Teenagers Sick Of Blogging & Tweeting

A new study by Pew Internet found that there is a decline in blogging and an increase in the usage of social networking sites, with the exception of Twitter, amongst teenagers and young adults. The decline in blogging and blog commenting have been going since 2006.

Pew Internet found that 73% of 12-17 year olds are avid social networkers; which is very high. On these sites, they were found to be posting pictures, commenting on status updates and even using it as another form of Instant Messengers.

However, the increased usage of social networking sites does not tally with the current amount of blogging and tweeting, which they are not doing a lot of.


The study found that blogging has continuously declined in popularity with the younger crowd since 2006, where 28% of teens reported that they were bloggers. Now the number has drop to only 14%.

What’s most interesting is that lower income households (under $50,000) reported more blogging done compared to the higher ones. With the advent of social networking tools such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and the likes of it to keep your friends updated about your life, blogging just isn’t necessary.

Only 8% of teenagers were found to be using Twitter, which is remarkably small compared to other social networking tools. To further illustrate this, only one in 10 high schoolers use Twitter. The study also found that girls are more likely to be microblogging; 13% of 14-17 year old girls.


What we noticed from the survey was that teens love to be online but not terribly interested in blogging or maintaining a stream of tweets. These are classified as content creation; which requires time and energy to be put in. Instead of doing those, they prefer to exert their energy on Facebook, Youtube and other social networking activities. On top of that, they have school and friends.

To be honest, teenagers do not have the expertise, life experience or a career that could merit content creation. Without that expertise, not a lot of people listen to them and without the knowledge; they do not have much to say.

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