Random Influencer – Experts aren’t cool enough anymore

I’m not a good listener in conversations, but I’m pretty sure I’m the best listener on others’ conversations in public places. I was at a dinner tonight in a local restaurant, just one of those casual Hong Kong restaurant and I got inspired by some random influencers.

So people from the table behind me were talking about iPhone plans, they said Hong Kong telco Three (used to be the exclusive iphone provider in Hong Kong) sucks at it’s 3G network and customer service, and that he actually switched to Smartone (telco that started offering iphone service 2 weeks ago), even though his phone contract was yet to end. And he was saying that he loves the service provided by Smartone now.

Anyways, the point is, I’m a current Three customer, these people are not my friends, I have no idea who they are, and judging by how they spoke, they are definitely not experts in technology. Why did I trust their piece of advice and actually thought about switching?

Random Influencers influence others by not being influential. I prefer feedback from real users who  have no connection to the company or industry because I’m seeing it directly from a user POV.

Now think about an expert site/ blog that talks about a product, comparing to some random comments by the public. Although not many people are as nosy as I am, but with the growth of social media, these random influencers are becoming very powerful since you can easily see what they are saying online. In general, I would say the influence of 5 random influencer can beat the influence of one expert these days when it comes to purchase decision making.

Therefore, depending on the product or service, marketers these days should not focus too much on getting experts/ publications to talk about your brands, all these years, we tend to go for the way of influencing the influential ones, and get them to influence the “random influencers” (left in image), but now maybe it’s time to influence the “random influencers” to influence the “experts” (right in image).

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