Special Editorial Feature: Reinvent your career

MyCareer has gathered together some great tips and advice on how to take a new tack with your career.

The key to being in control of your career is learning career management skills, including self-assessment, developing a sense of your direction, and improving your adaptability, self-esteem, knowledge and skills.

Read on, and start reinventing your career right now.

Find the right fit
All the care in the world
Goals don’t always score
Thinking of postgraduate study?
Find your inner strength
How to bounce back from a career crisis
Chase the big bucks
Juggling careers
The perfect place to work
Does your job have personality?
Embracing change
Book review and excerpt: Invest in your life
Climb with care
Mind your manners
The new jobs saving the planet
How to find your dream job
Peer career pressure
How to create a flexible work proposal
From PA to manager: How to do it
10 tips for better work-life balance
Are you bored with your job?
A world of options for work
We’re too busy to take a holiday
Work out your talents
Get out of your rut
Temp your way into your dream job


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Lo importante es el camino que recorremos, las metas son apenas el resultado de ese recorrido. Llegar generalmente significa, volver a empezar!

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