Why Public Speaking Is Good for You & Your Brand

by Tony Bacigalupo
Most freelancers and small business owners are required – like it or not – to spend a substantive amount of time on marketing. To ensure that the jobs and the clients keeping coming, we are constantly hustling – pitching new projects, updating our portfolios and CVs, and taking exploratory meetings. Yet, one of the best ways to build and promote your individual brand or company is one of the most oft overlooked: public speaking.Though many of us might break into a cold sweat just thinking about it, public speaking can be an exhilarating experience. It can also be a great way to boost your reputation and your business.

Perhaps as a healthy reaction to the increasing amount of time we spend online, more and more offline events and conferences are cropping up – particularly within the creative community. These gatherings offer a significant opportunity for anyone with a niche area of expertise to become a part of the conversation – and not just for self-promotion but for personal growth as well.

Here are a few notes on the benefits of public speaking, and a quick primer on how to get started.

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What you can learn from Forrester’s new blogging policy

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I’ve been following the discussion around Forrester‘s new blogging policy. In case you weren’t aware, I was formerly a Forrester analyst covering social computing and wrote some of the early drafts of the company‘s blogging policy. Now I’m building a strategy consulting practice at Dachis Group and advising companies on social business – wherein policies and guidelines play an important role. Leer más “What you can learn from Forrester’s new blogging policy”



A phenomenal info-graphic from an organisation called Online Education puts the internet into context which we guarantee will make you even more addicted. Leer más “A DAY IN THE INTERNET / ONLINE EDUCATION”



Underneath the Hollywood sign, speakers explored the theme of ‘how external forces are making their influences known in the world of marketing’. Sharing their thoughts were Susan Bonds, President & CEO of ARG experts 42 Entertainment; Nathan Martin, CEO of creative technologists Deep Local; Sha Hwang, Design Technologist at data visualisation and mapping experts Stamen; Rick Eiserman, CEO, Trailer Park and Devora Rogers, Associate Director, IPG Media Lab.

Highlights of the morning included Nathan Martin’s talk on ‘Gutter Tech’, a term his company uses to describe the process of applying the culture of artists to the opportunities and challenges of business, in which ‘thinking about technology last–instead of first’ should be the norm. He also outlined the need for flexibility, to the extent of amassing a small collection of cease and desist orders. ‘If you can’t get it mostly done in two weeks,’ concludes Martin, ‘you shouldn’t get it done at all’.

Meanwhile, Sha Hwang floored an early morning audience with beautiful theories on the need for a different perspective, quoting Twitter engineer Nick Kallen’s take on the onslaught of data in the digital age: ‘Everything has become a giant fucking heap.’ Hwang then went on to compare this pile of data with the first photographs of the earth taken by astronauts from a distance, and the extraordinary power that a little perspective can bring. The biggest laugh of the morning came from Hwang’s explanation of the work Stamen had done in visualising the MTV Video Music Awards, monitoring chatter on twitter to see which celebrities were most popular at any given point of the evening. Leer más “NEXT GENERATION CONTENT”

5 Google Buzz Tips for the Advanced User

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Yesterday, after spending some time with Google‘s latest social networking service, Google Buzz, we posted a handful of buzz tips and tricks for those wanting to better manage the buzz, play with its APIs or banish it altogether from their Gmail inbox.

Today, we’ve come across more even more tips for working with Buzz, including how to add Buzz extensions to your web browser, new ways to subscribe to others’ Buzz, and even ways to update Buzz via email. If you’re becoming a regular Buzz user, then you’ll want to read through this latest collection of tips to take your Buzz skills up another notch. Leer más “5 Google Buzz Tips for the Advanced User”

Viral growth trumps lots of faux followers

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by Seth Godin

Viralgrowth Many brands and idea promoters are in a hurry to rack up as many Facebook fans and Twitter followers as they possibly can. Hundreds of thousands if possible.

A lot of these fans and followers are faux. Sunny day friends. In one experiment I did, 200,000 followers led to 25 clickthroughs. Ouch. Leer más “Viral growth trumps lots of faux followers”

The brand, the package, the story and the worldview

by Seth Godin

Madecasse Madecasse has a lot going for it. It’s delicious chocolate. It’s made in Africa (the only imported chocolate made on the continent with local beans). The guys who make it are doing good work and are nice as well.

The question I asked them is, “does your packaging do its job?”

I don’t think the job of packaging is to please your boss. I think you must please the retailer, but most of all, attract and delight and sell to the browsing, uncommitted new customer.

Let me take you through the reasoning, because I think it applies to your packaging as well.

We start with this: if I’ve already purchased and liked your product, the packaging isn’t nearly as important. I’m talking here about packaging as a sales tool for converting browsers into buyers. (If you’re already a buyer, all I need to do is remind you what we look like). If word of mouth or other factors are at work, your package matters a lot less. But for a company this size, in this market, the package matters a lot. Leer más “The brand, the package, the story and the worldview”

9 Powerful Firefox Add-Ons That Can Save Your Time

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As we all know that Firefox is the fastest growing popular web browser and its growing more and more every day. There are too many handy options provided by the firefox and this is the main reason for its popularity. You can easily find lots of free download able firefox add-ons and extensions that are available on the internet, we also featured few of them before and it’s demands are increasing. In this post, I am listing down 9 Powerful Firefox Add-Ons That Can Save Your Time.

You are welcome to share more firefox add-ons that you think will be useful and feel a better browsing experience that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at SmashingApps.com just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter as well. Leer más “9 Powerful Firefox Add-Ons That Can Save Your Time”

Build a Movie WordPress Portal with MovieMaker 2

The movie business is a great niche to be a part of. It’s one of those niches that a lot of players are already involved in, but it still has room for new players to come in and add their two cents. There are many ways to differentiate yourself in this business with your content, but you are going to need a decent website to get you started. Not everyone’s going to afford a custom designed website for such a niche. That’s where MovieMaker 2 comes in. It’s a very affordable WordPress theme for movie portals that lets you get started with your own professional looking website fast.

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Springwise / News

A few months ago, we covered nAscent Art, which offers a wedding registry service for original art, allowing friends and relatives to make donations towards buying a piece of art for the happy couple. While nAscent was limited to work by New York artists, Giwaza is a gift registry for any piece of art. Launched as Artmigos.com in 2007, the California-based site now returns rebranded, and with improved functionality and security.

Giwaza offers a few ways to go about arranging a collective gift. Visitors to the website can choose a piece from a gallery of work by participating artists and dealers. Alternatively, if anyone spots a piece of art elsewhere that they’d like bought for them, they can submit the details to Giwaza, who will contact the seller to make arrangements for a collective purchase. Finally, consumers who know they want some artwork but haven’t yet decided on a particular piece can set up a fund for donations, and fill in the blanks at a later date.

Operating outside the domain of traditional wedding registries—which typically don’t feature a wide range of art—Giwaza paints an attractive picture for celebrants looking for a unique memento for a special occasion. Giwaza takes a commission using a graduated scale: 19% of the first USD 5,000, 13.5% of the next USD 5,000, and so on. When shared between a group of contributors, this may seem a price worth paying for a gift with a status story. Are there other original gifts missing from registries?

Website: www.giwaza.com
Contact: info@giwaza.com

Spotted by: Andrew Damron

When we wrote about Gramlee’s while-you-wait editing service back in 2008, we noted that there was still widespread opportunity for other contenders. So it wasn’t too surprising recently to come across Wordy, a Danish company that provides quick-turnaround editing of a variety of documents written in English.

Academic text, corporate literature, blog posts and web content are all among the categories of copy that Wordy’s professional editors can handle, with specialized staff available to work on material focused on specific subjects. Clients simply paste their text or upload a file onto Wordy.com, or use a plugin for integrated editing (the company offers a plug-in for WordPress, and an API for use with other publishing platforms). Wordy then instantly returns a free price quote along with an approximate delivery time—EUR 7.68 for 26 minutes of editing on a 440-word document, for instance. If the client accepts, a Wordy copy editor quickly checks the text for grammar, spelling, punctuation and structure—the company can currently accommodate both UK and US English—and returns it in ready-to-publish form. After that point, the client has two business days to accept the work or request a re-edit.

Wordy’s 100-plus editors have already edited close to 80,000 words, with an average speed of roughly half an hour for a 400-word document. Over the course of this year, meanwhile, the company is hoping to scale its platform to begin editing documents written in other languages as well. One to try out—or get involved in?

Website: www.wordy.com
Contact: www.wordy.com/contact

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El triunfo del visionario

Cuando inventan algo en Cupertino, todo el mundo se espera que sea algo revolucionario. Y las expectativas que se ponen en la marca de la manzana no están del todo injustificadas. Tras revolucionar las industrias de la informática, la música y los móviles, Apple ha llegado a los medios para redefinirlos.

Quienes en 2001 pronosticaron que el iPod no era más que otro ‘cacharro’ se equivocaron. En 9 años, el reproductor portátil de música y contenidos se ha convertido en el más vendido de la historia, desplazando al hasta entonces rey, el walkman. Leer más “El triunfo del visionario”


…And How NOT to Behave When Being Squatted

When you’re a marketer wielding a hefty brand, it’s not easy discovering a social network you hardly paid attention to has blown up overnight — and, worse still, the name of your brand is being squatted by unofficial brand representatives.

That’s what happened with Heinz and Twitter. But this isn’t really Heinz’s story; it’s the story about its squatter.

On AdAge this week, Michael Werch, who squatted the HJ_Heinz handle for two weeks, describes his pre-squatter objectives and what he’s learned since. His qualifications: that the brand be global, with little social media presence, and that he be genuinely enthusiastic about it.

That’s how he settled on username @HJ_Heinz, where he posted photos of the famous ketchup bottle and shared tips, recipes and company lore in a positive voice.

Werch studied Heinz closely, noting residents of its native Pittsburgh share in the brand’s success, and engaging with them. He also registered the Twitter account under a number of Twitter directories. In short, he behaved like a responsible brand representative, at no cost to the oblivious ketchup label. Leer más “BEING HJ_HEINZ: LESSONS LEARNED FROM BRAND SQUATTING”


Here’s something worth perusing: “Coke’s ’Fans First’ Approach in Social Communities,” a Slideshare presentation by group director Michael Donnelly of worldwide interactive marketing.

We gave the 38-page piece a quick run-through and learned about everything from Coca-Cola’s “history of ’painting the town red’,” to how many Cokes are consumed a day, to the philosophy that its homepage isn’t just coke.com; it’s google.com. And Twitter.com. And YouTube.com. And hyves.nl. And … you get the idea.

What’s Coca-Cola learned from listening to buzz? That its brand doesn’t belong to the company; it belongs to those who talk about it. And Coke not only watches what kind of material its fans produce; it occasionally asks them to share experiences as well.

You’ll see numbers that demonstrate Coca-Cola got it right over the ’net, but there are also admissions about how its past approach — possibly the approach of many traditional brands — was wrong, and why. The so-called “less about us-more about them” mantle it’s taken up since is inspired by the insight that fans-first pays long-term relationship dividends — provided you don’t desert the people you’ve attracted the moment a campaign ends.

But don’t take our word for it; read for yourself:

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Las nuevas oportunidades de emprender, en USA y desde América Latina


Hoy tenemos en Riesgo y Recompensa a Nic Rosental, quien cierra la serie de posts invitados por los más discutidores de la primera mitad del 2009. En un par de días anuncio los nuevos invitados, por ser los más discutidores de la segunda mitad del año.

Nic trabajó en Officenet hace muchos años, vive en Estados Unidos hace tiempo y tiene un blog sobre desarrollo de software. Espero que les guste su post!


En el ultimo año estuve incorporándome en la ciudad de Atlanta a una movida interesantísima que esta ocurriendo en todo Estados Unidos. Cada vez mas gente se atreve a empezar su startup o en su defecto una carrera freelance. Las condiciones a nivel mundial estan dadas de una manera que no podrían haber sido mejor y sin embargo cuando quise investigar que esta pasando al respecto en Argentina me parecio que otra vez estamos quedándonos atrás (e intuyo que en el resto de América Latina debe ser parecido). Leer más “Las nuevas oportunidades de emprender, en USA y desde América Latina”


Las membresías, otra visión de consumo

Las membresías, otra visión de consumo

El compartir y prestar los productos de consumo ya no sólo es asunto de consumidores responsables y conscientes, sino que ahora también es una forma de consumo de productos de gran lujo.

El mantenimiento de un yate, un avión o un coche de lujo precisan de mucho tiempo y sobre todo dinero, es por esto que muchos clubs exclusivos ofrecen la oportunidad de utilizar estos productos sin tener que preocuparte por el costo o mantenimiento gracias al modelo de  membresía.

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Cae la confianza de los anunciantes en la efectividad de los anuncios en televisión

Cae la confianza de los anunciantes en la efectividad de los  anuncios en televisión

Según un estudio realizado en Estados Unidos, el desorden y la saturación de avisos por tanda constituyen uno de los principales problemas para las marcas.

La Association of National Advertisers (ANA) junto a Forrester Research, realizaron un informe acerca de la efectividad que las empresas que invierten en medios le otorgan a la televisión como medio publicitario.De acuerdo a los resultados, los anunciantes advierten sobre la pérdida de confianza en el medio debido a la baja efectividad de la pauta televisiva.

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¿Qué pasa con las marcas en épocas de recesión?

¿Qué pasa con las marcas en épocas de recesión?

Las grandes marcas se encuentran entre las víctimas de la recesión, pues en muchos casos pierden terreno frente a sus competidoras las marcas privadas.

Según un estudio de la Escuela Wharton para estudiar la evolución de los consumidores en recesión, los anunciantes deben apelar a la mayor cantidad de innovación posible para superar el momento. Una economía recesiva afecta obligadamente la conducta de los consumidores, quienes en principio se muestran mucho más renuentes a abrir sus billeteras.

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Seis grados de separación

Seis grados de separación

Seis grados de separación es la razón por las que las social media tienen tanto peso, tanta importancia como generadoras de opinión, y creadoras de tendencia.

Por menos seguidores que tenga un usuario, basta con que twittee algo, cualquier cosa, para que en un abrir y cerrar de ojos, la noticia llegue al fin del mundo. Así, un accidente en un depósito de bebidas alcohólicas en Rusia, hace reír a oficinistas en Reikiavik, o la queja de un pasajero al que American Airlines le rompió una guitarra de mil doscientos dólares convence a otro pasajero chileno de elegir otra línea aérea.

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Ventajas del marketing de afiliados

Ventajas del marketing de afiliados

¿Cómo beneficiarse con una estrategia capaz de convertir a una pequeña empresa, en una de las más grandes del mercado?.

Las pequeñas ideas pueden significar grandes negocios. Un ejemplo de ello es el marketing de afiliados, una sencilla estrategia que puede cambiar el futuro de un negocio en Internet.La propuesta consiste en recomendar productos o servicios de otras personas o empresas, con lo que se recibe una comisión cada vez que se venda.

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La necesidad de plantear objetivos claros

La necesidad de plantear objetivos claros

Las técnicas de optimización de sitios y posicionamiento web han llegado a una saludable madurez.

El mercado nos ofrece sólidos profesionales, que conocen la actividad y han logrado compilar un interesante corpus teórico, producto de nuevos desarrollos tecnológicos, la creación de novedosas técnicas y, por qué no, las enseñanzas que la experiencia y los fracasos han dejado.Ya no se trata de un grupo de jóvenes entusiastas que le “hacen el favor” a algún conocido para ayudarlo a posicionar su sitio en una mejor ubicación en los buscadores. La actividad se ha profesionalizado, tal vez mucho más que otras ramas del sector.

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