A movie about YOU

Viral Campaign: A movie about YOU

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There have been many viral websites lately that requires users to upload images of themselves, most of these websites have face detection script on it which allows them to add funny and special effect to the faces.

This one is a little bit different, instead of adding effects to images, this creates a movie about you. It is campaign by Sweden’s TV licensing body Radiotjänst.

You can choose to upload an image of using the Webcam, I picked to use the webcam.

Start with people waiting to know who the “Hero” is

Still waiting…

The hero is… Tim Ho! Trying to look serious in the office.

Everyone loves me

I’m everywhere

Artists make paintings of me

At the end of the movie, it requests Swedish ID #

The film quality is very well done.

You can try creating your own movie here.


Autor: Gabriel Catalano - human being | (#IN).perfección®

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