5 Good Reasons To Comment On Blog Posts

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I read a number of articles daily; including blog posts. They range from social media to humorous articles. However, there’s another step to do after reading; which is commenting on the articles that you’ve just read. From what I noticed, the number of blog comments has been going down south with the availability of other social media platforms.

In this post, I would love to share with everyone the highly important advantages of commenting on blogs related to your niche. Here are a 5 reasons why blog commenting is advantageous to the writer and you.

1. Assists The Writer To Get Feedback

Personally, I like feedbacks; be it both positive and negative ones. Comments help writers like me know the types of articles that our readers are keen to read. It enables the writer to get a sense of which topics are currently relevant to their readers and on top of that, it’s one way to show appreciation to the writer since it takes quite an effort to come out with articles.

2. Back Link To Your Site

Noticed that prior to commenting, you’re able to add your site into the registration box (as for mine I’m using Disqus)? Through this way, it helps create a back link to your site. However, do be careful in choosing a name for registering because most blogs would mark you as spam if you try to use anchor text instead of a name.

3. Direct Traffic To Your Site

When you have an interesting comment, others who are reading the same article, may click through directly to your site. The better your comment is you left, the more likely this is going to happen. So the bottom-line for this point would be to add real value to the site you’re commenting and it will improve the chance you will get people to check your site out.

4. Growth Of Your Personal Brand

The more you comment, the more you are known around the Internet through the numerous back links you created to your site. The more you are seen, the more likely people are to see you as someone that know the topic and you are well on your way to becoming a trusted resource.

5. Helps You Think Of Your Next Post

When there are a lot of people commenting on the post, there are bound to be discussions formed. Sometimes, these discussions are so thought provoking that it may inspire you for your next article. Even if it doesn’t, it’ll probably help you see the trends that people are currently looking at or interested in.

So these are just 5 of the many reasons why commenting on blogs are advantageous for both the writer and yourself. Do share with us what other advantages you have in mind by leaving a comment below.

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  1. It is interesting how the culture of dialogue is fluctuating. Paradoxically, the success of social media seems to harm some of the interaction that was so common when Social Media participants were a more homogenous bunch.

    I’m curious as to wether that’s a permanent change, or a learning curve thing.

    Me gusta

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