Social Media Mullet

Social Media Mullet

Social Media Mullet by Steve Badowski of Carrot Creative in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

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50 Beautiful Clean and Simple Web Designs

When it comes to web design, my experience demonstrates to me that it’s easier to add to a design rather than to take away from it. The challenge with minimalist layouts lies in the conundrum of making something beautiful with basic design elements —and with as few of them as possible.

Lately, I’ve been attracted to simple and clean designs. Design Instruct is a testament to my affinity towards creating designs that present the idea of «less is more.»

In this collection are masterfully created minimalist designs for your inspiration in your current and future work. This is a follow up of a collection called 40 Beautiful Examples of Minimalism in Web Design published last year. (You should check that out as well, if you haven’t already.)



Simon Collison

Simon Collison

kilian muster

kilian muster

Mark Boulton Design

Mark Boulton Design

Christopher Brand

Christopher Brand

Haik Avanian

Haik Avanian

Tim Bjørn

Tim Bjørn

Ribbons of Red

Ribbons of Red

Top Site Tally

Top Site Tally Continuar leyendo «50 Beautiful Clean and Simple Web Designs»

reBlog from Where New Blogs Get Their Traffic From (The Finale)

I found this fascinating quote today:

Today I start this post with every intention of making it the last one in regards to traffic for blogs, in particular new bloggers.  In the previous post I covered some of the major points and want to finish up this series, so that I can stay on track with what this blog tries to do and deal with men’s issues. God knows we do have, Where New Blogs Get Their Traffic From (The Finale), Jan 2010

You should read the whole article.

Targeted Cognitive Exercises Improve Mental Abilities

Training with cognitive exercises can improve targeted mental functions, conclude the authors of a review article published recently in the journal Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  The authors (Kathryn Papp and Stephen Walsh from the University of Connecticut and Peter Snyder from Brown University) reviewed ten randomized controlled trials involving cognitive training interventions in healthy adults published since 1992.  They find that specific abilities such as memory, reasoning, and speed of processing can be improved through targeted training programs.  This is an important conclusion, and it is consistent with the growing evidence in support of the effectiveness of cognitive training. Continuar leyendo «Targeted Cognitive Exercises Improve Mental Abilities»

Algunos tips para el éxito online

Algunos tips para el éxito onlineMuchos “gurúes” del éxito online gustan de dar consejo acerca de cómo hacer un negocio exitoso. La realidad es que no se requiere ningún don sobrenatural para realizar un emprendimiento redituable, o generar un sitio que cumpla eficientemente con su cometido. El sentido común es lo que nos va a llevar a tomar las decisiones correctas, y junto con la ética profesional son los dos ingredientes que garantizarán el triunfo de nuestras acciones.

Cualquier negocio, en su etapa inicial requerirá atención constante. Así de sencillo. Si cree que alguien posee la clave para realizar un emprendimiento mientras disfruta del ocio en una remota playa del Caribe, está equivocado. Comenzar un negocio lleva mucho trabajo, esfuerzo y atención. Continuar leyendo «Algunos tips para el éxito online»

Quick Guide: Job Posting Best Practices
Downlad PDF

This task aid will help you create job postings to help you find the best candidates more efficiently and effectively.

Read Quick Guide: Job Posting Best Practices »

Page 1 ©2009 Monster – All Rights Reserved
Tip #1: Think Like a Job Seeker
The first step in creating a job posting is to understand what your ideal job seeker wants. Job seekers see location, company quality & security, corporate culture, work environment, schedule/hours, and salary as the most important pieces of criteria when they are deciding whether or not to apply for a job. As you can see, job seekers view every aspect of the position, well beyond just the basic qualifications. You should provide as much of this information as possible in your job posting.
You should also think about providing information such as special sign-on advantages, perks, bonuses after completing licenses, etc. that will make your postings stand out. This is yet another opportunity for you to differentiate your job from your competition.
Tip #2: Develop an Effective Job Title
The highest amount of job seeker traffic is on weekdays from 10am-11am EST, while job seekers are at work. Think about how fast they are reviewing their search results. The first job titles they’ll click on are the ones that are most relevant to the job they are seeking.
So, you need to give some thought to the job title of your posting. Here are Monster’s recommendations:

Use the industry standard for your job title. You may call your recruiters “Recruitment Consultants”, but “Recruiter” is a better bet for your job title, because more candidates will be searching on this term.

Include skills that are relevant to the position. In the “Recruiter” example, be specific – are you looking for a “Corporate Recruiter” or a “Financial Recruiter”?

Always avoid using plural job titles. You may have 5 recruiter openings, but job seekers search for “Recruiter”, not “Recruiters”.

Avoid acronyms, abbreviations, and references to internal organizations. Seekers aren’t searching for an Admin Assist. They’re searching for an “Administrative Assistant”.

Include the level of the position, but avoid using numbers and letters that represent the level of the position internally. If you need a “Senior Recruiter”, write that as your title, rather than “Recruiter II”.
Tip #3: Write a Compelling Opening Paragraph
This is a critical component of your job posting. Your opening paragraph needs to spark the interest of the job seeker! If you don’t catch their attention now, then you may lose it completely.
Your opening paragraph should include a clear overview of the position and what’s in it for the job seeker.
Information that positions you as an employer of choice should also be included. Let qualified job seekers know why they should choose you as an employer despite all of the other options.
Page 2 ©2009 Monster – All Rights Reserved
Tip #4: Develop a Detailed, Clear, and Concise Job Description
Your content is THE MOST IMPORTANT element of any job posting. Having solid content will always help your jobs perform, particularly in the Job Description area, because job seekers take literal notice of this area. Their number one complaint is vague job descriptions. Their number two complaint is inflated requirements.
So you need to provide detailed information that is relevant and easy to read. Resist the temptation to simply copy and paste the HR/client job description; think about what you are writing and speak directly to the job seeker. Talk to people on their level and in the second person, using “you” and “your” rather than “we” and “our”.
Make sure that you describe qualifications realistically. They should describe what the job seeker will be doing in that position. It’s also important to differentiate between required and preferred qualifications. Choose your words carefully because it will affect your response rate dramatically.
Tip #5: Include Popular Keywords
As you’re selecting keywords to use, think about which ones a job seeker would use in their search. Make sure that the most popular keywords which are relevant to your job are listed in the job title. They should also be included in the body of your posting, at least twice. This boosts the relevance score of your job posting and places it higher in the list of a job seeker’s search results. If a job seeker searches by keyword, then the postings with the highest keyword match will be listed first.
Monster currently caps relevance at two occurrences of the same keyword. Putting the same keyword more than twice does not help your overall score.
Tip #6: Describe the Benefits of the Job
Top performers are typically aware that they have a choice of where they work, so they are particularly interested in hearing why they should work for your company rather than your competition.
Think about the benefits and unique features of your job that might cause someone to leave the job they have to take your position. Describe the challenges of the position and intrigue the ideal candidates. For example, will the role give the candidate the opportunity to build something from the ground up?
Remember that benefits aren’t just limited to health, dental and PTO…think of things like location, work environment, team culture, etc.
Page 3 ©2009 Monster – All Rights Reserved
Tip #7: Specify Job Information
Job seekers use information regarding the type of job, career level, the number of years of experience, and education level to filter and refine their results on Monster. They know what they’re looking for and use these filters to find it.
By including these pieces of information, your job posting should be seen by candidates who are most interested in it, and it should attract more relevant candidates.
Tip #8: Specify “How to Apply” and “Next Steps”
It seems obvious, but closing your posting with a clear call to action is commonly overlooked. It’s important for you to provide the job seeker with clear instructions for applying to your position. It’s also important that you:

Make it easy for them

Motivate the candidate to act

Create a sense of urgency
However, you should limit the number of response options that you make available to job seekers. Too many options can be confusing.
Tip #9: Preview Your Job Posting
Search for and preview your job posting before you post it to the Monster site. Look at it from a job seeker’s perspective. Ask yourself: Is the title clear and specific? Does the opening paragraph draw me in? Is the layout appealing? Does it clearly outline the requirements and qualifications of the position? Does it differentiate our company from other companies? If I were a top applicant for this job, would I apply to this job? Hopefully, you answered “Yes!”
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Workplace Romance: The New Rules

By: Nicole Williams
Vía MONSTER, your calling is calling

While I have written far and wide on the merits and challenges of carrying on an office romance, it’s never an easy situation to navigate. Just today, an employee admitted to a recent (and frankly, surprisingly covert) affair with a colleague that has gone awry and will most certainly impact my business. And that brings me here: evaluating once again the risks and rewards of office romance, only this time from the perspective of a concerned (read: anxious) employer. Here is what I’ve learned: Continuar leyendo «Workplace Romance: The New Rules»

reBlog from Doug Hoff: Social IT outbursts

I found this fascinating quote today:

Marketers, are you writing an informative blog for your social savvy readers? Wrong. Are you gaining followers on Twitter to help your sales efforts? Wrong again. In business, information technology (IT) people and those associated with IT often fall into that same trap of thinking that the application they run turns out value that their customer wants.Doug Hoff, Social IT outbursts, Feb 2010

You should read the whole article.

Hugh Hefner Sued For Protecting His Sweet Lifestyle And The Week’s 9 Other Wild Legal Stories

Hugh and four blondes (AP)

It’s that time of the week again!

Here’s a round-up of this week’s strangest/weirdest/wildest stories.

As always, some are serious cases with amusing twists, while others are ridiculous, embarrassing, tragic, fraudulent or just, well, weird.

All but one are appearing on the site for the first time (we thought Hugh deserved a second go ‘round) — they just seem deserving of a collective, end-of-the-week eyebrow raise.

Included are a the Pants on the Ground guy lawyering up, bicycle accessories as gang weapons and Michael Irvin returning to the courtroom.

The 5 Things That Startups Can Learn From Lady Gaga

by Charlie O’Donnell

I’ll admit it: Everytime I hear that familiar “Ra-ra, ah-ah ah-ah, Ra-ma ra ma-ma, Ga-ga ooh la-la”, I crank up the volume.  The outlandishly costumed fellow former Upper East Side prep schooler has garnered some serious mass appeal over the last two years.  But what can you attribute Ms. Germanotta’s success to, and moreover, what can the average tech startup learn from it?

Yes…  I’m totally writing this post, and you can’t stop me.  There will be no more stops on this trainwreck, so you’re on until the end of the line.

See the 5 things that startups can learn from Lady Gaga >

Charlie O’Donnell is entrepreneur in residence at First Round Capital. He is also co-founder of Path 101, a NYC-based startup, and founder of NextNY, a tech community group. He blogs at This Is Going To Be Big, where this post was originally published.

See Also:

15 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read
10 Basic SEO Tips To Get You Started

What or Who Do You Less Than Three?

This valentine’s day, we wanted to pay homage to <3.
Author Garett

That’s right, less than three. The textual emblem that stands for love. It is often used in text messages, IMs, and tweets. And when directed to a person it can say so much to the reader. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. We feel the combination of two characters conveys much more.

But the beauty of this little exercise is to allow people to share the things they ❤ most and, in turn, share in the expression of others through aggregation. Our goal wasn’t to set out to change the world, or create some crazy viral marketing initiative. We just wanted to share the things we <3.

Visit and tell us what you <3.

blog_less than three

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The Tendentious Dr. Utterson | The ‘innovation disruption’ trend & Branding | Chapter 4

During the last years, we have segmented and studied different tribes. Actually, we have arrived to «almost one member tribes»…

The real issue, behind the scene, is that thinking of this situation we have converted our gray matter in a sort of mashed potato. We have thought a lot… Gray puree!

And some results are as great as interesting… Probably the most important event is that our lifes are becoming disrupted… and so our innovation processes.

Disruptive innovation is not to invent the square wheel, because it would be useless… It’s to come with new categories of products/services that are answering a real need (although that this could be a philosophical discussion, I’m assuming that needs exist adn are not created).

Hence, our disruptive lifes should be followed and anticipated (both at the same time) by disruptive innovation. Continuar leyendo «The Tendentious Dr. Utterson | The ‘innovation disruption’ trend & Branding | Chapter 4»

Recent Court Ruling Could Impact Search Strategies

Yesterday in Paris, a court tribunal ordered EBay to pay Louis Vuitton over $310,000 in legal costs and damages for using search terms that “misled consumers,” by driving consumers to the EBay website. The court also supported Louis Vuitton’s claim that EBay’s actions damaged the Louis Vuitton brand.

What I find most interesting about this case is that the terms EBay were bidding on were not “Louis Vuitton.” In fact, EBay bid on misspellings of the brand’s name; Specifically, EBay bid on the words, “Viton,” “Vitton,” and, “Wuiton.”

While I don’t condone online drafting of a brand’s competitors by using the competing companies’ names as a search terms, I am not 100% comfortable with this court decision. Where does one draw the line? What happened to Caveat Emptor? I am REALLY interested in hearing how others feel about this.

Please voice your opinions!


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El marketing funnel… y por qué ya no estamos en 1965

Imagine que está a cargo del marketing (alias CMO) de una importante marca de artículos femeninos. Se encuentra en el año 1965 y como es de costumbre, invierte en una tanda publicitaria que consiste en tres comerciales de 60’s en horario prime. Los resultados indican un 80% de cobertura entre mujeres entre 15 y 45 años. Impresionante. Pero hay más!

Ahora trasládese al año 2005. Crea por un segundo, que su misión publicitaria pretende alcanzar el mismo porcentaje de mujeres entre 15 y 45 años. Sin embargo, se entera que para intentar alcanzar esos resultados, deberá pasar por TV algo más que 3 comerciales. Sus analistas le indican que el número se acerca de 90 a 100 veces.

¿Qué ha ocurrido? Pues, que el apreciado target femenino, ha cambiado la forma en cómo “consume” la publicidad y aún más; la forma en como decide sus compras. Continuar leyendo «El marketing funnel… y por qué ya no estamos en 1965»

50 Fresh Design Blogs You Should Be Reading

The last year or two has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of new design and development related blogs breaking out in to the community. In this article, you will see a list of fresh and new design blogs worth subscribing to and reading. Our goal here is to help you discover a few sites that you might not have heard of before.

50 Fresh Design Blogs That You Should Be Reading

Of course, we’ve left out the staples and the big boys such as Smashing Magazine, Abduzeedo, et al. because you’re likely already familiar with them.

1. Design Informer

44. Design Informer

Design Informer is an excellent weblog by Jad Limcaco, a web designer from Long Beach, California. Design Informer shares articles, tutorials, and freebies for designers.

2. DesignOra


DesignOra is a website for creatives that covers a wide range of topics. They also offer step-by-step tutorials for designing awesome stuff. The site is regularly updated so you’ll get a constant stream of great content.

3. Onextrapixel


Onextrapixel (more commonly known as OXP) was opened to the public on the 14th of April, 2009. It was started by two enthusiastic Singapore-based designers/developers. On OXP, you’ll find inspiration sources, tutorials, freebies, tools and various other articles.

4. Three Styles

Three Styles

Three Styles is aimed at web developers and designers, bringing them the latest trends and tutorials. Topics range from excellent designs for inspiration, high quality tutorials (from Photoshop to jQuery and everything between) and free resources.

5. ideasonideas


ideasonideas is a design blog by Eric Karjaluoto, who discusses design, brands and experience.

Continuar leyendo «50 Fresh Design Blogs You Should Be Reading»


LIFESTYLE - by Esther Herrero

Being Your Brand

Branding and Strategy for Business and Life

Cruces, Sol y La Imaginación

Cuando la imaginación y la creatividad suman infinito


fanzine bejarano de historietas hecho en los 80

A Stairway To Fashion

imagination is the key

Vinod833's Blog

This site is the bee's knees

Apasionada de las Redes Sociales

Compartir conocimientos 2.0 y Marketing Online

Zona de Promesas

Blog de Tecnología en Español - Internet - Redes Sociales - Entrepreneurship - Innovación

Top Master | Blog


Unencumbered by Facts

Taking unsubstantiation to new levels

PsicoEmocions Blog

Un Pont entre la Psique i les Emocions



Comunicación & Marketing

De Lilian Lanzieri


Dirección estratégica para la vida

StellarHIRE Partners

Founding Partner, StellarHire Partners - Executive Search Consultants. Recent engagements include Eloqua, SFDC, Tibco and Veeam.

ivanbrunpr's Blog

4 out of 5 dentists recommend this site


Noticias de Tecnologia.

T a l e n t o  en  E x p a n s i ó n

Gestión de personas y transformación digital para las organizaciones líderes de la Era del Conocimiento

Two Leaves Tea SPAIN

Great Organic Tea! ✫✫✫✫✫ Te Organico en Piramides

Ideas para la clase

Experiencias creativas en la clase de español.

Little Grey Box


No solo los 80's

La mejor música de la historia

Molly Balloon's Blog

Identity + Dressing + Colour

El OJO PUBLICO. / Глаз общественности

Ver para contar & contar para ver. / Чтобы рассказать

Think Creative Idea Growth Hacking

Expertos en estrategia y auditoria de marketing

The Coaching Alliance

El camino hacia el éxito

Erick Lovera

Mi Pasión en un Blog

Estampas de México.

“Un fotógrafo tiene que ser auténtico y en su obra, debe expresar emociones, provocar reacciones y despertar pasiones.” ~ Javier García-Moreno E.

Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo

Escritora y formadora en comunicación


Alimentación, ocio y negocios, ALOYN, es un Grupo dirigido a Directivos y Propietarios de empresas, interesados en el mundo de la industria de alimentación y bebidas. Tanto por la parte de la industria productora como por la parte de la industria consumidora y/o distribuidora (Distribución Comercial, Horeca, Vending, Venta Directa, etc). También nos interesan las actividades ligadas al agroturismo y el enoturismo como magníficas actividades de promoción y difusión de la cultura gastronómica.

Blog de Jack Moreno

Un blog de Joaquín Moreno sobre recursos, literatura y ciencia ficción


Ensalada de Manjares

be. Intelligent Multimedia Education

~~Mente en Gravedad~~


The Xtyle

Fashion Blog - Un Blog de Moda y Tendencias by Bárbara Sanz Esteban

aníbal goicochea

Tecnologías de la Información y Estrategia

A Waterfall of Sound

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." Robert Frost

Health & Family

A healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit

Style & Design

Fashion Trends and News


News, Headlines, Stories, Video from Around the Nation


Breaking news and updates from News pictures, video, Twitter trends.

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