who averages about 1,000 plus texts per month. Compared to her fellow friends, she is not unusual at all.

According to Nielsen Mobile, in the first quarter of 2009, the average U.S teenager made and received an average of 191 phone calls and sent and received 2,899 text messages every month. By the third quarter, the number of texts jumped to a whopping 3,146 messages per month. This is equivalent to more than 10 text messages per hour.

At the beginning of 2007, these numbers were only 255 phone calls and 435 text messages. Preteens on the other hand, receive about 1,146 texts every month. Leer más ““Text me, don’t call me.” Sounds familiar?”

Online Media Gazette

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This morning, I stumbled upon this rather interesting post by Inc. on the steps to make money on Twitter. It’s refreshing to see clearly thought through strategies being posted rather than just telling someone to do this and that. Leer más “Online Media Gazette”

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