60+ Amazing Digital Photo Manipulation Art

Photo manipulation is a form of digital art that involves photography, illustration, and graphic design all at the same time. Photo manipulation is popular because it can create scenes that stretches beyond one’s imagination but can still appear so real. Because of its flexibility in creating such a wonderful image composition, photo manipulation is often used in the field of advertising to deliver witty and strong messages to the audience.

60+ Amazing Digital Photo Manipulation Art

Photo manipulation art is very interesting and continues to improve; let’s take a look at some examples of great photo manipulation artworks by talented Photoshop artists from around the world to help give you fresh inspiration. Leer más “60+ Amazing Digital Photo Manipulation Art”

Billboard wonders if you feel Bush nostalgia


This billboard, put up by some small-business owners in Minnesota, is causing some consternation on the left. But it seems reasonable to at least have a poll, so vote below. Democrats are reportedly working on a response ad, which is expected to look something like this.

—Posted by Tim Nudd


451 goes 1-on-1 with Rick Clancy, former SVP at Sony Electronics, Inc.

As part of our latest installment in our 451 Heat Q&A series, we had the pleasure of speaking with Rick Clancy, the former Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for Sony Electronics, Inc.

Rick first began his career at Sony in 1990, and over the course of two decades, was instrumental in overseeing the public relations and corporate communications efforts for the entire electronics division. Leer más “451 goes 1-on-1 with Rick Clancy, former SVP at Sony Electronics, Inc.”

It’s no secret that brands can inspire love

It’s no secret that brands can inspire love, and sites such as Hollrr and Thinglink are built on that fact. Now, starting with a concept much like Saatchi & Saatchi‘s Lovemarks, MyBrandz has built a virtual stock investment portfolio based on the top 20 “most lovable” brands. Leer más “It’s no secret that brands can inspire love”

Fox Crime, el canal para los amantes del género policíaco

Crimen, policías, suspense e intriga,  24 horas al día los 365 días del año. Ésta es la oferta de Fox Crime, el nuevo canal de de Fox Internacional en España.

Press Book Fox Crime Leer más “Fox Crime, el canal para los amantes del género policíaco”

Brand before individual – Forrester bans personal blogs

Josh Bernoff makes the pertinent point about Forrester, in the same bracket as other IP focussed companies like the New York Times and CBS:

the opinions of our analysts are our product

This is the basis of the sole argument that has made the Forrester ban all personal blogs covering topics related to their coverage area in favour of Forrester.com branded ones.

This post has two purposes, firstly I’d like to share my own opinion of this and secondly review the way that Forrester have handled it. Leer más “Brand before individual – Forrester bans personal blogs”

Aprendiendo de Donking Donuts

Donkin Donuts, la popular cadena de locales de cafetería y pastelería americana ha sabido hacer históricamente un excelente uso de las redes sociales, en particular de Facebook y Twitter, creando presencia de marca, y una excelente reputación online. Una de las maneras en que DD ha sabido capitalizar su enorme número de seguidores (en Twitter tiene casi 44.000 seguidores, mientras que en Facebook, la cantidad de fans supera el millón cien mil), creando concursos y campañas, que han tenido una excelente repercusión por parte de sus fans. Leer más “Aprendiendo de Donking Donuts”