Human Resources Department: Role Within the Organization

The existence of a human resources department is vital to overall productivity and efficiency of the strong workforce in any thriving company. In most professional organizations, the role of the human resources department is not sidelined or eclipsed by other departments. In fact, good human resources can be one of the most valued and respected departments in an organization; their job is people, and people are the company’s most important asset. Leer más “Human Resources Department: Role Within the Organization”

Small Business


A C.E.O.'s Journey

I’ve been home from Hawaii less than a week and I’ve almost adjusted to being back at work (the 30 degree temperatures are a different story). I came back from my trip with a ton of energy, a great tan and so many wonderful memories. I also came back with some unexpected realizations about my business and my role as chief executive.

Here’s what I’ve decided:

First and foremost, I’m still too caught up in the details. When I peeked at my e-mail each day I was away, I noticed so many messages — client requests, etc. — that I would have addressed immediately if I had been at the office. By putting myself in a position where I “couldn’t” respond to these e-mails, I realized that the overwhelming majority of them didn’t require my response. Read more…

Explaining the Power of Open-Book Management


Open the Books
Ellen Rohr
Courtesy of Bare Bones Biz Ellen Rohr

Let me tell you about Ellen Rohr, with whom I had a chance to speak with recently. As Ms. Rohr would tell you herself, it wasn’t that long ago that she didn’t know how to balance a checkbook — even though she finished at the head of her class when she graduated from college with a degree in business administration.

That didn’t stop her from stepping in to help run her husband’s plumbing business, which was based in Park City, Utah, back in 1985 when his partner unexpectedly passed away. “I told my husband, whose name is ‘Hot Rod,’ that I would do the books and he would turn the wrenches, and we would get rich,” she told me. “Didn’t happen. In fact, I almost sunk the company.”

Read more…

Expectations and Realities – Attracting Young Talent


An employer’s brand is its best asset to attract bright, young talent. The Millenial generation, more than any other, needs to know why working for a specific organization is beneficial to them. Millenials also have a strong need to understand and believe in the work they perform. The candidate value proposition addresses the candidate’s needs and provides perspective by describing the employer’s unique attributes. Leer más “Expectations and Realities – Attracting Young Talent”

Empowering Employees: Get Better Results from Almost Any Team

By: Eric Herrenkohl, Monster Contributing Writer

Here you are with a team of people for whom you are responsible. You have a few stars, some promising but green talent, and a few low performers. Your job? Quickly get better results from this group without a lot of help from your boss or anyone else. What do you do? Through my work in assessing and coaching leaders, here are some step-by-step strategies that I have seen work most every time. Leer más “Empowering Employees: Get Better Results from Almost Any Team”

¿Dónde estará mi target?

Por Ángel Sánchez

“¿Dónde estará mi target ?…¿Dónde estará mi target?
Dondequiera que esté… mi target es mío…
Porque de él me fié… en aquel siglo…”

Así rezaba la canción de Manolo Escobar que ahora cantan a coro todos los departamentos de marketing de todas las empresas anunciantes de este país. ¿Dónde leches se ha metido mi target que no lo encuentro? Desaparecer, no ha desaparecido. Esfumarse, no se ha esfumado. Sencillamente ya no está donde tantos y tantos años lo hemos tenido bien acomodado calentando sofá o butacón orejero. Leer más “¿Dónde estará mi target?”

Good Reads, Videos and Discussions on Innovation #10

Here comes a list of reads, videos and LinkedIn discussions that I have enjoyed in the last couple of weeks. I hope you will enjoy this as well. Leer más “Good Reads, Videos and Discussions on Innovation #10”

Crowdsourcing Is Not Always Open Innovation: Lesson from PepsiCo

We need to be careful about defining open innovation as this can have different meanings for different companies in different situations.

Personally, I like to describe open innovation as a process in which a company bridges internal and external resources and act on the opportunities identified in this process. I also believe that it only becomes open innovation when the external input is significant and thus beyond simple idea generation from external resources in the early phases. Leer más “Crowdsourcing Is Not Always Open Innovation: Lesson from PepsiCo”

Growth for Mature Brands: War of Movement

by Valeria Maltoni
in Brand Strategy

Brand montage

According to Philip Kotlerthere are two types of CEOs — those who know they don’t understand marketing, and those who do not know they don’t understand marketing. They specialize in operational expertise, engineering, technical skills, and often sales. For a time we saw a few rising stars making their way up from marketing and customer support – these days you find fewer of them, especially in mature industries and in companies that need a new injection of growth. And many companies do. Leer más “Growth for Mature Brands: War of Movement”

We Still Get Things Done Through Search

Vía Valeria Maltoni


With all the talk about social networks and engagement, when it comes to getting things done, we rely on search. The image above was part of the set I used last Fall at the Inbound Marketing Summit when we talked about the importance of creating content for sharing.

There was another interesting study I did not mention at the time that confirms a few of the following statements on social media as content delivery mechanism to:

  • help conversions
  • connect to value
  • build relationships
  • extend to influentials
  • engage via education

They are all outcomes I’ve had the opportunity to experience and deliver on — yes, outcomes even though some may seem a bit like fluff to the more hard core marketers (Third Tribe anyone?).

The study I came across later was conducted by GroupM Search and explores the interplay of social and search. There is a connection between activities in one, and results in the other — actually it’s more appropriate to call it a lift, as in the chart below.

Some highlights in the report:

  • Consumers exposed to a brand’s influenced social media and paid search are 2.8 times more likely to search for that brand’s products
  • There’s a 50% CTR increase in paid search when consumers were exposed to both influenced social media and paid search

Branding Social: Todos somos medios

La información crea la realidad.

Lo que vemos, oímos o leemos cada día, conforma nuestra idea mental del mundo y condiciona gran parte de nuestras decisiones personales y de nuestras relaciones sociales.

Hasta ahora, los medios tradicionales disfrutaban de la exclusividad de sus canales para influir sobre su entorno y crear realidades, pero los Social Media están cambiando este paradigma clásico a una gran velocidad. Leer más “Branding Social: Todos somos medios”

Los 10 mejores Social Branding Inputs compartidos en la página de +joanjimenez en Facebook durante el mes de enero del 2010.

1. Llega el Brand Entertaiment con fuerza: Absolut “I’m Here (Trailer)” de Spike Jonze. (ver)

2. “Logorama” se estrenó el pasado otoño. El cortometraje en el que aparecen más de 2.500 logos diseñado por el estudio francés H5 comenzó a emitirse en festivales de cine y en Canal+ Francia. Vía Javier Píriz. (ver)

3. Tú eres el héroe ; ) (Prueba con tu foto!) (ver)

4. Imaginando como sería el futuro en 2010 en… 1972! Una pequeña GRAN maravilla, no te lo pierdas!! 8 ) vía María García García. (ver)

5. Elogio de la metamorfosis, de Edgar Morin vía Xavier Planagumà. (ver)

6. El consumidor coleccionista de “ahoras”, por Gema Requena (ver)

7. Coca-Cola abandona las redes sociales propias. (ver)

8. The Third & The Seventh: Precioso video… para disfrutarlo con calma ; D! (ver)

9. Algunos tips para diseñar organizaciones concientes, por 
Andres Schuschny. (ver)

10. Imperdible: Diseño Japonés en Web Sites ; ) (ver)

La Zanahoria de los Social Media

En la antigua Roma, los emperadores utilizaban el “panem et circenses” (pan y circo) para ganar la simpatía de la plebe y desviar la atención de los problemas fundamentales.

La técnica era sencilla: se daba una pequeña satisfacción temporal y una gran promesa a largo plazo a un grupo lo más amplio posible de gente y se obtenía una realidad amparada en la aclamación de la multitud.
Otra modalidad de esta técnica, es la de la Zanahoria que se cuelga delante del asno para que siga cargando con su peso, esperando eternamente su premio. Leer más “La Zanahoria de los Social Media”

Cristina Simón, investigadora del Instituto de Empresa: “Sí existe un duelo generacional en las empresas”

Si es difícil en casa conseguir que los intereses de varias generaciones coincidan, no lo es menos lograrlo en la empresa. Cristina Simón, profesora del Instituto de Empresa (IE), en Madrid, ha identificado y analizado las cuatro generaciones que actualmente conviven en una empresa en un estudio titulado ‘Generación Y’ y mercado laboral: modelos de gestión de RRHH, en el que también ha colaborado la docente del IE Gayle Allard y la empresa de trabajo temporal Adecco. En una entrevista con Universia-Knowledge@Wharton, Simón explica no sólo las diferencias entre los tradicionales, los Baby boom, la generación X y la generación Y, sino que también ofrece las claves sobre cuáles son los pasos que tendrá que dar la empresa del siglo XXI para superar con éxito el duelo de intereses entre los de siempre y los recién llegados. Leer más “Cristina Simón, investigadora del Instituto de Empresa: “Sí existe un duelo generacional en las empresas””

Pilar Jericó, especialista en RRHH y escritora: “El miedo es la antítesis del talento”

Por Sara Aguareles

Pilar Jericó, autora de grandes éxitos editoriales como “Gestión del Talento” y “No miedo en la empresa y en la vida”, entrega sus consejos para sacar el máximo provecho a cada persona.

Sara Aguareles – ¿Un buen directivo es una persona feliz?

Pilar Jericó – Yo no me atrevería a decir tanto. Un buen directivo es una persona que es sensible a buscar unos resultados económicamente positivos para su empresa, y que también es sensible al resto de las personas que forman su organización. Leer más “Pilar Jericó, especialista en RRHH y escritora: “El miedo es la antítesis del talento””

Errores que sepultan un currículum

El currículum no es sólo un resumen elegante de tus estudios y experiencia profesional. Es tu primera gran carta de presentación y una herramienta aún vigente para causar una buena impresión. Aquí te decimos los errores clásicos que sepultan un CV. Leer más “Errores que sepultan un currículum”