EmpXtrack / RRHH Articles

  • Who is responsible for Attrition?: This article analyses the results of a poll conducted to find the major reasons for attrition in organization. 38 percent respondents held Supervisor or line manager responsible for attrition and 54 percent respondents blamed it on Compensation & Job Profile, while only 8% blamed individual employees. Click here to read this article…

  • Why good employees leave your organization?: Talented employees leaving their jobs is an alarming development for most organizations. This article explores the empowerment of managers in arresting this trend. Click here to read this article…

  • CEO’s checklist for HR Effectiveness. A free tool to help gauge the effectiveness of your HR function: Finding pain and problems areas in Human Resources if often a tedious and complex task for CEOs and HR heads. HR Effectiveness Survey is a free tool to help gauge the effectiveness of HR function. Click here to use this tool and measure effectiveness of your HR processes…

  • Top Ten HR Practices: This article presents a meticulous collection of Best HR practices among the global organizations. The HR practices that can make your organization a best place to work for. Click here to read this article…

  • Theory X and Theory Y Theories of employee motivation: Theory X and Theory Y pertain to employee motivation and have been used in human resource management, organizational behavior analysis, and organizational development. EmpXtrack – an Integrated Human Capital and Talent Management Tool is based on such theories and helps organizations to transform their human resource practices. Click here to read this article…

  • How to assess an HR Software: Most HR top shots receives many proposal every week to implement a new HR Management software or performance management software or e-appraisal software or rather replace the current software. This article lists a number of tips to help you choose the right HR software. Click here to read this article…

  • An interesting Story on Performance Management: This is a popular story comparing the organizational structure of two companies. A Japanese company (Toyota) and an American company (General Motors) decided to have a canoe race on the Missouri River. The Japanese won by a mile. Next time they won by two miles. Click here to read the complete story…

  • Consultants accept that Software is 20 percent of Talent Management. An analytical article focusing on the importance of a software in implementation talent management initiatives. Click here to read this article…

  • Paper? Paperless? or SaaS? for HR. A representation of various HR technologies through three simple images. Click here to view the story…

  • Read more stories on our blog Talent Junction
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Iniciativa VPEi (Valor Publicitario Equivalente en Internet)

¿Cuánto vale una recomendación de mi marca en un post de un blog o en una revista digital?

Esta es una de las preguntas que los responsables de marketing de todo tipo de empresas, desde PYMES hasta grandes multinacionales, comienzan a plantearse con  la emergencia de la comunicación 2.0. túatú social media & pr, la primera Agencia de Comunicación y Relaciones Públicas nativa de la Red ha lanzado la iniciativa VPEi (Valor publicitario Equivalente en Internet)

Leer más…
Estudio exhaustivo muestra a los líderes de opinión en los medios sociales clave

Estudio exhaustivo muestra a los líderes de opinión en los medios  sociales clave

Las opiniones del extenso público de medios sociales están influidas por un grupo más reducido de “Líderes de opinión en Internet” que generan el contenido que otros consumen.

Las nuevas conclusiones de Microsoft Advertising, sacadas de la investigación anual de mercado “Global Web Index” de TrendStream basada en 32.000 usuarios de Internet de todo el mundo, sugieren que estos líderes de opinión son los guardianes de un público mucho más extenso y que los publicistas que desean captar a usuarios de medios sociales hacen caso omiso de los “Líderes de opinión en Internet” con lo que ello conlleva.

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Un plan de márketing online balanceado

Un plan de márketing online balanceado

Cuando el presupuesto es ajustado, como el de casi todas las empresas hoy día, donde cada dólar o cada euro gastado es pensado cuidadosamente, diseñar un plan de márketing es una tarea similar a la de tratar de armar un complicado rompecabezas.

Tradicionalmente, cuando se hablaba de plan de márketing, las acciones online quedaban reservadas para los más “osados” o “vanguardistas”. Los cambios en los hábitos culturales de los consumidores, y su forma de comunicarse e interactuar, hacen que la publicidad online empiece a tomar cada vez más relevancia.

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La segmentación está aumentando el gasto publicitario en Internet

La segmentación está aumentando el gasto publicitario en Internet

La última encuesta del barómetro publicitario de la EIAA pone de manifiesto que las nuevas tecnologías de segmentación junto con una demanda cada vez mayor de un ROI medible continúan alejando los presupuestos de  marketing de la televisión y de los canales directos para dirigirlos a Internet.

Entre el 94% de las personas encuestadas en el Barómetro publicitario de la EIAA que manifestaron su intención de aumentar los presupuestos online el año que viene, la capacidad de captar al público objetivo mediante tecnologías como behavioural targeting se citó con frecuencia como motivo para dirigir la inversión hacia Internet.

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Cómo sacarle el máximo provecho a nuestras landing pages

Cómo sacarle el máximo provecho a nuestras landing pages

Sin dudas, uno de los elementos que más peso tiene es la efectividad de las landing pages, es decir, la página a la que el usuario llega cuando pincha uno de nuestros enlaces.

Al momento de encarar una campaña de márketing online, hay múltiples áreas que deben ser consideradas. Son varios los factores que impactan directamente en el éxito o fracaso de nuestras acciones promocionales online, desde los factores inherentes a nuestra página, hasta la manera de realizar las pautas de las Google Adwords, o la redacción en sí del enlace patrocinado.

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Truth On PR Spam

Image representing SlideShare as depicted in C...
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A map of 60 world countries coloured by the es...Image via Wikipedia

Just today, I stumbled upon a very interesting campaign carried out by RealWire regarding the issue of irrelevant press release emails or more widely known as PR spam. As we all know, the PR and media industries are both facing unprecedented changes in the communication landscape. The almost free nature of online reporting is leading the publishing industry to pressure journalists to produce more content in lesser time.

In the meantime, PR professionals are now under pressure to not only deliver coverage through traditional media channels, but to also engage other influencers such as bloggers and the general public. The relationships that are formed needs to be as efficient as possible due to shortage of time. Leer más “Truth On PR Spam”

Is China Innovative?

by Stefan Lindegaard

I tapped into an interesting discussion on LinkedIn. Chris Gelken, who is host and co-producer of Today, a live news magazine, asked whether China is an innovative society.

Personally, I find the development of China to be both fascinating and a bit frightening seen from a Western perspective. Based on several visit, my take is that if China avoids too many financial bubbles, then the drive and ambition of the Chinese people to climb the value chain ladder will turn it into an innovation hotspot sooner than many think. Leer más “Is China Innovative?”

Building your reputation online


Dynamic and interactive pages have most impact, writes Julia Talevski.

Paragraph upon paragraph of text, large picture files, heavy-handed Flash animations, generic stock-photo images and static content. These are some of the common mistakes businesses make when establishing an online presence.

The web is known for fast-paced change, so it’s absolutely crucial that your business website meets a customer’s expectations. Leer más “Building your reputation online”

Arrogance traps for entrepreneurs


Planning.A business plan forces you to think through the fundamentals.

Running your own show takes confidence-but beware your limitations.

With the new year dawns new hope. Some will hit the treadmill. Others will clean out that musty closet or dump their loser boyfriend. And still others will muster the courage to leave their still-limping employers and strike out on their own.

Starting a company is scary stuff in any environment. It takes vision, capital, courage, conviction and, yes, even a touch of arrogance. Indeed, lack of confidence can kill a young company. But so, too, can thinking you’re all that when you’re not.

How to strike the right balance between confidence and arrogance? Start by avoiding the following classic traps. I wish they were clichés, but sadly they aren’t.

“Business plans are for dummies.”

Think business plans are just for investors? Wrong. Those plans are primarily for you. Compiling a business plan forces you to think through the fundamentals, from financing to marketing. The plan also communicates the same vision to employees, lawyers, accountants and other key players.

Better still, the mere fact of writing this stuff down allows you to measure the performance of your business. If you can’t measure it, you surely can’t manage it. Leer más “Arrogance traps for entrepreneurs”

Packer may be ready to cash in his chips

THEY are the pivotal moments in life – the ones that trigger a re-evaluation of priorities that can result in a radical shift of direction.

Births and deaths – that never-ending cycle of change and renewal – tend to focus the mind like no other events.

And so perhaps it is no coincidence that in the week that James Packer‘s wife, Erica Baxter, gave birth to a son, Jackson, talk has resurfaced about what the future holds for one of Australia’s wealthiest families. Leer más “Packer may be ready to cash in his chips”

Special Editorial Feature: Reinvent your career

MyCareer has gathered together some great tips and advice on how to take a new tack with your career.

The key to being in control of your career is learning career management skills, including self-assessment, developing a sense of your direction, and improving your adaptability, self-esteem, knowledge and skills.

Read on, and start reinventing your career right now. Leer más “Special Editorial Feature: Reinvent your career”

Facebook Rolls Out Homepage Redesign

As you’ve probably heard (or seen if you’re one of the chosen people), Facebook began rolling out a new homepage design today for the site’s now 400 million users. The redesign comes just in time for Facebook’s 6th Birthday! (Can you believe it’s only been six years since Facebook launched?) The Facebook redesign emphasizes search, centralizes the site the homepage and allows for easy navigation.

Here are some of the highlights: Leer más “Facebook Rolls Out Homepage Redesign”

El tendencioso Dr. Utterson | Generosidad y marcas |

La generosidad [Generación G] puede ser considerada una tendencia, tanto en las personas como en las empresas. Ésta posiblemente este basada en nuestro cansancio respecto a la codicia, las personas codiciosas y sus efectos en la economía.

La generosidad emerge como tendencia junto a esta una nueva cultura “online” que estamos viviendo y de la que estamos aprendiendo.

En este nuevo estado de las cosas, las compañías deben re-enfocarse, de prestar atención a sus ombligos, a compartir con pasión y lograr reconocimiento. Leer más “El tendencioso Dr. Utterson | Generosidad y marcas |”

Random Influencer – Experts aren’t cool enough anymore

I’m not a good listener in conversations, but I’m pretty sure I’m the best listener on others’ conversations in public places. I was at a dinner tonight in a local restaurant, just one of those casual Hong Kong restaurant and I got inspired by some random influencers.

So people from the table behind me were talking about iPhone plans, they said Hong Kong telco Three (used to be the exclusive iphone provider in Hong Kong) sucks at it’s 3G network and customer service, and that he actually switched to Smartone (telco that started offering iphone service 2 weeks ago), even though his phone contract was yet to end. And he was saying that he loves the service provided by Smartone now. Leer más “Random Influencer – Experts aren’t cool enough anymore”

Data Management – The social world is a vast multiplier of data

In this world of disparate data sources it is now more important than ever before to ensure you have good data architecture/structure and validity.

While the world may currently be obsessed with the adoption and influence of social technologies, their benefits will not as readily realised without a thorough understanding and a strategic plan in place for the management of collated data.
Leer más “Data Management – The social world is a vast multiplier of data”

Sell me quick with your value. Wait, what’s value?

Maybe you don’t think you make a sales pitch. But if you are a blogger, your post’s title is a sales pitch. If you tweet, your Twitter page is a sales pitch to follow you. Your Facebook or LinkedIn page sells to your friends and followers. If you merely work for a business and mention their name, you are a part of an image that you become a part of when the customer is ready to buy.
Can you sum up what you do in a few words?  Do you know what you offer that is of value to your customers/readers? Do you know what your value is and how your customer/reader sees it? Do you understand what kind of sales pitch you are making to your customer/reader? Leer más “Sell me quick with your value. Wait, what’s value?”

6 Reasons Why You Should Do Personal Design Projects


There’s a misconception that creativity is always on: that either you have it or you don’t, or that if you produce great work once, you’ll always be able to produce great work.

Now if only that were true, right?

6 Reasons Why You Should Do Personal Design Projects

The truth – and I think most creatives will agree – is that the creative juices that lubricate and facilitate the flow of unique and effective ideas sometimes dries up and you need, from time to time, to refill and ferment those juices before it’s once again ready for public consumption.

One of the most effective ways to inspire creativity, I’ve found, is to do some self-initiated work; its what’s best described as personal design projects.

Whether it’s just sketches, creating a poster, or designing a super awesome personal blog, there’s something to be said about doing things for yourself that really brings out your creativity and nurtures your passions.

Why should you work on personal design projects regularly when you get paid do it for other people? Leer más “6 Reasons Why You Should Do Personal Design Projects”

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t go to school for design

Tips for the Not So Creative

Author Adam

But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to work in a creative environment.  You might even feel like you have a creative flare, but decided you were more business savvy, so you studied Marketing and Advertising in college to allow yourself the chance to work with creative minds.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you can be both, or at the very least, more creative.

At AgencyNet we have a saying that “you don’t have to be a designer to be creative.”  And I have to admit, I was bit bewildered when I first heard this.  So many agencies clearly distinguish between the “creatives” and the “suits.”  After a couple of months, I began to grasp what this meant – I was and could be just as creative as a designer if I wanted to be.  My job doesn’t and shouldn’t end when I hand off a brief to the creative team, it should keep going and going throughout the entire creative process. Leer más “If you’re like me, you probably didn’t go to school for design”