Correlation Between Facebook Relationship Status & Happiness

Valentine’s Day is already over for most but for me, it’s celebrated everyday with my lovely friends, family and that special someone. Apparently, Facebook’s data scientists too got into the flow of things: Does having that someone special really makes us happy? The results, which are detailed on Facebook’s blog aren’t quite as black and white as you might have expected.


Facebook states that they already have a methodology for measuring the happiness of their users by considering the number of positive words people use in their status updates. The results are shown in the USA Gross National Happiness Index. This method allows Facebook’s data scientists to judge whether a person’s Facebook relationship status affects how positive and negative they are.

For this particular study, Facebook looked at the number of positive and negative words in status messages over the course of one week in January. However, do not worry because these calculations are done by computers to protect your privacy. From that, the data team is then able to filter the results based on sex and relationship status.


The results aren’t that groundbreaking: people who are in a relationship do seem happier than those who are not. Another interesting conclusion pointed out was that people who don’t disclose their relationship status are about 50% more negative than everyone else.

Another point concluded would be that men are less happy in an open relationship than women, which hits the spot considering that more women report themselves as being in an open relationship; 40% more. Guys are more positive than girls when in a relationship or married but are more negative when married or engaged.




Even though the data is in black and white and quite interesting to look at, it’s only a scientific reflection of what people choose to share in their status updates. Obviously, with the number of people concerned about their privacy; the data’s not going to be a real indicator of how people really feel, regardless of relationship status.

What do you think of the data? Do you agree with it? Share with us your thoughts on it!

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