Figuring out what adapter to use when you are traveling is a bitch

Let’s be honest. Figuring out what adapter to use when  you are traveling is a bitch. Do I need Adapter B Plug 6? Or is it  Adapter E Plug 11? Well Josh and I worked together and launched a new  feature at FLIGHT 001 where you can just type in the country you are  traveling to and we will pull the adapter you need. Your life,  simplified. Check it out.

Let’s be honest. Figuring out what adapter to use when you are traveling is a bitch. Do I need Adapter B Plug 6? Or is it Adapter E Plug 11? Well Josh and I worked together and launched a new feature at FLIGHT 001 where you can just type in the country you are traveling to and we will pull the adapter you need. Your life, simplified.

Check it out.

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La Virtud de Poder Olvidar En La Era Digital

“For millennia, the relationship between remembering and forgetting remained clear.  Remembering was hard and costly, and humans had to choose deliberately what to remember.  The default was to forget.  In the digital age, in what is perhaps the most fundamental change for humans since our humble beginnings, that balance of remembering and forgetting has become inverted.” Leer más “La Virtud de Poder Olvidar En La Era Digital”

El dinero es (casi) un estorbo

Para los que siguen el blog, saben de mi fuerte interés por los estudios que explican comportamientos sociales. Entender cómo reaccionamos los seres humanos ante situaciones del entorno, cómo pensamos y cómo decidimos cuando estamos solos o cuando actuamos en grupo son factores importantes para comprender nuestra naturaleza humana y tomar mejores decisiones. Leer más “El dinero es (casi) un estorbo”

Let Consumers Be Consumers

So, I’ve decided I need an HDTV.

Ok, so I don’t need it.  But I want one.  After watching another year of blurry playoff football, squinting at text that’s too small to read, and being repeatedly frustrated by 12-year-old gamers repeatedly stabbing me in the back (and laughing at me) because my-TV-doesn’t-have-the contrast-to-see-them-hiding-in-the-dark-bushes, I’ve finally come around to the realization that my 13-year-old Sanyo is simply not cutting it anymore. Leer más “Let Consumers Be Consumers”

Promise me value or your sale is toast. Warranty in value.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - APRIL 09:  Actress Angie H...
Don’t interrupt me. I’m having fun on Facebook. I’m getting value. You take that away from me and I lose the value. Don’t you hate for the lights to go out, the timer to expire, or Twitter to fail? You want your pizza delivered hot and fast. You want your television program not to lose the sound halfway through and the color to be stable. If you opened a business account with a credit card, you don’t want someone else buying stuff with it. This necessary component of value to a customer is the believable promise of a good time. Leer más “Promise me value or your sale is toast. Warranty in value.”


What’s it About? …And Should We Care?

Welcome to Google Buzz, which, at less than 24 hours old, is now the hottest hype in social media today. In an article aptly titled “If Google Wave is the Future, Google Buzz is the Present,” TechCrunch swaddles the Buzz in a warm cozy nutshell:

Imagine taking elements of Twitter, Yammer, Foursquare, Yelp, and other social services, and shoving them together into one package. Now imagine covering that package in a layer that looks a lot like FriendFeed. Now imagine shoving that package inside of Gmail. That’s Buzz.Leer más “DISTILLING THE BUZZ ON GOOGLE BUZZ”

El tendencioso Dr. Utterson | Fantasía y marcas | Capítulo 3

Hay varios sitios en los que se está habalndo de ‘fantasía’ como tendencia. Posiblemente, las mejores síntesis son las realizadas por TrendWatching y The Cool Hunter.

La fantasía se basa en dos movimientos que están ocurriendo en simultáneo:

  • Las personas nos estamos alejando de los medios masivos, las producciones masivas, los anuncios masivos, lo-que-quieras masivo
  • Las personas estamos compartiendo, con mayor vehemencia, nuestras opiniones y pensamientos de una manera más transparente y conversacional

Tendencia #3: La ‘Fantasía’ de estar fuera de moda

El resultado observado es que cuando las personas, empresas, instituciones… se encuentran en el medio de una discusión, suelen responder de forma tradicional, lo que podría ser considerado como irreal… una ‘fanatsía’… Se que estoy sólo mostrando uno de los efectos!

El hecho real de esta situación irreal es que como personas, dando nuestras opiniones, nos sentimos bien e incluso disfrutamos de este nuevo poder que hemos obtenido. No tenemos ni filtros, ni obstáculos puestos por las viejas instituciones y corporaciones.

Desafío #3: Experiencias de marca inclusivas Leer más “El tendencioso Dr. Utterson | Fantasía y marcas | Capítulo 3”

Cook Book

Try before you buy‘ is an ages-old maxim that’s at the heart of the tryvertising trend we write about so often. It’s a tough one to apply to books, though—beyond enabling browsing—and even tougher when it comes to cookbooks. That’s where 25° Celsius comes in. First, it’s a bookstore that sells only cookbooks. Second, it features an on-site test kitchen and café that lets patrons sample from the recipes served up on the shelves.

Singapore-based 25°C aims to offer a wide variety of cooking-related titles, browsable by region or ingredients as well as special interest topics like travel. Even more interesting, however, is that 25°C has created what appears to be the first bookstore-owned test kitchen in Singapore. On a regular basis, the 25°C staff will pick a book off the shelves and test out a few of the recipes it contains, making a point to closely follow the prescribed steps. Those recipes are then included on the menu of the month at the 25°C Café.

The lesson to be learned? All those who think the tryvertising trend doesn’t apply to you, think again! With a little ingenuity, you may just hit upon a way to make it happen—and to build a loyal community while you’re at it. One to emulate as soon as possible! (Related: More meal prep and cooking instruction, this time by Jamie OliverTasting bar for babies serves up tryvertising for tykes.)

P.S. Many thanks to Malika for pointing out a similar concept in London: Books for Cooks.

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Making Radical Innovation Happen

by Stefan Lindegaard


I have had the pleasure of working with Novozymes which is a world leader within bioinnovations on several projects. I really like their mix of high ambitions, great people and top management support in order to make innovation happen.

A few years back, they captured the below feedback as they asked the organization how to deal with innovation.  Leer más “Making Radical Innovation Happen”

Who Controls Eco-systems in Open Innovation?

by Stefan Lindegaard


In a discussion in my Leadership+Innovation group on LinkedIn, Mark Karasek asked for examples in which “open standardsecosystems benefited everyone rather than giving one company a lion’s share.

I had a hard time thinking of such examples so Mark raises a valid point. Actually, I would say that most – if not all – effective eco-systems are initiated and/or controlled by a company that stands to benefit most from this.

I do not view this as a negative thing. However, it should caution especially smaller companies when potential partners pitch you a project in which they say everyone will win. Most likely everyone will benefit – if not then the eco-system will falter as no eco-system can sustain if only one partner benefits from it.

We should just not forget that some always win more than others do. Apple is a great example. They walk a thin line as they keep strong control of their eco-systems and reap the most profits. Nevertheless, they still manage to bring in lots of new partners for their initiatives.

A critical task for smaller companies in such a situation is to evaluate whether this is the right setup to join given that they have limited resources and hopefully several options. They need to keep in mind that not every deal is worth doing.

vía Who Controls Eco-systems in Open Innovation?.

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Cuando más oscura esta la noche, es cuando comienza a amanecer

Publicado por Leonardo gargiulo
el 8 Febrero, 2010

Comparto con uds una nota que escribió el Ing. Marcelo Simon, amigo personal, quien muy gentilmente permitió replicarla en el blog (Muchas gracias Marcelo!!!). Sugiero su lectura, para la reflexión. No tiene desperdicio.

Empezamos diciendo que es probable que la falencia mas grave de nuestro país no sea económica, pero en lo referente a la cuestión económica, hay dos indicadores que nos pueden acercar al optimismo. Leer más “Cuando más oscura esta la noche, es cuando comienza a amanecer”