Human Resources Department: Role Within the Organization

The existence of a human resources department is vital to overall productivity and efficiency of the strong workforce in any thriving company. In most professional organizations, the role of the human resources department is not sidelined or eclipsed by other departments. In fact, good human resources can be one of the most valued and respected departments in an organization; their job is people, and people are the company’s most important asset. Leer más “Human Resources Department: Role Within the Organization”

Small Business


A C.E.O.'s Journey

I’ve been home from Hawaii less than a week and I’ve almost adjusted to being back at work (the 30 degree temperatures are a different story). I came back from my trip with a ton of energy, a great tan and so many wonderful memories. I also came back with some unexpected realizations about my business and my role as chief executive.

Here’s what I’ve decided:

First and foremost, I’m still too caught up in the details. When I peeked at my e-mail each day I was away, I noticed so many messages — client requests, etc. — that I would have addressed immediately if I had been at the office. By putting myself in a position where I “couldn’t” respond to these e-mails, I realized that the overwhelming majority of them didn’t require my response. Read more…

Explaining the Power of Open-Book Management


Open the Books
Ellen Rohr
Courtesy of Bare Bones Biz Ellen Rohr

Let me tell you about Ellen Rohr, with whom I had a chance to speak with recently. As Ms. Rohr would tell you herself, it wasn’t that long ago that she didn’t know how to balance a checkbook — even though she finished at the head of her class when she graduated from college with a degree in business administration.

That didn’t stop her from stepping in to help run her husband’s plumbing business, which was based in Park City, Utah, back in 1985 when his partner unexpectedly passed away. “I told my husband, whose name is ‘Hot Rod,’ that I would do the books and he would turn the wrenches, and we would get rich,” she told me. “Didn’t happen. In fact, I almost sunk the company.”

Read more…

Expectations and Realities – Attracting Young Talent


An employer’s brand is its best asset to attract bright, young talent. The Millenial generation, more than any other, needs to know why working for a specific organization is beneficial to them. Millenials also have a strong need to understand and believe in the work they perform. The candidate value proposition addresses the candidate’s needs and provides perspective by describing the employer’s unique attributes. Leer más “Expectations and Realities – Attracting Young Talent”

Empowering Employees: Get Better Results from Almost Any Team

By: Eric Herrenkohl, Monster Contributing Writer

Here you are with a team of people for whom you are responsible. You have a few stars, some promising but green talent, and a few low performers. Your job? Quickly get better results from this group without a lot of help from your boss or anyone else. What do you do? Through my work in assessing and coaching leaders, here are some step-by-step strategies that I have seen work most every time. Leer más “Empowering Employees: Get Better Results from Almost Any Team”

¿Dónde estará mi target?

Por Ángel Sánchez

“¿Dónde estará mi target ?…¿Dónde estará mi target?
Dondequiera que esté… mi target es mío…
Porque de él me fié… en aquel siglo…”

Así rezaba la canción de Manolo Escobar que ahora cantan a coro todos los departamentos de marketing de todas las empresas anunciantes de este país. ¿Dónde leches se ha metido mi target que no lo encuentro? Desaparecer, no ha desaparecido. Esfumarse, no se ha esfumado. Sencillamente ya no está donde tantos y tantos años lo hemos tenido bien acomodado calentando sofá o butacón orejero. Leer más “¿Dónde estará mi target?”

Good Reads, Videos and Discussions on Innovation #10

Here comes a list of reads, videos and LinkedIn discussions that I have enjoyed in the last couple of weeks. I hope you will enjoy this as well. Leer más “Good Reads, Videos and Discussions on Innovation #10”

Crowdsourcing Is Not Always Open Innovation: Lesson from PepsiCo

We need to be careful about defining open innovation as this can have different meanings for different companies in different situations.

Personally, I like to describe open innovation as a process in which a company bridges internal and external resources and act on the opportunities identified in this process. I also believe that it only becomes open innovation when the external input is significant and thus beyond simple idea generation from external resources in the early phases. Leer más “Crowdsourcing Is Not Always Open Innovation: Lesson from PepsiCo”